New iPhone App for Madeira. New road between Lido and Forum nears completion


The developers of the “WalkMe” app for levada walkers have been in touch. They have just released a new iphone app: “GuideMe | Madeira Island Guide”

The publicity claims that the guide is perfect for those who visit Madeira Island, especially the city of Funchal. “Many points of interest can be found in this app, such as restaurants, hotels, gardens, monuments, and other places. This app also provides a set of self guided routes through the main points of the city”.


– Self-Guided tours with the best itineraries
– Tips by the locals (that’s us)
– GPS to help you find the place you want
– Prices, schedules, directions, etc
– Main activities and events on Madeira
– 100+ points of interest
– 200+ photos
Cleverly, all information is stored in the app, so everything is available offline – therefore no expensive no data roaming charges! At first impressions the app is pretty slick, and certainly will prove useful to most tourists, particularly first time visitors. The coverage of different attractions seems comprehensive. I like the list/route/map options for the half-dozen or so suggested tours. Be careful – your iPhone will try and turn on “Location Services” when using maps, but this is really not necessary.


The authors have kindly offered blog readers free promotional codes – so the first five to get in touch with me at the address at the bottom of the blog can download the app free!

New road between Lido and Forum nears completion

The new one-way system between the Lido (from outside what was the Monumental Lido hotel), and the edge of Ajuda  are nearing completion. Hopefully no more trees will be lost when they break through. The first photos were taken a couple of months ago

new road towrds lidonew road towards lido3

new road June 9.6.13

Whilst this is only a week or so ago (the building is the back of the Pestana Promenade – I can’t imagine that they will be happy to have half the traffic currently on the top road going past their doorstep, but it does make sense. The plans are shown on the archived blog of 22 March this year. A rather pathetic “crazy golf” course has sprung up in the gardens below – another waste of municipal money!








Finally, another great photo from Jon Parsons to match the one below:


“Beatles Boat” as of Wednesday morning (19th June):

2013-06-19 10 42 56 (2)

21 thoughts on “New iPhone App for Madeira. New road between Lido and Forum nears completion”

  1. “A rather pathetic “crazy golf” course has sprung up in the gardens below – another waste of municipal money!”

    Now where do you get the idea that Municipal Money is ever wasted in Funchal??? ROFLMAO

  2. Maurice – this project was a much vaunted initiative on the part of the city – instead you have a couple of dozen lumps of plastic/rubber that won’t last more than a few weeks. These have been thoughtfully located on what were walkways through the gardens. Almost a miniature version of Palheiro golf!

    Tracie – you should have your promo code for the app by now. Would be interesting to have some feedback if you get a chance?

  3. Thanks for the app, it is very well designed and easy to use, I like the brief history on each page.

    We have been going for so long we are guilty of just going to our favorite places and I thought we knew Funchal inside out but it seems we have missed a few places

    Fair play to whoever did the responsive design on the pictures they are fabulous (could he give me a hint on the sizes for my sites?)

    The only suggestion I would make would to be to add a page for kids as a lot of people still think there is nothing to do if you take kids to Madeira, santa maria, electricity museum, etc etc

    It is very impressive and I will be sharing it on facebook, you should get sata and the tourist agencies to add a link to all the booking forms!

  4. The “WalkMe” app is alive and well on our androids/tablets etc. and is set to become the standard introduction levada walk bearer to all of our guests with suitable devices …..brilliant work, photos, directions and essential advice, especially the New safety feature – SOS:
    – Sending SMS with your location (GPS coordinates)
    – Direct calling to emergency numbers (112 or Civil Protection)
    With many thanks to the developers = good for you, good for visitors, good for Madeira, well done!

    Currently “learning” the new “GuideMe” app – seems equally brilliant and a bargain at Euro 2.49!

  5. Just added a photo above of the (alleged) “Beatles Boat” (see comments on previous blogs) as of yesterday morning, courtesy of Jon Parsons, who appears to have become our resident photographer of late – thank you Jon. Looks like a permanent move is imminent as the diggers were reported to be active.

    Afraid the free apps have all gone – the reviews seem favourable and nobody has reported any gremlins. And from my point of view they are a professional organisation to deal with.

  6. the Vagrant has been repaired and floated off to clear the space it was illegally occupying, although it seems to still have a leak or two, as it was supported by cables. Its future is with the courts, who have to decide between the owner and the creditors.

  7. Totally off-piste but does anyone know what’s going on at the moment on the non hotel-end beach at Calheta. It’s on the netmadeira webcam.
    Looks like some kind of concert set up ?

  8. Steve its a big party club weekend in Calheta this weekend, and ties in with São João which is Monday. The eve of São João on Sunday night sees many beach parties over the island then the traditional midnight swim. It is also a Super Moon Sunday night so I pray for a clear sky.

  9. As of late yesterday afternoon the “Beatles Boat” was in position as per the photo above. Yesterdays Diario reported that she will initially be taken to the port of Caniçal. They quoted a representative of the Madeiran Government stating that the ‘Vagrant’ continues to be the property of the entrepreneur John Bartholomew Faria, despite him registering heavy debts, particularly with APRAM (the Port Authority). “Only then will we study the possibility of sinking the boat in order to create an artificial reef”, said the same source.

  10. Mick it is worth buying the app for the information alone but the map on it is brilliant, I have not used it in Madeira yet but it says turn on location services so it has some sort of gps on it and is very easy to read

    For people like me who have been going for years it tells me the names of the roads instead of turn left after the cathedral or it is behind the English chemist, I might finally know where I am!

  11. I am puzzled to how I buy this ap – apologies if I have just missed the link to buy it on here – am off to Madeira Monday and would love to give this a go.

    Many thanks.


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