World Travel Awards – The Vine is ‘World’s Best Design Hotel’

World Travel Awards – The Vine is 'World's Best Design Hotel' 1

The Vine Hotel won the title of ‘World’s Best Design Hotel’ under the World Travel Awards 2013 announced in Doha last night – a major event with over 700 attendees

Madeira failed to win the title of ‘Best World Island Destination’, which went to the Maldives for the second consecutive year. The Diario, however, comments that “even without winning, the fact that Madeira was a finalist and have had an award winning hotel was widely seen as very positive for tourism in the region.

The hotelier Gonçalo Henriques was in the Qatari capital, where he received the prize awarded to The Vine. He declared "great satisfaction and great pride for the recognition", recalling that this was a project born six years ago.

He also commented that the distinction of the hotel is also very important for the island and should be seen as recognition of Madeiran hospitality and as such will be important in strengthening “brand Madeira” – “it may even be more important than to the hotel. "

The Vine had already been chosen as "Europe’s Leading Design Hotel" in a ceremony held on August 31 this year, in Antalya, Turkey.

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  1. quite right ladies … the blog was started 6 years ago by me, with exactly that in mind. Madeira and relevant portuguese news for ENGLISH SPEAKERS. If people wanted to discuss the british weather and currency within the comments, fine I didn’t mind. Now even the most important news doesn’t get reported … things that could affect us all. For example, the supermarket collections today to help feed the growing number of poor people without any other form of financial help.

  2. Christmas Spirit is getting in the air – start the your spirit off with a visit to the following:

    CHRISTMAS FAYRE – Holy Trinity (English Church) SATURDAY 7TH DECEMBER
    Doors Open 10H30 – Official Opening 11H00 – SANTA Arrives 12H00 – Fashion Show – 14H00





  3. Yellow Alert Update: Now valid from 14:00 in the Mountains and then North/South Coast (including Porto Santo) from midnight tonight……until midnight Tuesday….because of rain showers, heavy at times.


    The Public Security Police announced on their Facebook page that the roads in Madeira will be subject to traffic speed checks throughout the month of December.
    As has been the practice, the PSP has chosen to disclose at the beginning of each month road sections (district by district and also in the autonomous regions) where the speed control radars will be placed.

    For December, the Regional Command of the PSP has provided a total of 10 speed checks in different locations, as shown below:

    Dia 6: 07:45 a.m. VR1 (Ribeira Brava / Caniçal)
    Day 10: 13:45 Avenida Infante / Estrada Monumental / Rua Pestana Júnior
    Day 10: 16:00 VRE 1 – Túnel do cortado – Santana
    Day 11: 14:00 Rua Manuel dos Passos – Machico
    Day 12: 07:45 a.m. Rua Pestana Júnior; Rua 5 de Outubro; Avenida das Madalenas
    Day 12: 14.00 VR 1 (via-rá[oda), 9.4 Km (sentido Este/Oeste) – Câmara de Lobos
    Day 19: 13:45 Avenida Infante / Estrada Monumental / Rua Pestana Júnior
    Day 27 : 07:45 a.m. Vr 1 (Ribeira Brava / Caniçal)
    Day 27: 21.00 Via Expresso 4 – Freguesia da Serra de Agua – Ribeira Brava
    Day 31: 07:00 a.m. Rua Pestana Júnior; Rua 5 de Outubro; Avenida das Madalenas

  5. I hope the local Taxi drivers are mindful of the speed checks also.

    We love Madeira and and we don’t mind an adventure or two, but the white knuckle journeys we have experienced to and from the Airport, courtesy of various taxi drivers, are not something we look forward to.

    Last time we were there we found a nice driver called Elvis and we kept his card for future journeys -hopefully he will be free when we need him as we are not trying to compete with Lewis Hamilton!

  6. We wonder when the Christiano Ronaldo Museum will open. We have read it could be at the end of December. We rather hope they miss this date and arrange it for early January so we can see the event, as we are located, so we believe, across the road.

  7. Thanks Helen for your response further down the blog about Monumental refurbishment.

    The Husband and wife who run the little restaurant with tables on the landing are truly nice people and are amongst the many lovely Madeirenses we meet on our annual visit.
    Two things we will do straight away when we arrive in January are to check they are not affected and also to see the new bit of the Estrada Monumental to the Forum

  8. From the Diario, the Islands of Maderia and Porto Santo are on Orange weather alert for:

    “Periods of rain or heavy showers sometimes accompanied by thunder……”
    From 12 noon today to at least 12 noon tomorrow.

    From what I can gather, it seems to be that a low pressure system/depression to the west of us may well track over the Islands – strangely Porto Santo seems to have the worst forecast, with strongest winds etc.

  9. Have travelled past the ‘Ravioli’ many times without stopping but will now call in next time I’m passing due to the recommendation. Can anyone tell me where the Ronaldo museum will be ?

  10. Orange weather alert now cancelled (one & half hours ago) for the whole of Madeira, however we remain at Yellow until 18:00hrs = still a risk of heavy showers and possibly thunder….


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