TAP Funchal promotion. Banana loan. New Santa Cruz President.

imageTAP have announced a promotion on flights booked from Lisbon or Porto to Funchal – provided they are booked by October 20th. The fare of €46.00 includes all taxes, and is subject to a few conditions (on-line booking, debit card etc) but could well be of interest to the increasing numbers of “independent travellers” to Madeira using Lisbon for connecting flights – or Porto for that matter. Still my preferred airline flying into the island – nice to see that at a time when other airlines are ripping off passengers for anything and everything, TAP are boasting about a new wine-list (free, of course). The also have a 23 kilo allowance. They are also losing money…………………….?

GESBA loan

Besides paying farmers to GESBA will invest in Ponta do SolThe Regional Government have announced a one-year €5 million loan to GESBA, the company that manages the banana sector in Madeira, “to meet the objectives of its existence”. The money will allow the company to continue making payments to farmers including an “aid” element -  the funding is intended to be regulated as part of the value of EU assistance to producers for the year 2013.

New approach in Santa Cruz

Philip Sousa clarifications and thanks to the people of Camacha.

The newly elected (and apparently hugely popular) President of the local council, Filipe Sousa, plans to implement a new era of municipal management in Santa Cruz. This will include “constant contact” between the elected officials and the local population, who will be asked to actively participation in the Municipality. This new style of presidency of the municipality has reportedly already started last week-end, even before officially taking office later this month, when he attended Masses in the parishes of the county. He has also promised a full audit of the municipal finances as soon a he is in power.

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  1. Think the audits of the accounts are badly needed. Diario is reporting that the supply of fuel to the fleet of the municipality of Machico has been suspended due to debts with the supplier (BP Machico).

    It seems that so far six of the seven chambers which are no longer led by the PSD will be subject to external audits and independent, with only Porto Moniz not doing that.

  2. The PSD (ousted departing party) in Santa Cruz laughed at the new incumbent President, Filipe: JPP, saying that he could not afford to do the audit so “they” would be O.K……that is until a wealthy local business man stepped in and offered to pay ALL costs…. Tee Hee – smug smiles gone! The local mood is good, very positive and forward looking but do standby for some fireworks – and not just in celebration.

  3. Still struggling to get it to work Maurice? – had a look at the skyscrapercity.com website whilst trying – very interesting. Just searching on “Madeira” turns up all sorts of information.

  4. For a property owner who is not yet a resident and visits for periods of say 2 months at a time 3 times a year who would be the most suitable internet/TV provider?
    Don’t want to sign up to an annual provider yet.
    If so who would be the best then?

  5. Don’t know of any provider that does an home internet and tv (and usually phone) package for anything less than a year over here. We use Zon and it seems reliable enough.

  6. A Zon subscription can be turned on and off. But it has to be “on” for at least four months and you must demand “off” well in advance. (And they no longer communicate about these matters by e-mail – I have to turn up in person nowadays.)


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