Yellow weather warning. Police focus on bikes. New promo video. 40-hour week.

Heat turned up

Higher temperatures are forecast to return to the island the Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IMPA) issuing a yellow warning between now and Tuesday.

“The warm weather will make be noted especially in the North and South coasts of Madeira and Porto Santo, the three regions under yellow warning IPMA, which comes into force at nine Saturday morning and lasts until nine at Monday night”.

Despite the heat, the IPMA continues to predict generally cloudy sky and periods of rain or drizzle. The maximum temperature expected today in Funchal is 27 º C

GNR to target bikes

Yellow weather warning. Police focus on bikes. New promo video. 40-hour week. 1

The GNR have announced that they will conduct “intensive monitoring of motorcycles, mopeds, tricycles and quads to sensitize drivers to drive more prudently”

During the operation, the military GNR will give particular attention to speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, the use of helmets, the possession of the correct documents, insurance and the condition of tyres

The action is part of the EU National Strategy for Road Safety and the "Road Safety Programme 2011-2020", aimed at halving the total fatalities in Europe over the 10 year period.

New promotional video


A new promotional video designed by Turismo de Portugal presents a one minute view promoting the region as if it were a dream, featuring the actor Diogo Amaral.

The video, describing Madeira as “amazing", is part of the campaign ‘want some advice, visit Portugal’.




Working week raised to 40 hours

Portuguese civil servants will begin working an extra hour each day starting today, September 28, increasing their working week from 35 to 40 hours, reports Diário Económico.

Announced last May, the measure is being challenged in court by trade unions. However, according to the daily, the government intends to counter this challenge this week at the Lisbon Administrative Court using ‘public interest powers’, which give it special dispensation to push through changes in legislation.

The same story is in the local press with the Diario reporting that tax offices will be open until 4.30 commencing on Monday, and departments that used to close at lunchtime now working through.

9 thoughts on “Yellow weather warning. Police focus on bikes. New promo video. 40-hour week.”

  1. Just had a scam call from a guy called “Alan” claiming to be from Microsoft telling me my computer has been reported to have a virus and he was going to “help” me fix it. He got short shrift My mum (in her 80s) said a man had just called her too about some windows but she told him she didn’t need any!! Watch out he obviously has a Madeira list to work through.

  2. I have a TMN dongle for internet, but its not very fast. Any ideas for something better?
    We only come about 5/6 times per year, so no point in phone line. The router option offered by Voda and TMN looks ok, but I still have to take a contract.

  3. Mick – Vodafone used to have an “unlimited” dongle that you could suspend and re-activate/top-up to suit, but I think speed will always be an issue with a dongle unless you use 4G. You could pick up something like the powered Huawei E5220 “MiFi” in the UK, unlock it and use a local SIM – particularly handy if you use more than one device.

    Apologies – will be a few days before I post again – extremely busy at the moment!

  4. We are in Estreito da Calheta, so no chance of 4G. However both Voda and TMN offer a router with downloads speeds of 10 mbps, although I suspect its one of those up to speeds. They are also wireless so good for an Ipad or other devices. Trouble is its a 1 year contract. Works out about 23 euro per month so not too bad, but its a shame to have to pay when most of the time we are not here.E58U


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