New Year’s Eve. Trip Advisor.

New Year’s Eve. Trip Advisor. 1

Yesterday the first of 12 cruise ships arrived in Funchal to join the New Year’s Eve party in Madeira. This is the “The World” – a completely different kind of vessel to the others that will be joining it tomorrow night.

New Year’s Eve. Trip Advisor. 3

At 644 feet, The World is the largest privately owned yacht on the planet. Each of 165 privately owned on-board “Residences” collectively own the ship, ensuring, according to the publicity, an experience far beyond current luxury travel standards. The residents, from about 40 different countries, live on board as the ship travels the globe—staying in most ports from 2 to 5 days. Some residents live on board full time while others visit periodically throughout the year:


Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor recently announced that it had joined the NASDAQ top 100 technology stocks in the US. Not bad for a website that relies on its users doing all the work! The company became public in December of 2011 at $24 per share, and today the stock trades well north of $80 per share, making it a $12 billion company


I think most people find Trip Advisor generally reliable, particularly where there are a greater number of reviews, which tends to negate any extreme views posted for whatever reason. Certainly the rankings of the restaurants in Madeira, at least in my opinion, seem a fair reflection of their quality. I have been to Armazen do Sal recently (currently No. 1 in Funchal and No. 2 on the island to Lily’s, Machico) and found it a great recommendation (an impression further assisted by somebody else paying!).

Top Trip Advisor restaurants in Madeira here:

However the potential failings of the website were exposed earlier this year with the great story a "fake" French restaurant in Devon which was removed from Trip Advisor after it emerged it did not exist – despite nine positive reviews.

“Oscar’s” was ranked as number 27 of 64 food establishments in a Devon resort. The restaurant was described as a "restored and converted fishing trawler ‘phantom class’ moored on the beautiful Brixham quayside".

One comment apparently made reference to the owners Colette and Alfredo – two names which also feature in the film Ratatouille. It said: "The big surprise here was what Colette and her staff do in the kitchen, something bordering on sorcery”. Another said it was "the most amazing meal my family and I have ever had."

Trip Advisor Forums

As someone who has long thought about, and actually set about implementing a forum linked to the blog, I am pleased that I did not progress too far down that path. Some sections of the Trip Advisor forum seems to be degenerating into almost entirely deleted comments recently, with “Trip Advisor staff have removed this post because it did not meet Trip Advisor’s forum guideline” making a regular appearance. I am not quite sure who “Trip Advisor staff” are – presumably each forum has a moderator?

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  1. Quick update from last night; apparently a fire broke out at the Beerhouse Restaurant in Funchal Marina around 6.30pm, on what will have been its busiest night of the year. It was quickly brought under control by Bombeiros and it re-opened shortly afterwards. Not a good year for the business, which has been right in the middle of all the work that has been going on at that end of the seafront.

  2. Well thumbs up to Madeira for yet again a wonderful Christmas. We are flying home later today, having our last lunch in Bar O Ago plus a few bebidas before heading to the airport.

    Will write more once I get home.

    Happy New Year everyone.

  3. I have the flights booked from Lisbon to Funchal, now we just need a magic carpet from Dublin to Lisbon.

    It has put a huge smile on my face, I will get there in the summer 🙂

    Happy New Year to you all

  4. Was wondering if anything is being done about the dogs, some strays and some owned but left to roam everywhere. It is not pleasant being kept awake night after night by barking. I also saw a dog who likes to run at joggers, and also a dog barking at a small child in the street, which to me is an accident waiting to happen. I do not blame the dogs, it is not their fault that they are put out unwanted to fend for themselves. Which is not acceptable in other countries.

  5. Over the past 16 or so years that we have been visiting Madeira the dogs have always been a problem. Early on, there were large packs of strays that roamed around Funchal centre and park in the old town. We have also had problems locally with neighbours’ dogs. At one stage we had 20+ in an outside yard nearby so you can imagine the barking (although they looked well fed). Now they only seem to have 2 there. I even went to the council offices to complain to no avail. Am sure SPAD do wonderful work but cannot cope with all the strays. Our Madeiran friends who visit UK think we go over the top keeping dogs inside our homes and regarding them as ‘one of the family’ They also wondered why as our house is open to the road no dogs strayed in. It is a matter of education and things will change over time. When we go to the Forum Ajuda districts etc we see many more well looked after dogs on leads.

    Happy New Year to all. We were unable to see the fireworks sadly and are now in the midst of storms, floods etc. Could do with a bit of Madeiran sunshine!!

  6. We live here now and I have just been reading up about SPAD and realise they are doing their best. I have no problem with dogs, its the owners and former owners that are the problem. We live near a hotel, and I am sure it will put people off coming here.
    The councils should do more to help to control the problem. I worry for the children, as they have no defence is a dog decides to attack them. Sorry about your weather, lets hope you don’t get the snow America are having. One of the reasons we came here to live.

  7. It is evidently illegal to have more than three dogs here in Madeira. As long as you do not mind upsetting your neighbours (???) you should report it to the police who will then contact your local frequesia to sort the matter.

  8. For those of us who drive here, I don’t know if you know that a number of the
    traffic rules have changed. The one which seems most important to us is the rule
    on roundabouts, in that we now have to come into line with the rest of the country i.e. we should only use the outside lane if we are actually going to take the first exit.
    Otherwise, we should use the inside one & then cross over. Good Luck to us all on that
    then until everyone gets the hang … !

  9. Re stray dogs – There are at least 2 dog charities (I saw 2 at the volunteer day event in the Municipal Gardens.) So they should be handlingthe problem
    I have not seen that many strays.
    Dogs constantly barking as you walk past houses are really offputting. It is much less of a problem in the UK where it is more the custom to keep the dog in the backyard.
    – Maybe a madly barking dog reflects the stress the owner feels ?


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