Finnair “Sharklets” debut. Plague of flies. River works above Ribeira Brava. Record wave.

The Finnish flag company , Finnair , debuted a new model in Madeira on October 27 – their first A321, which also sported the latest paint scheme as part of the rebranding of the company.
The Airbus A321will gradually replace the older Boeing 757 which has already begun to be removed from service by Finnair. This was also the start of its  new second weekly flight to Madeira from the capital, Helsinki, complementing the existing route in the summer season – but this will be maintained throughout the winter.

Finnair plane

According to its own website Finnair became the first airline to receive an Airbus A321 “Sharklet” aircraft on 6 September this year. The new extended-range, single-aisle A321 equipped with new, fuel-saving Sharklet wing tip devices has the lowest fuel-burn, emissions and noise footprint in its class.

A quick Google reveals that Finnair wins all sorts of awards – from Europe’s best airline to the world’s safest airline.

Plague of flies

The Diario reports yesterday that part of Ponto do Sol has been affected by a plague of flies, leading to calls for action by the authorities. Apparently the locals attribute this dumping of chicken droppings in Feiteira and Barreiro, near the parish of Carvalhal, by the Egg Girão company based in Camara de Lobos. They have threatened to block access to the site unless something is done quickly.

Illegal tippingThe local population also claim that promises made during the recent election  campaign to  forward the case to the environmental protection authorities have come to little since. “They only care of us when there are elections, then forget the people,” one citizen claimed. I will spare the details, but suffice it say they do not make comfortable reading.

Serra de Água

For those who have headed out to Ribeira Brava recently and taken the road north toward Sao Vicente, you will probably notice the work already being done to re-engineer the course of the river. Now the government have announced the appropriation of 571 plots of land to facilitate the completion of the project. Yesterdays Diario showed the scale of the proposed works:

Aerial view of Serra de Água

The work, recently awarded by the Regional Government, is upstream of Meia Légua. Among the expropriated land, the company AFA will be deprived of 26 plots which it holds in the the Ribeira Brava valley. A total of 10,021 square meters will leave the property of the builder Avelino Farinha.

Channeling the route of the river will cost the coffers of the region  72.5 million euros. Of these, the Government foresees spending 2.5 million already this year. For 2014, there are expected expenses of 46.5 million, and for the following year some 13.5 million.The project was awarded at a total cost 59.4 million euros, to which will be added VAT.



Surf record?

Giant wave record may have been broken

Portugal News Online reports that Brazilian Carlos Burle might have broken the world record for surfing the biggest wave when he decided to take to the waves off the Portuguese west coast at Nazaré. The current record was set last year at the same venue. Eye-witness reports are convinced the record was broken, but the specialists’ view will not be sufficient, and the help of science will now be called in to help verify the claim.

The feat was marred however when another Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira crashed out while attempting to surf another monster wave. The 26-year old lost control and suffered preliminary drowning off the same coast where she has already surfed a wave the size of which is expected to win her the female category in the Billabong XXL mega-wave competition, an award she has already won five times, the Lusa News Agency reported. It was further reported that she is expected to remain in hospital for observation but is out of any danger.

A group of surfers are currently taking on the waves off Nazaré, and are intending to stay until 2 December in their bid to make the best of the world’s biggest waves and their desire for a place in surfing folklore

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  1. Reading the comment about flies made me realise that I have not seen anything about dengue fever for some time. Has there been any incidence recently and/or is it the wrong time of year for the ‘mozzies’?

  2. Good to see that work is being carried out in Serra de Agua southwards. The area suffered badly in the 2010 floods.

    Good to see money being spent wisely for a change.

  3. Thanks for the information Sue – we had an excellent view of the partial eclipse from Gaula! We wouldn’t have known had it not been for your information – thank you.

  4. If anyone wants to vote for Madeira in the World Tourist Awards and has had trouble
    managing it online, there is a very helpful group of young people at a large marquee
    stand in Avenida Arriaga opposite the Tourist Bureau helping anyone with the aid of
    pc’s. They will be there up to and including Saturday. Otherwise, you can do this yourself by going to World Tourist site and following the instructions. (I was told that Madeira is no. 81)

    Re. dengue David, I haven’t heard or seen in the paper of any case of Dengue since
    the original outbreak finished back in February, so fingers crossed we may just have
    it behind us – unless anyone knows otherwise.

  5. Thanks Jaquine, we’ve just posted our vote for Madeira, online at:

    x3 w’s dot then worldtravelawards dot com/vote-for-madeira-tourist-board-2013

    Good Luck everyone – every vote counts!

  6. I have also voted for Madeira – you have to register to do it in case it is your first time. I did it last time also so am still registered, actually they send out quite an interesting newsletter.

    There will be a ceremony at the memorial on the sea front on Saturday morning at 10:30 and the Service of Rembrance is at Holy Trinity at 10:40 Sunday.

  7. There’s an event called ‘discover the flavours’ running in Funchal on Fridays after 6pm – participating restaurants should have a special menu, including an offer of an appetiser and drink for €3

    For more details see www [dot] acif-ccim [dot] pt/Default.aspx?ID=1655

  8. I have also voted and we are looking forward to our next trip to our Apartment in time for the New Year festivities.

    Does anyone know about the plan and the progress of the construction work which appears to be ongoing for some months around Funchal Marina and surrounding area?

  9. I believe that there’s about a year’s work left. For a good view of what’s happening follow the thread on I posted the URL in a previous thread here.

  10. *Note to Admins. It might be a good idea to place a permanent link to the thread on skyscrapercity which has all the photos etc about the works in Funchal.

    Just an idea.


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