First flood defences opened. Santa Cruz bankruptcy? No German business interest in Portugal.

First of three flood defence sytems opened

The President of the Regional Government convened the media on Friday to publicise an investment of € 2.75 million in four sets of dams intended to ensure that in future debris is trapped in the upper Ribeira de João Gomes, preventing any recurrence of the disastrous events due to the heavy rain of February 20th 2010.

According to reports it was a fast opening and little worthy of the name, at least by the standards to which locals are accustomed from Alberto João Jardim. He addressed the assembled in the middle of Ribeira João Gomes at the site of the first of the four dams built to stop the stones that come with torrential rain, and said little about the technical issue of the work and went away according to the Diario.


It is planned that a total of 12 weirs will be built (presumably this is across the three main rivers feeding into the bay of Funchal?) -  structures 10 feet tall, with teeth of different widths, between one meter and two meters, intended to retain  materials of different sizes and preventing them from causing destruction further downstream. The works also include access for retained debris to be removed in order that they continue to effectively collect solid materials. The cleaning will be assigned to a company through public tender and that will be responsible for the removal of the material retained on each occurrence of a flood.

If the PSD-Madeira does not win elections in Saunta Cruz the municipality may go bankrupt, threatens Jardim

This unusual threat has been made by the president of PSD-Madeira, a clear encouragement for  people to vote ‘orange’ in the forthcoming municipal elections. The Santa Cruz Council is apparently insolvent and may go bankrupt in the event of creditors proceeding with legal action – since Alberto João Jardim has chosen not to support them. Somebody was telling me recently how Machico was completely run down until it decided to vote the “right way”, after which investment poured in! Look at it now – new seafront, new beach!

Only 8% of German businesses consider Portugal attractive

According to the Diario, only 8% of German companies believe that it is attractive to invest in Portugal, concludes a study for the Luso-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

I had heard the expression “Luso” before but didn’t fully understand the origin: Apparently it is a prefix simply meaning Portuguese, after the Roman province of Lusitania, roughly corresponding to modern Portugal. That will account for a lot of wines with similar names!

According to the study, which is based on a survey of about 150 German companies, "the main factors for the low attractiveness are the location, the size of the market and the cost of transport to Germany", but those who are already here want to maintain or increase the level of investment.

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  1. Nothing to do with the above – but heard last night that a petition is circulating on the Island about the need for a ferry service to be reinstated to the mainland. Has anyone else heard anything there are todate apparently 9,000 signatures?

  2. Yes Ellen,
    From the:
    madeira-live dot com site:

    “World Tourism Day is celebrated on the 27th September with various events, activities, cultural entertainment and also free admission to many Museums and Gardens”.

  3. if it is petition Sue the new one replaces it as the first one fizzled at 150 when i signed the Diaro one it was at 7600, it was sent me via
    facebook which is my least favourite thing and I dont think you use it.

  4. Interesting article in Google News:

    Blandy’s opens up historic accommodation. Blandy’s has become the latest producer to tap into wine tourism, unveiling a series of newly restored apartments in the Madeiran capital of Funchal. Divided into four self-catering suites, The Wine Lodges are named after the island’s most famous grape varieties: Sercial, Verdelho, Bual and Malmsey.

    They are located above the Blandy’s Wine Lodge, home to the first member of the Blandy family to take up residence on the island back in 1811, but now converted into a tasting room and visitor centre. This includes the Vintage Room, which offers the chance to taste Madeira from as far back as 1920.

  5. Can anyone recommend a good accountant who can advise on the best way to set-up as a one man business here – I’m going to be doing some contract work for a company based in the Middle East (I’ve worked for them in the past as a full employee whilst living there, but they need my help with some new projects for a 6 to 12 month contract).

    I need to find out the best way to set-up to allow for this. I’m guessing I would have to be self-employed but I don’t have a clue what would be involved in that, or if there is a better option. The goal of course is to keep any set-up and operating costs down to a minimum. No office or anything like that needed, would be working from home.

    I’m in the Gaula area, so someone this side of the Island would be preferred.

  6. To MartinPN

    Hi Martin

    In response to your query about an accountant I emailed my Solicitor in Madeira who is connected with the Madeira Chamber of Commerce to ask if he had any recommendation and he responded with the information below.

    I wish you well with your new venture. Mary

    I can recommend a person whom I have worked several times with and is very competent and professional:

    [email protected]
    Tel: +351 291 241 245
    Tel: +351 96 256 32 43
    Tel: +351 91 222 00 32
    Fax: +351 291 222 598

  7. MartinPN, we have a great Lady accountant, who has served us very well for some years, based in Santa Cruz, quite good English Speaking and very affordable….saved us more than her (very reasonable) fees
    Details, if you wish = contact/e-mail us via our web site:
    casaparsons dot com
    Has given us good advice and has many local contacts – where they matter!

    p.s. Got stopped again by our local (blue & white not GNR) Policia this time, for another car document check …. must be the colour of the car … in Agua da Pena, near Continente, this evening (along with ALL passing traffic) = Passed with flying colours! – well happy with the new licence = and THAT is what they were most interested in….seems like a “crackdown” is in force i.a.w. new laws…..happy to say that I was treated with respect, courtesy and good humour…..

  8. Thanks all, got some details of a few places to try (will be emailing Angie as well to add that to the list).

    One thing though, my PC produced a virus warning (I use Avast anti-virus) when trying to go to that auxilium pt website – warning of an attempt to download a trojan onto my system.

  9. Hi Martin

    I will let my contact know about the problem with the warning, but I can reassure you that the recommendation is from a very reliable source.

    Hope you get on OK.



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