Red weather warning for Madeira. Weather warning and flights update. Ronaldo “Golden Ball” finalist again. Pingo Doce temporary closure.

The Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA) today placed mountainous regions of Madeira under a red warning (the most serious of a scale of four)  because of the forecast of wind and heavy rainfall. The warning currently refers to  overnight tonight (Tuesday) due to the forecast of strong winds from the south with gusts that could reach 130 km/hour .

Speaking to the press agency Lusa, meteorologist Bruno Café said that IPMA decided to roll out the red warning to the mountainous zones of Madeira because of the prediction of heavy rainfall between 00:00 and 03:00 on Wednesday.

"With the recent data we have, we decided to increase the notice of precipitation for mountainous regions”. The red notice, which represents a ‘weather situation of extreme risk’, has now been extended to the period between 21:00 today and 02:59 on Wednesday.

Update 10.00: Civil Protection to give a press conference on bad weather in Madeira

Red weather warning for Madeira. Weather warning and flights update. Ronaldo “Golden Ball” finalist again. Pingo Doce temporary closure. 1The Regional Civil Protection Service has announced a press conference at 12:00 at its headquarters to address the weather for the next few hours in the Region. Certainly the waves crashing into and around Funchal Bay overnight and this morning appear to be of sufficient strength to cause damage, with lido’s and pools being inundated. A flight from Porto Santo due to land in Madeira at 9.00 this morning was diverted to Lisbon with wind gusting at 60 km/hour.


The Diario reports that “the agitated state of the sea” this morning on the south coast has caused cautionary procedures to be implemented in the ports of Caniçal and Funchal – all equipment, machinery and cars will be removed from the areas most exposed to the sea, with a recommendation for staff not to circulate in those areas.

The movement of ships is also being affected by the heavy seas with the ‘AIDAStella’ postponing its departure from Funchal until tomorrow (should have departed today at 09:00) and ‘MSC Armonia’, which was due today now only arriving tomorrow.

Photo below of the recently re-opened end of the old Lido/Pestana Palms seafront this lunchtime sent in by David – thank you:


18.00: Passengers should contact airlines before going to the airport

The following is a literal translation of the latest from the Diario website – passengers should contact their own agents/airlines for specific advise:

The Directorate of Madeira Airports advises that during the next hours the passengers are headed for Madeira Airport without prior confirmation of the completion of their flight with the airline or travel agency. A related weather conditions that have affected the operations aeronáticas alert.

According to that entity, today the arrival of two flights with Easyjet coming from Lisbon has been rescheduled for tomorrow (EZY 7601 and EZY 7605). A flight of TAP (TP 1573) originating in Porto diverged to Lisbon and the Germania flight departed from Bremen to Lanzarote (GMI3726), with no estimated time of return to Madeira Airport. Also in terms of arrivals, flights TUI originating in Hannover (TUI2831) and Frankfurt (TUI2806) and flight PRIMERA Stockholm (PRI634) and yet the Norwegian Air Shuttle (NAX1784) diverged from Oslo flight to Porto Santo and maintain up in Airport.
Regarding matches, was canceled a flight TAP to Lisbon (TP1610) and rescheduled for tomorrow two flights of Easyjet to Lisbon (EZY7602 and EZY7606). Despite the wind, today already held several matches: two TAP flights to Lisbon (TP1602 and TP1612), two TAP flights to Porto (TP1582 and TP1572), a flight of SATA Air Açores to Porto Santo (SAT1690), two SATA Internacional flights to Jersey (RZO6640) and one to Las Palmas (RZO5502) and a flight to Warsaw Travel Service (TVS7315).

22.00: Boat destroyed in Funchal harbour

Red weather warning for Madeira. Weather warning and flights update. Ronaldo “Golden Ball” finalist again. Pingo Doce temporary closure. 3

At least one boat has been destroyed in Funchal harbour tonight due to the strong seas (Photo Helder Nobrega). Whilst high tide has long passed the waves seem to be stronger and the forecast rain has arrived, even at coastal levels.

Rodaldo “Golden Ball” finalist for the sixth time in seven years

Bulgaria: No Surprise in Golden Ball Final Nominations

The Dairio reports today that for the third consecutive year CR7 will be on the podium for the "Golden Ball" awards as one of three three finalists. The Portuguese captain will be alongside Franck Ribéry, (who helped Bayern Munich to “win everything" in 2013) and inevitably, Lionel Messi, winner of the last four awards

The Madeiran player won the distinction in 2008 whilst at Manchester United, but has not won since, coming second in 2009, 2011 and 2012, – always losing out to Argentina’s Messi. In 2013, Cristiano Ronaldo did not win any collective titles but racked up 67 goals in 57 games over the course of the calendar year, with his 33 in 21 in 2013-14 so far including hat-tricks against Northern Ireland, Galatasaray, Sevilla and Real Sociedad – even before that crucial treble in Portugal’s recent World Cup qualifying decider against Sweden.

The winner of the Golden Ball FIFA will be announced on 13 January 2014 – decided by 209 members of the panel of voters made up of football associations and journalists.

Pingo Doce re-opens after computer glitch

Pingo Doce supermarkets are now reopening as the problem affecting their computer system was resolved. The glitch this morning hit all Pingo Doce stores in Madeira, forcing the Jerónimo Martins group to temporarily close all outlets in the region. The problem apparently caused prices to become unreliable!

8 thoughts on “Red weather warning for Madeira. Weather warning and flights update. Ronaldo “Golden Ball” finalist again. Pingo Doce temporary closure.”

  1. Same “weather” warning post as Admin on previous blog – but with not as much shipping/aircraft movement disruption details….

    Just returned from Santa Cruz and indeed, as previously posted, my warning about staying away from coastal areas is justified – huge waves crashing over the sea walls and into the harbor/marina – could cause significant damage, not only to the boats (trapped) moored there but to the “breakwater” structures also….also the Hotel Vila Gale seems at risk, especially it’s lower level front gardens that are set below promenade height…….further along the promenade, towards the Airport, the waves are huge and are breaking over the rocks to give the Hotel Albatroz a good spray soaking.

    Just checking the Airport….and in fact the flight from Porto Santo did land (09:17) but the (09:00) TAP flight from PORTO was cancelled. Also the following flights have recently “chegou” – arrived/landed:

    TAP Lisbon 1609 09:50 Chegou: 09:46

    London, Heathrow TAP Portugal TP 371 10:25 Chegou: 11:16

    Take Care.

  2. This bad weather seems to have been hitting the island on and off for sometime now. Let’s hope this doesn’t lead to a repeat of the great storm of February 2010.

  3. Well……the WHOLE of Madeira is now at red alert….from the Diario:

    “….The Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA) has just put the entire island of Madeira on red alert due to worsening weather predicted. In a press conference at the headquarters of Civil Protection, Victor Prior, IPMA, revealed that the ‘peak’ of the rainfall occurs between midnight on Tuesday and 3:00 a.m. in the morning, although it is expected an increase by 21.00 soon. According to the director, the precipitation is expected 20 to 30 percent lower than at the February 20, 2010.

    The warning concerns the forecast of heavy showers, with possible thunderstorms. It is also expected strong wind from the south, with more than 130 km / hour gusts in mountainous areas. Because of these conditions, the Regional Civil Protection Service recommends that people avoid the coastal areas or mountainous and heavily vegetated”.

  4. I am at the Porto Santa Maria hotel. The wind is stil blowing hard and hits the coast and has damaged parts of the protection works, but the majority of the protection walls are in place and have done their job so far. Being a Dutchman with experience of floodings the protection works undergo their life test. Hardly any rainfall so far in the old town, but I have no sight of the rainfall in the mountains. It looks calm on the roads. Hopefully it will not get worse.

  5. Phew, wot a night!
    All seems O.K. at Casa Parsons and guests fine – we all met up early for brekkies (Coffeeeeeeee…) at 06:00 hrs!

    Shame about the Harbours/boat damage at Santa Cruz/Machico/Canical and of course, Funchal etc. etc… lets see how the news/day develops as folk take stock = calmer here now with some light drizzle. Large cargo/bulk carrier boats seen departing Canical Harbour/terminus and at least one aircraft departure and arrival seen at the Airport – heavy seas, large swell but less towering waves…..

    Our new President, Filipe, spent the entire night at the Bombeiros station in Santa Cruz – monitoring and assisting the emergency plans/deployments he had put in place along with available shelters/safe houses in the event…..a very good man.

    Hope all friends/acquaintances/Madeira residents etc. all Ok. …. a very bad night indeed.

  6. Just after I posted my message it starten raining last night. It has not been so bad as in 2010.
    I have been at the Funchal harbour this morning and there was hardly any damage. It seemed that one small boat was destroyed and a lot of owners are checking their boats now.
    A great part of the protection walls (the western part of the pebbles beach) has been damaged: rocks have been washed away by the sea (some have been moved almost 100 meters from their place).
    Some part of the protection walls has done their job, but for some parts they now have to redevelop the contruction, because for some parts the current plan does not seem to work properly.
    The restructuring of the canals below the forthcoming pebblesbeach seem to be intact and I have not heard about any floodings.
    The wind is still there but has tempered. And the sun is shining now!


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