More Continente stores open. Busy New Year. Heroin arrest. Music Conservatory. Madeira Culture

Two more Continente Stores open

More Continente stores open. Busy New Year. Heroin arrest. Music Conservatory. Madeira Culture 1The Diario reports that one month after the opening of five new stores in Madeira, Continente Modelo will open two new supermarkets on the island today in Camacha and Ribeira Brava. These new units are responsible for 97 direct jobs and contribute to “increasing proximity Madeira families, ensuring best value proposition characterized by the variety and quality of products available at the lowest prices," the company said in a statement, which added that "the brand is still aware of the opportunities that the market will provide, and that despite the current economic climate, marked by a continued downturn in the economy, keeps its focus on opening new units." Good to see that there is more emphasis on recycling – customers can deposit used cooking oil, batteries and cork stoppers, and will be offered a variety of re-usable bags.

Eleven cruise ships already confirmed for New Year fireworks

The Port Authority (APRAM) has announced that eleven cruise ships have already confirmed that they will be in the bay of Funchal on New Years Eve. Vessels begin to arrive on December 29th, including the “usual suspects” Aurora, AIDAstella, AIDAblu, Balmoral, Braemar, Marco Polo, Saga Shapphire, and MSC Fantasia, and apparently there is the possibility that this number will increase.

Woman arrested in possession of heroin at Madeira airport

A 55-year-old has been arrested by the Judicial Police for drug trafficking. The defendant was apprehended at ​​the airport for being in possession of heroin sufficient for about 6,000 individual doses, said the PJ in a press release yesterday. Following the arrest a car and 9,610 euros was seized in Funchal. It is not clear whether she was arriving on the island or leaving.

Conservatório Friday Night Concerts

imageThe Conservatório, Escola Profissional das Artes da Madeira has announced a series of Friday night concerts until the end of November






Madeira Culture

Whilst researching the above I came across an excellent web site for music lovers of all tastes – the Madeira Culture “Music & Dance” web pages.

This is a complete listing of all musical events being held on the island – I expected there to be a lot, but didn’t realise how many things are going on at this time of year – although the Organ Festival seems to dominate.


7 thoughts on “More Continente stores open. Busy New Year. Heroin arrest. Music Conservatory. Madeira Culture”

  1. That was quite a storm yesterday had to go to Funchal and the water was rushing down the hills, manhole covers were forced out and further down the road, quite frightening. We we got home the water had come under the window door, so it was wet wet wet!

  2. The rain started just as the scaffolders finished erecting their framework for our apartment’s repaint which has to be finished (with others) to coincide with a grand opening opposite by President Jardim later this month.

    Is that Sod’s Law?

  3. Berties Law…..
    We “enjoyed” the most spectacular lights and bangs here Friday p.m…..biblical!
    With a fairly decent amount of rain also ….. guests amazed!
    And some superb photos as the storm departed via the Deserta’s en route to Africa …. leaving crystal clear skies behind and complemented with the full moon also sparkling over the bay…magic!

  4. There will be a ceremony tomorrow (23rd October) in the Plaza do Mar to celebrate the Army Day. It will start at 11AM with military parades, the Representative for the Reblic of the region being present together with military representatives. There will be a tribute to military killed in conflict and after the official part there will be a performance by the team from the Freefall Army.

    On the UK front Poppies are now on sale on the Island in readiness for Remembrance Sunday as of yesterday.


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