Dengue update. Azores criticism of Jardim. Pensioners. Britsh School renamed. Flower Festival.

You don’t normally expect much on this subject at this time of year with mosquitos generally being associated with the late summer – typically after the first summer rainfall. Last year certainly followed this pattern with the mosquitos not seriously arriving until July. I therefore paid no heed to the advice given repeatedly in this blog, and one Sunday afternoon a couple of weeks ago I donned my shorts for the first time and headed to a darkish, smelly (food) cafe to watch the second half of a game of football, only to emerge an hour later with half a dozen bites around my ankles. I even saw the little ****** at one point. I won’t forget the DEET again – and it did look like one of the more delicate, dengue-carrying variety……………..

This prompted me to revisit my research from the end of last year the into the  latest progress in the fight against dengue-carrying mosquitos.

Textile technology to deter mosquitos


The Centre for Textile Science and Technology, Universidade do Minho(UMinho) in Braga on mainland Portugal have created a technology to apply in clothing that repels mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever, and diseases caused by bacteria.

In a communiqué last year, UMinho explained that, in practice, the consumer himself will in future be able to add functional silica nanoparticles in the washing machine, enabling the recipient fabric to be more secure, durable (50 to 100 washes) and ecologically safe. The project began in 2007 and "incorporates into silica nanoparticles active products such as microbial and mosquito repellents, which are fixed or are released in a controlled manner into textiles. These active products may be applied by the industry in finishing fabrics or knitwear and also by the wearer of the garments” said Jaime Rocha Gomes, School of Engineering UMinho.

The team at the Center for Textile Science and Technology has successfully conducted “repellency” tests at the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London, and will soon move to field trials, "hoping to prove as effective in the real environment" . Work is also being continued on “improved laboratory efficiency” and resistance to washing.

The incorporation of nanoparticles in dyes for textile colouring earned Jaime Rocha Gomes the BES Innovation Grand Prix in 2011.

Elimination of the mosquito by natural methods?

As Peter Askew has already mentioned in the comments section of a blog a while ago, a pharmaceutical researcher at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra, Angela Pizarro, has gathered scientific information on a set of “power plants” with insecticide and repellent that can help extinguish the mosquito that transmits dengue.

The press agency Lusa reported that as part of the final thesis for graduation in Herbal Medicines Angela Pizarro researched power plants with insecticide and repellent that can be part of product formulations of action insecticide or repellent mosquito vector that transmits the dengue virus. The researcher pointed out that some of these plants are "native to Portugal, as well as Europe," and that could be a help, at a time when "the mosquito is spreading and has become resistant to the methods of elimination".

For Ângela Pizarro, the particularity of these plants is that they possess powerful and aromatic essential oils such as Mentha species, Eucalyptus and Glycirrhiza glabra (licorice), which disrupt the normal transmission of the disease. In this sense, it is not an effective cure but a prevention.

President of the Azores condemns Jardim

Former President of the Regional Government of the Azores, speaking at a recent politcal conference has summarised his 16 year relationship with AJJ, saying it was “more of disappointment than cooperation”. Carlos César said that he did not regret the decisions he had taken to keep the archipelago out of the disastrous deficit seen in Madeira, saying that success was nor measured in “kilometres of tunnels”.

Full interview:

Pensioners cost €285 million in 2012

The Diario reports that the number of pensioners is rising: Social Security data reveals that in December 2011 and  December 2012 the number of pensioners increased in Madeira from 65,972 to 67,260 (over 2%). Historically thee has bee n a 12% rise in the last ten years – in March 2003 there were 59,221 pensioners in the region.

British School name change

“In an amendment to the tradition of over 30 years of teaching that formed in childhood of generations of distinguished families of the region, the country and many foreign countries, combined with the innovation that the times require and the need for new capabilities that globalization of economies imposes” the Escola Britânica da Madeira has renamed itself  the Madeira Multilingual School.







Flower Festival

This years Flower Festival commences tomorrow 9th May

Full program here:

H & M store open 9th May, with 29 new jobs

On a positive note in these gloomy economic times, tomorrow also sees the opening of the first H & M store in Madeira (located at Rua Doutor Brito Câmara in Funchal). To celebrate this opening, the hundred first customers will receive a gift and H & M offer an exclusive discount of 20% on a choice of items to the customers who visit the store that day. The Press Release reads “Situated in the commercial heart of the island, the emblematic Minas Gerais building  underwent a comprehensive reform to offer a shopping experience unique in its 2130m2. Visitors to the store will discover new spaces with collections for all family and youth more fashion, at the best possible price”.

"The stores are our communication channel for excellence and this store is very important. We are very pleased with the result and with our team. Guests will enjoy the H & M shop at this store, situated in a fantastic location, "says Doris Klein, Managing Director of H & M Spain and Portugal. H & M has 0 years of presence in Portugal with 23 outlets on the mainland . There are still a few positions available for Department Manager in the section "Career" in

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  1. “Carlos César said that he did not regret the decisions he had taken to keep the archipelago out of the disastrous deficit seen in Madeira, saying that success was nor measured in “kilometres of tunnels”.”

    Says it all……….

  2. Classic example of advection fog (low cloud = stratus) over the bay this morning, caused by warm moist air moving over the cooler sea. Condensation into water droplets as the air is cooled, coupled with the dew point being close to the air temp, causes the “fog” ….. and as it drifts around the coast it can also “feed” up the valleys, borne by the increasing land temps, becoming convection fog and thickening even further as it, in turn, meets the cooler higher air…..

    And it has caused at least one aero plane to overshoot from finals as it descended into the fog/cloud and lost visual contact with the runway……

    AND the warm moist air of late, also causes ankle nipping bugs to lurk in dank, damp and dark places to feed on exposed flesh —- as Admin has clearly demonstrated!

  3. I have to partially agree with ‘Azores criticism of Jardim’. Far to many tunnels although some of them were essential in order to connect the rest of the island with Funchal.

    Madeira requires a new leader with new ideas – until then we will not see any major changes on the island.

  4. Thought I would try again to make sure because the code has a ö in it which some people might not have on their keyboard. I will enter it as o and not ö

  5. admin, which other (?) “kitchen sales” forum do you mean? And why?

    The “reCAPTCHA” code is frankly too much of an effort for most people —- how many postings lately?

    No Spam for sure (?) but = no postings……do we need a “space” after the first word? Do we not? Any clues…..

  6. Jon The “reCAPTCHA” code is two words and therefore there is a space between the two words. This “reCAPTCHA” code is used on many sites nowadays. I use it very often on other sites. Also you can always use the small letters, no capitals. You have to do a little more effort to use this one. Success to all.

  7. The reCAPTCHA code was “upgraded” to try and stop a spate of “New User Registrations” recently – once registered they can post Comments offering to sell you all those medications that will change your lives (the control panel tells me that at the moment there are 1798 of these messages that didn’t make it into Comments). Having said that, the new reCAPTCHA isn’t doing any better than the old one, so I can go back to the previous system if that makes it any easier Jon. It seems a lot of WordPress blogs have experienced this problem recently, with a lot of the “attacks” coming from .ru e-mail addresses. You wonder why these people waste their time.

    Interestingly “reCAPTCHA” is based on software used to digitise books – and specifically uses words that OCR scanning software doesn’t recognise. The successful “guesses” that everybody makes are fed back into the system helping improve the performance of the OCR software.

    Full story:

  8. I’ve been told by a couple of different people over the last few days about a group of 10 or 11 people (apparently from Camra do Lobos, but no real proof of that from what I can see) that have been bursting into peoples houses in the Gaula area in order to ransack the place and steal anything they can get, not caring if the owners are at home or not.

    One person we know who also lives in Gaula has said that 3 houses behind where they live were hit just a few days back, with one of the owners being badly beaten up in the process.

    Apparently this has been mentioned in the news recently, though I’ve not seen/read anything about it.

    Has anyone else heard anything about this?

  9. Thanks Admin = not so worried about ease of use for myself, rather that any interface that can appear somewhat protracted etc. MAY put some people off making quick contributions and/or not posting at all …. dunno, just my thoughts towards easing bona fide access to the blog…..especially if the new system is having little or no effect.

    Thank You MartinPN, nothing heard in our locale……but will check with neighbours etc……maybe upper Gaula? ’tis a large sprawling village = whilst we’ve got a good dog and good security, plus well lit surrounds and very vigilant neighbours, we are not complacent and will take extra precautions, THANK YOU.

  10. I use a forum for my football team Gillingham which has also adopted the Captcha entry system having been the victim of extensive web attacks.
    It is simple enough not to deter those with something reasonable to say and may discourage those not.
    This site is my first and only port of call to keep up to date with Madeira and I thank the administrators and contributors for that


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