Atlantic Festival details. Jazz Festival. Portugal’s amended budget approved. Two dengue cases “imported”.

“Pyromusical” Atlantic Festival; June 7th – 29th

The Atlantic Festival is a populat annual event organized by the Regional Department of Culture, Tourism and Transport which according to their publicity “combines animation and culture”. The festival marks the entry of Madeira into summer time and integrates a diverse set of initiatives which extend throughout the month of June including the Madeira Music Festival, the Regional Arts Week, and the famous “pyromusical” spectacles  where each Saturday night there are shows combining fireworks and music. These take place occur on the jetty outside the Pontinha (Porto do Funchal) at 22h30 on the four consecutive Saturdays of the month and last approximately 20 minutes – 8th (a display by Spain), 15th (China), 22nd and 29th (both by Portuguese companies).

For its part, the Madeira Music Festival takes place during the first half of June and is programmed in varied “genres, styles and repertoires, seeking to captivate all types of audience with the work of national and international performers”.
Regional Arts Week is the responsibility of the Office of Arts Education Coordinator/SREC, and unfolds through a series of events that take place in the central areas of Avenida Arriaga, Space Infoart SRT/DRT in the Auditorium of the Municipal Garden.

The full schedule for the month is replicated below:



Portugal’s amended budget approved

Portugal Daily View reports that the country’s amended budget was approved on Friday at the Cabinet of Ministers meeting, which includes measures to replace those recently suspended by the constitutional court.

Under the new budget, civil servants will go from working a minimum of 35 hours to 40 hours a week. Pensioners and civil servants from the Civil Servants’ Pension Fund will deduct 0.75% more for ADSE this year and holiday subsidies will be paid but not until November. The government says the new budget “looks to minimise its impact on the Portuguese’s disposable income, opting for the structural reduction of expenditure and not by a hike in taxes.”

The government cannot fail to notice that all this effort and caution to avoid an impact on the disposable income of the Portuguese creates new risks to budgetary implementation”, said Portugal’s state secretary for cabinet affairs, Luís Marques Guedes, at the end of a council of ministers meeting where the document was approved. Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho also acknowledged these risks. “It is evident that there are budgetary risks”, he said. “We haven’t got a magic wand or a crystal ball to make the country immune of shocks, be it external or internal”, he said.

Other measures include introducing an extraordinary fiscal credit for companies which invest between €3m and €5m from 1 June to   31 December. These companies will benefit from a reduction of IRC of 25% to 7.5%. The objective is to make the country more competitive and to attract investment, as well as to create employment. The government also wants to go ahead with mutually agreed terminations in the public service.

The amended budget is based on a macroeconomic scene which was the subject of consensus during thec ountry’s seventh assessment. The Portuguese economy is set to contract 2.3% this year, meaning an adjustment of the budget deficit of the previous target of 4.5% of GDP to 5.5%. However the think-tank OECD forecast a deeper recession this week, which could prevent the country reaching its bailout goals.

Dengue update:

Portugal’s general health department said on Tuesday that two new cases of dengue fever had been confirmed on the island of Madeira, but both were imported from Angola and last year’s outbreak was still considered to be controlled.“Since the last update on 7 April, 12 probable cases of dengue had been reported, but only two were confirmed in patients who had arrived on the island from Angola”, the department said.

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  1. I thought the arrangements for the Atlantic festival fireworks had changed and it was no longer taking place at the harbour but had been moved to Santa Catarina park because of the harbour works ?

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  6. This has probably been mentioned on here before, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it…

    There is a live webcam showing the Airport


    Sometimes takes a few seconds to show anything after clicking on the play icon.


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