Missing walker turns up. Cyprus Euro problems & money laundering. New TAP web site. Hitler – new book.

Search for missing tourist called off

Over the weekend a search and rescue operation by firefighters for a missing tourist on the path between Babosas and Curral dos Romeiros was suspended just after the Civil Protection were informed that the foreign citizen had returned to the hotel where she was staying in Funchal. The alarm had been raised by a fellow tourist who ended up losing track of the woman in the final stretch of that pedestrian route through the mountains of Funchal. Apparently the “missing” tourist – even though my understanding is that it is fairly “easy” walking around there – had no mobile phone with them.

Curral das Romeiros

Curral das Romeiros by H.Veijola

Eurozone problems to continue? Money laundering in Cyprus.


The German newspaper Der Speigel has reported (in bold) a problem in the last few weeks that we might be hearing a lot more of in the next few months – apparently the “Greek problem” has moved away from that country and is now manifesting itself in its near neighbour:

“When euro-zone finance ministers met in Brussels on 22nd January, a welcome guest was missing. Christine Lagarde, 57, the French managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), was unwilling to discuss giving aid money to ailing euro-zone member Cyprus.

As such, it remains to be seen whether the IMF will ultimately participate in a loan program for Cyprus. A number of countries, Germany first and foremost, have said that IMF participation is crucial. The statutes of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM), the euro zone’s €700 billion ($931 billion) permanent backstop fund, stipulate that the IMF must rubber stamp a country’s debt sustainability before any cash can flow.

But this time around, the IMF is hesitating. A member of the troika which is currently negotiating the bailout deal with the Cypriot government, the IMF has an entirely different notion as to how the program should look.

In particular, there are differing points of view over whether the Mediterranean island nation will ever be able to repay its debts. According to current forecasts, the Cypriot debt load will grow to 140 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) by the year 2014. The IMF believes that such a sovereign-debt level is unsustainable over the long term.”

Another issue has also caused an air of mistrust to creep in between the IMF and a number of member states. Germany, Austria, Finland and the Netherlands don’t trust the findings reached by a team of IMF experts last autumn with regard to Cypriot money laundering activities. The experts from Washington came to the conclusion that Cyprus is largely playing by the book and only minor legislative amendments are required.

This doesn’t go far enough for the northern countries in the euro zone. They don’t just want to know whether Cypriot laws meet international standards — they want to find out whether they are actually applied. Schäuble and his counterparts from the other donor countries intend to put forward an initiative to address these concerns at Monday’s Euro Group meeting. They realize that it could take months to answer these questions, but that doesn’t deter them.”


New TAP web site

I prefer TAP to any other airline flying to Madeira, and will travel with them whenever possible, but upon searching recently for a flight I came up with their new web site, which includes the ad below (apologies – “copyright TAP” as the screen snap shows – perhaps they don’t want anybody printing it out and taking it on-board with them?). I guess I have travelled with them 30+ times, and had some “reasonable” meals, more recently replaced by some rather strange sandwiches, but never seen anything like this:


Adolf Hitler novel tops German bestseller chart


Came across this interesting story in the on-line version of the Telegraph a couple of days ago. A satirical novel about Adolf Hitler, set in the present day, has climbed to the top of Germany’s bestseller charts.

Er Ist Wieder Da (“He’s Back”) has sold more than 400,000 copies since its release, keeping it at the top of the Spiegel’s bestseller chart since mid December.

This has been despite, or perhaps because of, a striking front cover framed by Hitler’s trademark side-parting, with the title squashed into the silhouette of his signature moustache. In the novel, author Timur Vermes relates Hitler’s cult of personality to our modern celebrity obsession through 397 pages of pitch-black prose.

The humour is relentlessly dark, revolving to a large extent around Hitler’s interaction with modern innovations.The fuhrer discovers jeans, sets the ringtone on his new smartphone to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, and is disappointed to learn that Hitler89, his preferred email address, has been taken.

More at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/germany/9851159/Adolf-Hitler-novel-tops-German-bestseller-chart.html

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  1. I have been reading in the press about the upcoming Venezuelan currency devaluation (47%) which will take effect from this Wednesday. I know that many Madeirans have family there and many tourists come in to visit the “homeland”. Not so many this year I`m thinking.

  2. from dnoticias Large asteroid can be observed in Portugal with binoculars and telescopes

    The large asteroid that will pass close to Earth on Friday in Portugal can be seen with binoculars for watching birds or with an amateur telescope, reported today the Science Center (LCC) Constance.

    In Portugal, the rocky and metallic body without risk of collision with Earth, the sky and that boils down to a small point of light, despite its generous dimensions, can be observed between 19:40 (Lisbon time) February 15 and 02:00 the following day.

    Nuno Milagaia, pedagogical coordinator of CCV Constance / Park Astronomy, Lusa reported that the asteroid will be brighter and closer to Earth by 19:40 and can be seen, with very dark sky, until dawn with the binoculars ” good opening, “usually used for bird watching, and stuck to a tripod.

    Already early, and since the magnitude of the asteroid increases along its trajectory, the body can only be seen with an amateur telescope, the source said.

    In heaven, the asteroid is distinguished from stars as a small point of light – reflected light of the sun – in motion.

    His passing near Earth starts, by 19:40, the direction of the constellation Virgo, ending, at 02:00, near the North Star.

    According to NASA, the asteroid is 45 feet in diameter and weighs 135 tons, passing close to Earth at a distance of about 28,000 kilometers, one-tenth of the distance between Earth and the Moon

    The U.S. space agency announced on Thursday that it is the largest body ever sensed the pass so close to Earth, but without risk of collision with the “blue planet”.

    Or even, according to the Science Center of Constance, with an area of ​​satellites, given its orbit.

    Called the 2012 DA 14, the asteroid – which is defined as a rocky and metallic body that has a defined orbit around the Sun – was discovered a year ago.

  3. You get those meals if you fly executive class with TAP. I guess a picture of a tiny roll with a box of ham and cheese wouldn’t look as exciting! I’ve been lucky enough to try both… but even with the economy meal downgrade (I mourn the loss of the hot rolls and red plastic cups for coffee!) I would still fly to Madeira with TAP above anyone else.

  4. from dnoticias Carnival celebrations take place today in several Portuguese cities
    In Wood’s point tolerance and Fun Parade

    The Portuguese celebrate Carnival today with parades in various cities and other traditions, a year in which at least 60% of the chambers gave point tolerance to their employees.

    After the government’s announcement in January that this year would not be granted a tolerance point in Carnival, stating that this principle will remain as during the implementation of the Programme of Economic and Financial Assistance to Portugal at least 196 cameras from 308 of the country decided to today the day or half day to the respective employees, according to data obtained by Lusa.

    Also Azorean and Madeiran governments give tolerance.

    In Ovar, where the procession was canceled Sunday due to rain and the camera repaid tickets, today the 25 parade floats made of unusual materials resistant to water and about 2,000 extras who were spared the storm on Sunday.

    The Corsican carnival of Samora Correia, Benavente of the county, also canceled on Sunday because of rain, will leave today ribatejana the street in that city, by 15:30, with 12 floats and hundreds of extras, beyond the involvement of school Sheltered from samba and actor Fernando Ferrao.

    In Loulé, where the theme of this edition is “Entroikados – a great farce” after two days animated by good weather Algarve, again today the 17 parade floats created and lined with about 500 thousand paper flowers, among which “Grasses, The Doctor,” “Little coalition”, “Saving the wagon”, “John Doe, the puppet of Europe” and “Entroikados”, those that do reflect on the national and European policy.

    In Mealhada, remains today the procession set out in the agenda of the festivities, while the Sunday, which could not be held due to bad weather, was postponed until next Sunday, Feb. 17.

    Mellina Torres, model, and Rodrigo Andrade, the ‘Berto’ novel Gabriela, are the kings of the Luso-Brazilian Carnival Mealhada.

    In Estarreja, where the Corsican Sunday was canceled for the same reason, the five samba schools, the eight groups of revelry and group catwalk parade today and next Sunday, with the Queen’s former competitor’s program TVI “House Secrets of the 3 “Ana Gonçalves.

    Also in Cabanas de Viriato, in the county of Carregal Sal, whose Children’s Carnival on Sunday was not fulfilled because of the cold and rain, the organization decided to postpone it to next Sunday, with the tradition of the famous “Dance of the Cus , “dating back to 1865.

    The adults, in turn, will have the opportunity at the sound of waltz and aligned in two rows, now go dancing in the streets of the village, banging on the rear side of the neighbors when there is a change of pace.

    In the islands, Funchal receives today the Carnival parade and marginal Trapalhão Ponta Delgada becomes a battlefield with a combat water known as the Battle of the Limes, which are used in plastic bags with water or files, in small containers paraffin produced by hand to fill with water.

  5. from Dnoticias 28 cases of dengue fever since the beginning of the year
    Since the beginning of the outbreak, October 3, 2012, 2164 cases were reported virus

    According to the information conveyed in the late afternoon yesterday by the Directorate General of Health (DGS) since the beginning of the outbreak, October 3, 2012, were reported in 2164 cases of dengue fever in Madeira, from hospital records and primary health care.

    In addition, other cases were reported, including 11 in Portugal and 67 in twelve European countries, all in travelers returning from that island.

    The weekly monitoring of dengue virus infection in Madeira Island shows since mid-November that the number of new cases has declined. From the beginning of the year until the 3rd February are recorded 28 cases of dengue virus infection.

    The DGS maintains however the recommendations for personal protection by preventing mosquito bites.

    The next information on the outbreak of dengue virus in Madeira must be issued by the DGS in the first week of March

  6. Hope the rescue services make the lost tourist pay for their time. So many people go it alone or without mobiles , usualy against advice, they all seem to leave their brains at the airport – why would you walk into sometimes remote areas in an Island you do not know, and not take phones, food and not stay with the group – begers belief… (my rant for the day)

  7. from dnoticias Madeira has the highest unemployment rate in the country in the 4th quarter of 2012

    The Madeira is the region with the estimated unemployment rate for the 4th quarter higher. According to the INE, in Madeira estimated the unemployment rate in the 4th quarter of 2012 reached 19.7%. The Algarve has the same rate as Madeira and the national estimate amounts to 16.9%.

    The Region closes 2012 with the unemployment rate at 17.5%. Worst case scenario, one in Lisbon and the Algarve with 17.6% and 17.9% of ‘active’ unemployed at the end of 2012, respectively. Nationally the average annual unemployment rate is now 15.7%.

  8. from dnoticias Madeira weather radar operational in the fall of 2014

    The weather radar Madeira estimated investment of 2.2 million euros to install on the island of Porto Santo, expected to be operational in autumn 2014, revealed today the Director of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal.

    “It is anticipated that the tender for supply of radar is released before summer 2013. Given that construction will take about nine to 12 months, I think it will be possible under the radar in Madeira to function operational in the fall of 2014 “said Victor Prior to Lusa.

    This project started being discussed yet the Portuguese Institute for Ocean and Atmosphere was the designation of the National Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics in the mid 80s of last century.

    “At that time the location pointed to Porto Santo, the Torch for Pico, now occupied by the NAV radar (radar support aircraft),” said the official, explaining that it was in this decade that “began to take shape the draft national network of weather radars, which were scheduled for the three radars Continent, two to the Azores and to Madeira. ”

    As part of this national network were so far installed radars Coruche (center), Faro (south) and is under construction tower support radar Arouca (north).

    The radar Madeira again became the subject of study at the institution in late 2009 and, after the storm of February 20, 2010, which caused 43 dead, six missing and 1,080 million euros of losses in the region, “it was decided to move- with brevity “for its installation.

    The location fell on Pico Spike in Porto Santo, former post whale watching, made impossible after the options Pico Areeiro, Madeira (where the military air defense radar), and Peak Torch (where is the radar of NAV) and Pico do Castelo (very hard to access), both in Porto Santo.

    “Right now is running a study of environmental impacts,” said the official, believing that this work should be completed by the end of this month.

    Enumerating weather situations “very adverse” that occurred in Madeira in the last two years, the official stressed the importance of investment, which will be applying for EU funds “to support the safety of life and property forecast, early detection and monitoring of phenomena Hazardous weather and bridge the shortage of meteorological observations at sea. ”

    “One of the assignments is to provide meteorological services to citizens and national entities with responsibility for Civil Protection Special warnings regarding the occurrence of adverse weather conditions,” said Victor Prior, explaining that, “among the various technological means to support their activities, weather radar systems stand out for offering assistance in the areas of weather forecasting in the short term and hydrological forecasting, with direct impact on socio-economic development in numerous activities. “

  9. from dnoticias Crematorium St. Martin ready in September
    Funchal combat “dismay and frustration of the unemployed”

    The cremation cemetery of Saint Martin should be ready to open in September, on the eve of local elections. The guarantee was given this morning by Miguel Albuquerque, after a meeting of the CMF with the Parish of St. Martin.

    The mayor presented the infrastructure as an asset, not only for the population of the parish or to the county, but for the whole region. No need to be traveling to Porto Santo for cremations.

    The meeting also came the information that the CMF will provide an additional 28 thousand square meters of land for urban gardens, in that parish, mostly in Help with the Estrada Monumental.

    At the meeting it became clear that the support and the CMF program contract with the Board are to remain the same as 2012, with a total value of 228 thousand euros.

    The works undertaken by the Board at that parish, during the current term, amounting to 4.2 million euros. Much, for the renewal of drinking water network and irrigation.

    Miguel Albuquerque said the “reinstatement of the Lido, which will have entries for free is because next summer will be only in the western part, near the fort. The rest of the space, the work will continue.

    The mayor also gave prominence to a draft of CMF training in the workplace. Vai boot for 200 residents in the municipality will reallocate 100 thousand euros, a work less of a priority, to allow the formation of another 100. It is a form of “anti-frustration and discouragement of the unemployed.


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