Zon Internet. “Madeiran” iceberg. Tourist numbers increase. “Pico’s hat”

Apologies for the silence over the last week – had a few problems with the broadband connection but back up and running at 120Mbps+ now. I may have to revise my previous criticism of Zon – their engineers and telephone support have been very good! Their wireless routers, however, remain poor – the signal strength is nothing like a commercially available alternative. Coincidentally, as a result of server outage in the UK the blog and associated web sites were also “down” last Friday morning. Not the most productive week!

Madeiran-sized iceberg

The Diario reports how Madeira has become a “reference point” for sizing icebergs after Euronews recently carried the following story:


September tourism up 10%

More good news for the island. Hotel visitors to Madeira increased 9.9% in the month of September, compared to the same month last year. Overnight stays numbered 617,700, against 562,000 in the same period last year. In the year to September, 4.8 million overnight stays were  registered in hotels on the island – an increase of 8.2% over the same period last year, when it got 4.4 million overnight stays – a gain of 361,152 overnight stays in the first nine months of 2013, comparing the same period in 2012.

The actual number of tourists staying in hotels in Madeira in September 2013 were 109,000, 12,000 guests more than the previous year. In the period January to September 2013, there were 859,000 against 794,000 guests in 2012 – an increase of 65,000 guests.

"Chapéu do Pico" – Açores

The VisitPortugal Facebook site currently carries the following stunning photograph of a cloud formation on Ilha do Pico – one of the nine volcanic islands making up our neighbouring archipelago

Photo: "Pico's Hat"

O famoso "Chapéu do Pico" resultante de nuvens em redor da montanha do Pico fotografado ao entardecer - Ilha do Pico - Açores
The famous "Pico's Hat" effect of cloud formations around the Pico Mountain photographed at sunset - Pico Island - Azores

© www.rui-vieira.com

© www.rui-vieira.com — with Rui Soares at Ilha do Pico – Açores.

Seafront – latest photos

Readers have requested a repeat of the link to the photos of the progress of the works on the seafront. This is below – don’t forget to scroll down and go back to previous pages for earlier photos?

Zon Internet. “Madeiran” iceberg. Tourist numbers increase. “Pico’s hat” 1

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  1. The recently formed platform “VIVER – for an ethical treatment of animals” is inviting everybody to take part in forming a human chain on the Praça Municipal, in front of the Câmara Municipal of Funchal, to ask for humane treatment of animals, for a policy of neutering instead of killing street animals. This event is taking place in mainland cities as well.

    Come and join in on 24 November at 16.00 o’clock.

  2. Next week we have guests from the UK. They want to change 1500 Pounds to Euros. Anybody any information where they should do this? In madeira ( which bank) or at home in the UK ?? Can somebody help me out, we ourselves are Dutch so we do not have any experience in changing Pounds to Euros ???

  3. changing money in banks in Madeira is very costly. Get it changed in the UK, Try Travelex or the Post Office Google ‘money exchange in the UK’ and make your choice.

  4. Not sure what their exchange rates are compared to others, but when converting here Caixa Geral have a fixed commission of 9 euros no matter how much is being changed.

    Some places offer an option to buy back unused euros at the same rate as was used when converting, so that could be something to keep in mind for them.

    This might be of some help:

    www [dot] money [dot] co [dot] uk/travel-money/best-euro-exchange-rate.htm

  5. When in London Thomas exchange global give the best rate that you will ever find. They have offices on The Strand, Victoria, Liverpool Street. Currently they are giving E1.18 to £1. thomasexchangeglobal.co.uk.

  6. @Admin
    I noticed your speed with Zon.
    Are you on cable or fibre?
    Also where on the island are you?
    I’ve been wondering about setting up a permanent broadband connection.


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