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I had an e-mail from Jon and Debs at Casa Parsons the other day which I immediately asked if I could reproduce on the blog. The reason for the request was that it painted such a positive picture of the centre of Funchal – a refreshing change from all the photos of the  seafront upheavals. It is interesting to get the perspective of someone residing in idyllic rural Gaula, who understandably doesn’t venture into the “big city” more often than they have to. The excellent photos are all theirs too!


It’s another, new World…..within Funchal.



From cruise ships to tuk tuk’s to Cycles and Segway’s, it’s all part of the developing tourist scene in "downtown" Funchal. Swarming like agitated ants alongside the towering Behemoth cruise ships (collecting tourists not food), these new forms of transport migrate into the City Centre bearing their precious cargoes to feed on the various offerings available in Funchal.


Moving alongside of (and competing with) the traditional yellow and blue taxis and the colourful coaches, these new forms of life dart in and out of the traffic, skirt traffic jams and bring a breath of fresh air to the city – literally, especially the bikes, Segway’s and less polluting tuk tuk’s AND it’s fun! As FUN SHALL be!


imageJon kindly explains (for my benefit I think!) that “A behemoth is a beast mentioned in Job 40:15–24. Metaphorically, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity. I wonder if Aida, Costa or P&O will name a new ship likewise…..?”

Thanks Jon – and if anybody else wants to send me their impressions of this fascinating island I will happily include them in future blogs


4 thoughts on “Guest blog–impressions of Funchal”

  1. While I applaud the changes to the town centre and attracting more tourists I wish someone would ban those segways and the very long lines of cycles going through into the Est Monumenal. The Segway users are rude, dangerous, I have twice nearly been run down by them Most riders have no idea how to use them The roads are just not wide enough. Yesterday I encountered a very long line of cyclists riding, not very close to the pavement, past Cliff bay. When I signaled to turn right one of the idiots tried to pass me in the INSIDE. They cause so much disruption and traffic holdups, it is dangerous.

  2. Segways should be banned -their users have no regard for pedestrians–you got wheels get on the road !

    groups of these cyclists -which mainly seem to be from the Aida’s seem to think that pavements are cycle tracks.again you got wheels get in the road

    Tuk Tuks may look right in Asian countries but not here-just a novelty item,wonder how they compare pricewise to usual taxis?

  3. Forecast strong wind, rough seas and rain…cause yellow, orange and red weather alerts for Madeira.

    “The Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA) today placed under red warning, the most serious of a scale of four, mountainous regions of Madeira because of the forecast wind and heavy rainfall”.

    “The red notice, which represents a ‘weather situation of extreme risk’, strong wind to mountain regions = with gusts that could reach 130 km / hour = will prevail today between 21:00 and 02:59 on Wednesday – recently extended from Midnight to 03:00hrs”.

    The Yellow warning is valid for predicted rainfall on the south coast and the Orange warning is valid for the sea state, on the south coast – big waves!

    Above Yellow and Orange warnings valid from 12:00hrs (noon) today until 18:00hrs (6 p.m.) tomorrow.

    Obviously precautions are needed if/when travelling to the mountains or venturing close to the sea – DON’T!


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