Boats and planes….., flying boats, IMF considers Troika review of Portugal, World Travel Awards.

Jon Parsons kindly sent in the following photograph taken a couple of days ago from the terrace at Casa Parsons Not the first great photo that Jon has contributed to the blog – and hopefully not the last!


Aquila Airways and flying boats

Coincidentally, Peter Askew sent me some interesting information a while ago on an airline that used to specialise in flights to Lisbon and Madeira using “flying boats”. These were previously used in flying supply missions during the second world war, as well as taking part in the Berlin airlift. The popular Madeira scheduled flights were operated in the late forties/early fifties. Wikipedia:

Aquila Airways Solent 3, G-AKNU, Sydney taking-off from Funchal.

Peter also sent a fascinating link to a web site detailing various flying boats through postcards sent at the time – the screen-snap below gives you a taste:


the Aviation Postcards website can be found here – and thank you Peter:

IMF considers next tranche of loan to Portugal

The Diario today reports that the board of directors of the International Monetary Fund will discuss the latest evaluation of Portugal by the ‘troika’ (IMF, European Commission and European Central Bank) – the seventh such review. The institution, led by the striking Christine Lagarde, has  a discussion and vote scheduled for today, which should allow, if approved by Washington and Brussels, the disbursement of the eighth ‘tranche’ of the loan to Portugal for a total of two billion euros.

World Travel Awards 2013

The final votes are being cast for "Europe’s leading island destination"   in the "World Travel Awards 2013" , considered the "Oscars of tourism". Madeira competes in the first phase with the Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Malta and Sardinia. Voting runs until the 16th of June The island with most votes will move on to the world stage of the contest: the "World Travel Awards" , taking place between 25 October and 10 November this year. If a few blog readers contributed their vote it might just help………(you have to register an e-mail address to vote).

11 thoughts on “Boats and planes….., flying boats, IMF considers Troika review of Portugal, World Travel Awards.”

  1. Thank You Admin…..I should add that I used a rather large Telephoto lens – the Aircraft don’t fly that close to us, honest!

    Thanks also to Peter for the fascinating link re Flying Boats, good stuff.

    Warmer then! Enjoy……

  2. Concerning Economy Car rentals – watch the insurance side, you will have to pay everything first to the local company and then claim it back from Economy Car Rentals. I had a problem with them once in Madeira when the car had been hit in a parking over night but I had to get a statement from the Police. On another occasion I bumped on son’s car in a parking lot in the UK and because I did not call out the police they would not refund me and I lost £600!

  3. Comprehesive insurance is included in the price with the local hire car company so there shouldnt be anything to pay ! I’ve used this broker to supply cars from Rodavante and Insulacar in Madeira for 5 years without issue..but there again I’ve yet to have an accident !

  4. It is common that there is a very large excess on insurance supplied for hire cars if you have an accident. 600 to 800 euros is quite normal. You can get an annual policy for Europe or worldwide that covers the excess . Mine for Europe is about £60 for the year and it covers as many trips as you make. As we have a hire car about five times a year I feel it is worth it for the peace of mind. insurance4hirecars

  5. I’m referring to ‘economycarhire’ which has received several awards for best car hire company. As I have said all vehicles are covered by comprehensive insurance so there should be no need to pay for any accidents, but read the terms & conditions which can be found on the website. Myself and a colleague who have homes in Madeira have use this broker to supply cars over the last 5 years without issue. I’ve not used ‘economycarrentals’ so am unable to comment on this car hire broker

  6. I agree with you Kevin, Economy Car Hire are very good. No excess and a second driver for free. However there are charges for damage to wheels and glass. I got caught with this on 2 occasions. Once about 30 euros and another 75 euros. Both damage to alloy wheels. From then on we have paid and extra £13 to cover the uninsured items. The last few years Rodavante (Part of the economy panel) have supplied the cars. They know me very well and will usually get me a SEAT or Ford as the Corsa’s are under powered.

  7. avoid `economy car rentals`. They make their money through their comprehensive insurance which the local company will not recognise. You have to take out another policy with the local company and then reclaim from economy car rentals, including a police report (even for a scratch). Economy car rentals is based in Greece and require original documentation about your claim including police report to be posted to them. Just deal direct with Rodavente would be my advice.

  8. Flights from Norwich to Madeira by means of SATA this summer are infrequent and quite expensive.
    That’s a shame
    Anywhere but Gatwick which far too hectic.
    Hope the new owners of Stansted Airport encourage flights to Madeira.
    Perhaps the MEP for Madeira should do some lobbying work on behalf of the Island?


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