Wheat Harvest, Dolce Vita promo, new body aids Machico, Gastronomy Festival, Wine Rally, Bank cut-backs.

Vincent recalled yesterday the tradition of harvesting wheat.

São Vicente wheat harvest custom revived

Last weekend the “Associação de Investigação e Divulgação de Fornos de Cal” promoted a traditional harvest of wheat in São Vicente, in one of the few areas of land devoted to this crop on the island. Joel Freitas, principal promoter of the initiative, explained that the work of the ............  ...read more

Porto Santo 3 million passengers, Germany declines more Greek write-offs, food seized, Desertas Swim Challenge.

The current Porto Santo ferry, the second Lobo Marinho, inaugurated May 31 2003, has just passed the three million passenger mark over its ten years of operation. Up to May 28 this year, the ferry had carried 3,110,954 passengers between Madeira and Porto Santo – over 3,262 trips.The best ............  ...read more

Porto Santo hotel inaugurated, Funchal Port numbers, July events


Porto Santo hotel project finally opens

Pestana Group yesterday inaugurated another hotel on Porto Santo. According to Alberto João Jardim, attending the occasion, said that the opening of the new Pestana Colombos should be considered a "miracle", after the project was stalled in 2009 due to financial difficulties of the previous ............  ...read more

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