, New Mayor of Funchal. Armas Ferry.

Watching another block of flats, the Royal Princess, leave port on Saturday, you were immediately struck by the unusual bearings – she stayed parallel to the south coast of the island, heading west instead of the usual southerly course straight out to sea. I was reminded what a powerful web site is in respect of all matters concerning cruise ships – a quick search gave all the current details (destination Fort Lauderdale approximately a week after leaving Funchal – over 3,000 nautical miles later) – even a live link to the webcam on the ship.


Google Earth

Writing this part of the post early on Sunday morning, another cruise ship arrived before sunrise looking like Blackpool illuminations – actually has a link to Google Earth showing the current position of ships (presumably those of subscribing companies?) and came up with the following graphicimage

Marvellous what information the internet can supply – you simply could not have envisaged this just a few years ago.

Political swing, New Mayor of Funchal. Armas Ferry. 1Paul Cafofo officially took over as the new mayor of the City of Funchal yesterday – as a result of one of a number of electoral victories that have seen a major swing away from Alberto João Jardim and his PSD party. Prior to the recent elections they held power in 11 of the 12 “Camaras” that make up the autonomous region (previously he also held the 12th). Seven of these were lost at the end of September as the electoral mood seems to favour change. It would not be a surprise to see AJJ stand down soon from his position as one of the longest-serving, democratically elected leaders of any jurisdiction in the world (he assumed office in March 1978). Control of four of the seven is officially handed over today.

Ferry return?

imageInterestingly the front page of the Diario yesterday mentioned the possible return of the Naviera Armas Ferry – but the article makes disappointing reading – apparently the Spanish party interested in re-establishing a link with the Algarve “remains interested”, but there are still “unresolved barriers” – specifically the high fees and there being complications with docking. At least it is being talked about , and maybe the new wave of politicians will not be as intransigent as the old ones when it comes to negotiations (maybe they won’t have as many vested interests either? – allegedly).

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  1. Hello

    Can anyone help me, due to the recession I am going to rent out my 1st week in the Royal Savoy and rent somewhere else.

    My friend is coming with her family, 2 adults + 3 kids and myself and my 2 kids so we need a minimum of 5 bedrooms.

    We are looking for either 2 apartments or a house near the Savoy so the teenage boys can still be with their friends and not walking to far when they come home at night time.

    We will have two 8 year old girls who would prefer a swimming pool but it is not essential we can use the Bright Star hotels pool or meet friends at the Savoy.

    Googling is not getting me very far, can any of you tell me where I could start or what to search for?

    Thanks, Tracie

    We have a maximum budget of €400 per family

  2. Tracie – I must declare an interest in this, as the blog is supported by, who specialize in property rentals – you can contact them through their web site or one of the links on the right above.

  3. OK, in view of the above, I think it’s time that I put straight my relationship with this blog and Madeira Island Direct. I started this blog 6 years ago, and although it is still technically mine, well at least the idea, the design and the material is, it is now updated with new material, moderated, and hosted by MID. I was locked out of my blog over 2 years ago (and not informed of this at the time), and now I can just post comments like anyone else, I cannot moderate or post new material or articles, and have no other influence or input whatsoever.

    I don’t wish to be associated with any publicity made on this blog by MID for the business that is actually run by MID, which is one and the same thing.

    I will now wait and see if this comment gets ‘moderated’ ……….. ?

  4. No problem with that Der – and no you won’t be moderated.

    You did an enormous amount of work with the blog at the outset (as I did when it appeared that it was to cease publication in March 2009) and a lot of the credit goes to you in that respect. When you chose to have no further involvement at the end of 2010, other contributors had to take over and keep the blog running. You were not locked out – your permissions just reflected your lesser involvement, and you have always been free to post whatever comments you want.

  5. Could the named operators of MID be published and their contact points, addresses etc. This would be some assurance to those spending cash and receiving services.

  6. Could the named operators of MID be published and their contact points, addresses etc. This would be some assurance to those spending cash and receiving services.
    There is an English address on the contact us form but no names and no Madeira details

  7. Tracie – it is also worth trying ebay – people are frequently advertising “their weeks” at a bargain price, in addition to self catering apartments in Funchal.

  8. Martin – any inquiry through MID is responded to with two UK telephone numbers plus a further three in Madeira. MID has been operating since early 2009 when it first sponsored the blog.

  9. No … BUT we have had a number of ‘phone calls from similar sounding companies – all with a distinct “echo” on the line and with a strange accent….. all for just 200 to 300 euro euros per listing! Thanks but no thanks….

  10. Tracie – We are at the RS at the same time as you and know someone who rents self catering for their first week of thier holiday from website Owners Direct. Have you thought about the Madeira Regency next door. You can rent a studio through hotels4U for £455 per week. it might be worth contacting the Madeira Regency and see what they have available. Wish you well with this.
    We were there this month and met someone who had travelled directly from Dublin on a Sunday, apparently these flights are available in the summer season.

  11. Pat – SATA flight direct to Funchal from Dublin on a Sunday but they are very, very expensive. We have friends who fly from Dublin to Gatwick and then here. Despite the hassle, it works out much cheaper.

  12. As an alternative we find the following pretty good – dot for .

    www dot

    I think most cruise lines are “covered”……


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