Portuguese tourism grows against forecasts. Illegal gambling on Madeira. TAP increases Gatwick flights.

Portuguese Tourism growth surprise

Some good news from Portugal News Online a couple of days ago:  The worst fears in the recession have proven unfounded and favourite holiday destinations across Portugal have all reported strong performances this year, and in some cases, occupancy levels have climbed by as much as ten per cent. ............  ...read more

Fires above Monte, Funchal – Friday 16th August

The fire that broke out in the early hours of the morning (Friday) above the village of Monte became stronger towards lunchtime as intense heat and the wind made the flames spread (photo above courtesy of the Diario). Certainly it looked a serious incident when viewed from the Rapida early this ............  ...read more

Weather warning, new hotel, Pilot and Sperm whales, 35 hour week, latest blog stats

Weather warning

IPMA (Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere) have issued a warning for the south coast of Madeira and Porto Santo (already under a yellow warning) for high temperatures lasting from tomorrow (Saturday) until Monday

New hotel given go-ahead

The five-star resort hotel planned for Portinho beach, east of Caniço de Baixa, ............  ...read more

Lido partly re-opens. Britain can leave EU? Madeira tax free zone limits increased. EU “LGBT” research funding. Road casualties.

Western end of Lido re-opens

Part of the famous old Lido in the main tourist zone of Funchal, which was badly damaged by the storms of 2010, has been re-opened. The 3,000 square metres are located in west side of the complex, extending to the quay-side at Praia do Gavinas. Altogether, €271,875 were spent on the project by the ............  ...read more

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