Porto Santo ferry cancelled due to weather. Sa closures. Madeiran born criketer to make Test debut for Australia.

Due to the warning issued by the Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA) and the Captaincy of the Port of Funchal on the strong sea waves, Porto Santo Line cancelled tonight’s sailing (Friday).

The bad sea conditions make it difficult to manoeuvre berthing in Porto de Abrigo on Porto Santo and thus, "there are not the conditions for the trip to take place," explained Sergio Goncalves, director general of Porto Santo Line.

The official also said that passengers affected by the cancellation are automatically transferred to the trip on Saturday, or another date that is convenient for them.

On the 19.00 sailing to Porto Santo, the Lobo Marinho should have carried 146 passengers and return to Funchal, scheduled for 22.30, 46 passengers were expected.

Sá closures

The latest Sa closures this week are apparently due to a blackout  caused by Electricidade da Madeira cutting off supplies to the company according to Diario. This seems to have been coming for some while, and those stores that have remained open have made very sad spectacles. Rumours abound of a take-over by Continente, or even Lidl or the likes. Hopefully whatever happens will result in more competition and choice

Madeira-born cricketer to make Test debut for Australia

What odds would you have got for this happening!

Moises Henriques has been given free rein to bat in his natural aggressive style when he becomes Australia’s 432nd Test cricketer today (Friday) in Chennai. Henriques won the battle for the all-rounder’s position for the first Test against India today (Friday). Australia’s selectors are hoping he can have the same effect on the dry pitch at the MA Chidambaram Stadium that he did at the Guru Nanak Ground for the tour matches, where he found reverse swing and hit the right lengths better than any of his fellow pace bowlers. Henriques, 26, collected 4 for 12 in the first game, including two of the top four batsmen.

Moises Henriques bowls during practice, Brisbane, January 17, 2013Henriques will have to use his team-mates as his support network in preparation for his debut, for his late inclusion meant it was too late for his family to fly over to watch him play. His parents Alvaro and Anabela, both from Portugal, moved to Australia when Portuguese-born Moises was one and a half, and he said his father had embraced the sport."My dad is all of a sudden a professional on cricket," he said. "Mum just likes it because I like it. But Dad is always trying to give me advice."

Against India A in the second tour he scored 33 from 41 balls including three sixes, an innings that followed the aggressive approach the Australians intend to use against India’s spinners. His efforts impressed the coach Mickey Arthur, who told Henriques of his impending baggy green on Tuesday night. Full story:


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  1. Its mostly the restaurants within Sã, under the brand ‘Severa’, that have closed. Just two actual shop closures so far this week, with certainly more to follow. If I remember correctly Sã owes around 2m€ for unpaid electricity. Luckily all the freezers and fridges are already practically empty!!!

  2. from Dnoticias Dengue mosquitoes develop resistance to repellents

    Mosquitoes tolerate conventional repellents after being exposed to them for the first time, a study conducted by researchers from the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in London.

    The research – conducted with the species ‘Aedes aegypti’, which transmits dengue and yellow fever – mosquitoes reveals that ignore the substance called DEET, the most common ingredient in repellents, after being in contact with her since.

    The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.

    The chemical interferes with the sensory receptors of those insects by inhibiting the desire to poke and to study the resistance of mosquitoes to the substance the researchers installed electrodes in the antennae of mosquitoes.

    “We monitor the response of receptors that mosquitoes have realized that the antenna and lose sensitivity to the substance,” he told BBC James Logan, an author of the study, quoted by Spanish news agency EFE.

    The scientist noted that “mosquitoes are evolving very quickly,” noting: “The better we understand how repellents work, the more we are able to solve the problem of resistance.”

    Experts recommend more studies to find alternatives to DEET, but argue that however should continue to use repellents with the compound, especially in areas at risk of these diseases.

    A report by the World Health Organization (WHO) released in January states that dengue is the only autonomous tropical disease that has expanded in the last decade and that has the potential to become a global epidemic.

    Over the past 50 years the incidence of the disease multiplied by 30 and is contracted dengue for 50 to 100 million people per year, and that 500,000 of them suffer from the more serious version, known as hemorrhagic, according to WHO.

    The mosquito ‘Aedes aegypti’ was detected in Madeira in 2005, but only appeared in October 2012 the first cases of dengue fever, a situation that, according to the latest data from the Directorate General of Health, has affected about two thousand people .

  3. Hello people, I ask this for somebody I know. He is comming to Madeira and spent his first week on levada walking. The second week he wants to drive around. Does anybody know a good car rental with resonable prices? Please let me know. Thanks already.

  4. Hi just wondering if anyone knows why the webcams of madeira are stuck at 4am 20/2 ,as a regular visitor from the , grey and cold island of ireland it is good to see the sunny pics of Madeira to cheer us up -we miss them,cant see anywhere to contact on the website ,love this blog Cheers

  5. Thanks for the thumbs-up Marian!

    Anneke/Viv – I have exchanged e-mail addresses.

    Re car hire I used to find http://www.economycarhire.com to be the best – although to get the best prices you need to book on-line and well in advance. They normally use Rodavente on Madeira – one of the more reputable outfits. Somebody was telling me recently that they are also quite good on “terms” as well – insurance, second drivers etc.

  6. I Agree with Admin re car hire. We have used Economycarhire ( booked in UK) for several years now when we come over to Madeira. The cars have come from Rodavente. We have always been pleased with the service and price.

  7. I can vouch for economycarhire too. I think they use a new supplier now though, it used to be Rodavante but the last couple of times it’s been Insularcar. You’re met by a representative in the arrivals hall, you sign the paperwork, the rep goes out to get the car and brings it to you. When you return the car, you just drive up to departures level at the agreed time and the rep is waiting for you, so dropping the car back is easier than ever. You head straight to check-in from there.

    Marian, I think sometimes the webcams get stuck after bad weather/atmospherics and sometimes it takes a while for them to be sorted. They don’t realise that some of us need our “fix” every day!

  8. from dnoticias 40 ‘land maniacs’ participate in tree planting
    Initiative is the responsibility of the Regional Directorate of Forestry

    A group titled ‘Land Manic’ adepts of Land Rover, was this morning near the Miradouro do Terreiro Fecho closing in an action promoted by the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, through the Regional Directorate of Forestry and Nature Conservation.

    According to Rocha da Silva, attended by about 40 people, adults and children, have been planted about a hundred indigenous trees from the uveira heather, beech and laurel.

    Besides the planting was also performed a cleaning zone.

    The initiative is part of a campaign volunteer who aims to move more than 300 people, called ‘… to retrieve the Forest of Madeira.

    The regional director of Forests emphasized that these activities have been held in previous years with some groups. However, this year is expected to have a greater reach.

    “The idea is to provide space for people to enjoy the nature,” he said, noting that they are often the very people who express the wish to participate in these initiatives. “We also have to respond by creating a space that these initiatives take place,” he said.

    Moreover, added Rocha da Silva, is a way to engage people in environmental causes, also launching the seed in newer.

    Rocha da Silva points out that besides the plantation itself, there is a tendency for people to return to the site to monitor the growth of people, and may thereby contribute to its preservation.

    “The great asset of these initiatives is, at bottom, gain adherents to this cause that is the preservation of spaces naturias and also give opportunity to people who are interested in environmental issues to participate in them,” said Regional Director of Forestry.

  9. Some time ago, in a comment on this blog, it was reported that Amazon had recently been using as a general agent for deliveries to Portugal a company that only operates on the mainland, and that books ordered from them had therefore ended up in some who-knows-where limbo.

    Before ordering anything, I wanted to check, and sent them an e-mail asking if the issue had been taken care of. Just received the answer:

    “I can confirm that the deliveries to your destination has not been affected.
    Amazon.co.uk does not comment about rumours or speculative news reports. I can’t provide any additional information on this issue. ”

    So, the guy at the other end (1) denies that a problem ever existed (2) refuses to comment (3) doesn’t know. Afraid that leaves me somewhat less than fully convinced. Anyone with actual, recent Amazon Madeira delivery experience out there?

  10. I have used Amazon many times and never had a problem, everything comes very fast normally within 7 working days. Don’t forget if you order direct from Amazon, not the market place, you get free delivery on orders over 25 pounds.


  11. I have found that if a complaint or comment is posted and shared on Facebook about a supplier then within hours a resolution is offered.
    Firms such as easyjet, Monarch, Amazon and chinese internet traders do NOT like their dirty washing aired in public.
    Quicker than trading standards or your MP or even MEP.

  12. MRW
    I wrote on the blog in November after 3 consignments were returned to the suppliers as undeliverable. The problem was that Amazon we’re using a Spanish company called MRW for deliveries throughout Spain and Portugal.
    The problem being that MRW did not deliver to the Islands. Numerous e mails and telephone calls did not resolve the issue as our Indian friends did not understand the geography of Portugal. The consignments were varied, a vacuum cleaner, CD , and earphones. I overcame the problem with the cleaner by paying a premium for delivery of the cleaner which came via DHL.
    Have avoided using Amazon since until I am satisfied they have overcome the MRW
    problem and sorted out their customer service department.
    The problem on the Amazon website was when they asked for the country the only option was Portugal, MRW were then automatically allocated the delivery.

  13. I’ve ordered a few things just before Christmas, and they were all delivered here fine. The only thing I do is make sure that I only order from amazon themselves and not any of the others selling through amazon. I’ve found in the past (even on orders in the UK) that getting stuff from the other sellers often leads to delivery problems.

  14. Ordering though amazon co uk does not always mean that it is actually amazon who are supplying the item. Each item should say on it who the actual seller is.

    Last orders I did were in Nov and Dec last year, both arrived with no problems.

  15. I have to agree with all the other comments re-Amazon. We have never had a problem with delivery to Madeira and have ordered from Amazon.uk, Amazon.de and Amazon.com. However we have never ordered anything larger than a few books.

  16. Thanks everyone for clarifying the Amazon issue! I, too, have ordered from Amazon many times, ever since the nineties – but just books, that always arrived when expected, by regular parcel post. Guess I’ll continue to do so, but stay away from stuff like Richard’s – I was rather sorry (and worried) to hear about his problems.

  17. Can anyone recommend a place to get some minor body work repairs on a car done. No actual panel beating needed, just some scratches to get repainted (I though about doing it myself, but would probably not get the colour right and most likely end up making it worse!)

    Preferably in the Gaula area.

  18. MartinPN we have two super chaps in Gaula who are great at body work repairs….always seems busy!

    Please e-mail us (via our “contact” page) for details on:


    . for dot

  19. I have used José in Arco Calheta – most of you know Teva – he is her husband an honest worker does excellent work will even come and pick up your car and return it. He charges 80€ per item to be repainted.

  20. Hi Jon, thanks for the help – I’ve used the reservation form on your site to send my email, hope that’s OK.

    Thanks also Sue, I’ll keep him in mind, though I guess Gaula might be a bit out of his way.

  21. Yep, fine MartinP – just sent you an e-mail….hope that you can follow the directions!?! Good Luck! If any one else is interested we can post the direction info on the blog…….provided MartinP finds it/them O.K……(‘;’)

  22. Found the place Jon described – they took the car in right away, and said it would take 2 hours. When I went back, all was done and looked great – cost was just €20

    Bit of a language barrier, the guys there don’t speak English and my Portuguese is practically non-existent (despite a lot of trying) but we got it figured out.

    I’ve now got their phone number if anyone else needs it.

    It’s the little local business like this that I do feel people should try and make more use of if possible. They must rely on word-of-mouth for their customers, they are a bit off the beaten track, and if you didn’t know where they were and what they did, you would simply never realise it even if you did happen to go past the place – there is nothing really from the outside that gives much of a clue as to their existance.

  23. from dnoticias Madeira under yellow alert from the afternoon of Friday due to rain
    On Sunday the wind will generally be moderate to strong, strong to very strong in the highlands, provides the Meteorological Observatory

    The Autonomous Region of Madeira will be from the afternoon of Friday under yellow alert, the second most severe on a scale of four, due to weather periods of rain at times strong, DAILY has learned from the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal.

    The warning runs from 15 hours to Friday, day 1, and at 3 am on Saturday, April 2, for the regions of North and South coasts and mountainous regions of Madeira and Porto Santo.

    “Coupled with the passage of a frontal system provides up to 1 March (Friday), the occurrence of periods of rain from early morning, becoming stronger from the middle of the afternoon. From the end of the day it is expected an easing of the weather situation through the showery regime, “said the Director of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal, heard by DAILY.

    On day 3 (Sunday) from mid-morning, is expected to occur during the rainy, associated with a frontal system active, becoming stronger from the afternoon. “The wind is generally moderate to strong, making it strong to very strong in the highlands from the late morning,” notes Victor Prior.

    Periods of rain and showers will diminish in intensity only from day 7. This will be accompanied by strong swell from the west / southwest from day 4.

  24. from dnoticias Forty merchants deliver petition due to works in Funchal
    President of CMF study promises reduced fees and intervene with the Government

    The constraints resulting from work in downtown Funchal led a group of 40 marketers to deliver a petition this morning at the public meeting of the City Council of Funchal.

    In the document calling for a reduction of fees (IMI, advertising, etc..), The construction of a pedestrian bridge between the Street January 31 and October 5 th Street and an intervention from the Government to alleviate the consequences of such interventions.

    At the end of the meeting, the mayor, Miguel Albuquerque, promised to study the issue of fees and contact the Madeira executive to convey the concerns of entrepreneurs and request any financial compensation. To create alternatives to transit the area affected, the Board decided that the Coopers Street will again be open to traffic.

    The mayor expressed understanding for the difficulties of traders: “Entrepreneurs are very concerned and House also with the impact of these works in their business activities, particularly at the confluence of the public itself. You need to remember that the Board of Funchal and I personally, from the beginning, my position was very clear in the sense of these works are executed in order to alleviate the devastating effects they can have on business activity in the city center.’s not just the issue of restricting the use of public space, has to do also with the noise, dust and a set of factors that can lead to decline and the total closure of these companies. ”

    At today’s meeting, the Board approved the opening of a tender exploration of nine stores / stands in Market Penteada, whose previous contracts had expired.

  25. from dnoticias PS Line cancels travel Lobo Marinho
    Yellow warning leads to cancellation of travel tomorrow

    “The Porto Santo Line reports that, unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, travel Lobo Marinho scheduled for tomorrow, March 1, 2013 Funchal / Porto Santo to 19 hours and Porto Santo / Funchal at 22.30 – will be canceled.” The information was given just under half an hour on the Facebook page of the company’s inter-island shipping.

    “This situation is due to yellow alert issued by the Civil Protection and the particulars of the Captaincy of Funchal on the prediction of a strong sea waves” it added.

    “The tickets for that date will be automatically changed to the next trip (in accordance with the Contract of Carriage of Passengers by Sea) that are planned for Saturday, 2nd March: Funchal / Porto Santo Porto Santo and at 08:00 / 18:00 Funchal , “the company adds.

    “For more information contact the Porto Santo Line – Contact Center: 291210300, 2. ª a 6. Th, 9am to 12h30 and from 14h30 to 18h. Sorry for the inconvenience caused,” the statement concludes.

  26. from dnoticias Seven islands of the Azores under yellow warning because of thunderstorms

    The Institute of Marine and Atmospheric today issued a yellow warning because of the forecast for thunderstorms seven islands of the Azores, in the Eastern and Central groups.

    Thus, San Miguel, Santa Maria, Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico and Faial are under yellow alert, the second least severe of a range of four, until 2:59 a.m. the next morning.

    According to a statement from the Regional Service of Civil Protection and Fire Azores, the forecast is “lightning / electrical discharges frequent and dispersed”, therefore it is recommended that “the usual precautions are taken in such situations.”

  27. from dnoticias Madeira under yellow caution due to rain, strong wind and rough seas

    The archipelago is today under yellow alert, the third worst on a scale of four, due to forecasts of sea waves and strong wind and rain, announced the Portuguese Institute for Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA).

    According to information available on the website of IPMA, on the island of Madeira are planned periods of strong rain sometimes until 2:59 a.m. Saturday, becoming stronger between 9 am and Sunday 7:59 a.m. Monday.

    Also on the island of Madeira and between 9 am Sunday and 7:59 a.m. on Monday is expected to wind gusts of around 90 kilometers per hour.

    Between 18 pm Sunday and 7:59 a.m. on Monday are scheduled waves southwest between four and five meters.

    The Captaincy of the Port of Funchal issued, based on forecasts of IPMA, a warning of “poor visibility” to the seas from Madeira from 18 pm today.

    The Porto Santo Line (PSL) has canceled the voyages of ‘Lobo Marinho’, the ship that ensures maritime links between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, scheduled for today due to bad weather conditions expected for the archipelago.

    For the island of Porto Santo, the IPMA provides periods of rain at times strong, until 2:59 a.m. Saturday, becoming stronger between 9 am and Sunday 7:29 a.m. Monday.

    The predictions of the IPMA as strong winds and rough seas on the island of Porto Santo are the same as on the island of Madeira.

  28. from dnoticias Decreed orange alert for Sunday
    Between 9 am and midnight due to the forecast of rain or heavy showers accompanied by thunderstorms.

    The Portuguese Institute for Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA) has placed the wood in orange warning for next Sunday.

    The prediction of much rainfall, with periods of rain or showers accompanied by thunder and strong, put the island of Madeira in ‘orange alert’ between 9 am and midnight. The wind will also blow with intensity.

    Already, as of 15 hours and until three in the morning, will run the yellow warning due to weather periods of rain at times strong.

  29. from dnoticias Puppet Theater Forum Madeira

    The Forum Madeira, in partnership with the Group of Puppets Watercolor, sessions will promote puppet theater, downtown. The first piece is called ‘The Dread Dracula’ and begins a haunted castle! An evil scientist and his assistant create a new invention for world domination and spread evil: a Dracula! This show runs from tomorrow, March 9, at 12pm. In the midst of many good laughs and adventures children will spend a fun moment. This piece is a puppet adaptation of the work of writer Cynthia Palmeira.

    This initiative arises from the need to provide for free to their visitors, families, and schools moments of culture and fun. Thus, the Forum Madeira offers in partnership with the Watercolor Group shows with different stories, and interesting, all the first weekend of each month. Children and adults will not want to miss this lively cultural moments.

  30. Microsoft Support – scam warning.

    There is a scam that has been doing the rounds for a year or so know where you get a phone call from someone claiming to be ‘microsoft support’ or somthing similar, and that they have detected viruses on your PC. They convince people to let them get remote access to their PC (usually by telling them to go to a specific website and download some remote desktop software) and proceed to take over the PC.

    They then ask for credit card details to make payment for their services to clean your PC.

    It seems this scam has now reached Maderia – over the last few days I have now heard of 2 people who have had these calls. Oddly enough, the calls are always in English and not Portuguese – guess the scammers (which are usually calling from India, though will try and disguise their location) haven’t learnt the language yet.

    If you google for ‘Microsoft tech support scam’ you should find plenty of links describing what happens. They are after your financial details and any other personal info they can get. In some cases they also install virus/spyware on your PC to try and collect more details like usernames and passwords etc.

    If you do get any call like this, then never give them any information and never go to any site they ask you to, or click on anything they say etc.

    Seeing reports of this from the outside, you tend to think ‘how could anyone fall for this?’ but these people can be very convincing.

    Please pass this warning on to anyone you know, the more people that are away of this the less chance there is of someone else falling prey to it.

  31. from dnoticias Civil Protection Madeira alert for adverse weather Sunday

    The Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira made ​​some recommendations in the face of adverse weather conditions that are planned for Sunday, March 3, associated with an active frontal system from the early morning until the evening of March 4 with the occurrence of periods of moderate to heavy rain, particularly on the island of Madeira.
    For the same period is expected to wind very strong especially in the highlands of the island of Madeira. The significant wave height will vary between 4 and 5 m, from the evening of day 3.
    Besides the Wind Warning for Orange the Portuguese Institute of Sea and Atmosphere maintains Notice Orange to Yellow to shake Maritime Precipitation, by the Civil Protection Wood recommends the general population: are avoided and auto routes on foot, especially in mountainous areas and slopes exposed, that motor traffic to proceed with the utmost caution, prestand special attention to warnings and recommendations of the authorities ; who have special care in movement and self apeadas along the coastline.

    The Regional Civil Protection Service of Madeira also draws attention to aa measures of self-protection for heavy rain and strong wind:

    – Be aware of warnings and recommendations of the authorities, keeping you informed of developments.
    – In case of flooding inside your home by excessive rain, contact the local Fire Department and / or the Municipal Service Protection Civil its municipality.
    – When driving in these conditions, reduce speed, driving with caution due to possible traffic congestion. Pay attention to ground water
    that can form, do not drive or park in areas prone to flooding.
    – Note the clearing systems of water drainage and cleaning of aggregates that can be dragged.
    – Please note that the roads may be cut or conditioned transit.

    – Close doors and windows and remove loose objects that are on balconies and windowsills.
    – Whenever possible, avoid travel to areas affected by this type desituação weather.
    – Do not ride in areas with degraded buildings, due to the risk of landslides.
    – Watch the assembled structures (scaffolding, tarps, tents, roofs), quepoderão be affected by gusts of strong wind, and a possible
    falling trees.

  32. Bad weather ‘orange’ Sunday through Tuesday in Madeira

    Heavy rain accompanied by thunder, strong winds gusting up to 120 km / h and waving Alterosa which could reach 6 feet tall, weather forecasts are laying the wood on yellow alert at 9 o’clock tomorrow, Sunday, until 8’s morning of next Tuesday.

    But let’s parties. According to the latest forecast of the Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA) to Madeira, rainfall is the first factor to put the weather Wood ‘orange’. Between 9 am and midnight on Sunday, the warning occurs due to the forecast of p eriodos passing of heavy rain accompanied the heavy showers and thunderstorms.

    Besides the heavy rain in the mountainous regions of Madeira also the wind should blow very strong from the southwest, with gusts of around 120 km / h. Weather condition that will extend the quota raised the warning orange until midnight Monday.

    Also between noon on Monday and even Tuesday morning, bad weather extends into the sea, with strong sea waves, including the south coast, with waves of southwestern 5-6 meters, which also affect the Porto Santo.

  33. from dnoticias Warning red due to the forecast of heavy rain accompanied by thunder

    The Portuguese Institute for Ocean and Atmosphere just now updated weather forecasts for the Madeira Archipelago. Tomorrow, Sunday, between 12 and 18 hours increased the alert level to red, the most severe on a scale of four, due to the forecast of heavy rain accompanied by thunder sometimes.

    The warning for precipitation remains yellow between 9 and 12 noon and between 18 and 21 hours of Sunday. The IPMA puts the region under yellow warning regarding the wind between 9 and 23 pm on Sunday and the 12 hours between Monday and 3 hours of Tuesday.


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