Apologies. Future of RTP-Madeira. Latest seafront photos. Carnival programme details.

First of all let me apologise for being “off-air” recently, due to a move to a new apartment, which turned out to be a move to temporary accommodation because the new landlord had decided to go to Venezuela on short notice before signing the lease. Typically Madeiran! In the meantime I have to make do with mobile internet, and despite my better judgement opted for a mobile package with TMN (“unlimited download/upload and 14.4Mbps”). Forget it – it turned itself off after 200Mb at a hugely impressive 100Kbps – just 1/144th of the maximum speed – but then I remembered that I had promised myself that I would never use Meo/TMN again after numerous issues in the past – at least I have the satisfaction of proving myself right! Nothing wrong with their broadband service but the queuing in their stores and the quality of their technical support and paperwork leave a lot to be desired.

Future of RTP-Madeira TV channel

The chairman of the board of RTP came to Madeira on Tuesday and met with the president of the Madeiran government, Alberto João Jardim, who confirmed last Friday at Madeira Airport on arrival from Brussels that he would have a "working lunch" at Quinta Vigia with Alberto da Ponte.

RTP (Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, S.A) is the state-owned TV and radio broadcasting corporation funded by television advertising revenues, government grants, and the taxa de contribuição audiovisual(broadcasting contribution tax), which is incorporated in electricity bills.

The future of the regional channel of RTP will be one of the topics that this meeting which will include the leaders of RTP-Madeira and the Regional Secretary for Social Affairs, Jardim Ramos, who supervises the area of ​​social communication in the archipelago.

The head of the RTP will visit the facilities of the Madeira regional centre and talk to the staff, after last week it was admitted in an interview that “it is not excluded the possibility of a collective dismissal in the company”.

The Government has already put aside the privatisation project for RTP and the Deputy Minister and Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Miguel Relvas, said the alternative is to restructure in a process that will cost 42 million euros. According to him, the goal of the executive is to make the company more competitive in the next two years and one of the bets are regional and international centres of RTP

Meanwhile – latest photos from Funchal seafront

Photos from the Diario at the end of January show huge deliveries of more concrete “tetrapod” sea defence blocks. Not quite sure these will attract the tourists in droves!


Work continues at some considerable speed at the eastern end of the sea-front (middle of the photo above) – they were working at some pace all last weekend. Serious overtime being paid – you have to ask where the money is coming from – I understood that the Autonomous Region had nothing but astronomical debt:

Carnival details:


I struggled to find details of the various events so have replicated the rather functional official programme below. The Theme this year: “Madeira – Magic Moments”

February, 6th – Wednesday
Beginning of carnival music, illuminations and decorations in Funchal city centre
2 pm– 7pm – Santo António Philharmonic Band
2.30 pm to 6.30 pm – Carnival entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by Escola Profissional Atlântico
students (EPA)
4pm – Revelry by EPA students and Santo António Philharmonic Band
8pm – Performance by “Unidos pelo Samba Group” (UPS) – Central Walkway of Avenida Arriaga opposite the Regional Secretariat of Culture, Tourism and Transports (SRT)
February, 7th – Thursday
2 pm– 7 pm – Funchal Municipal Band
2.30 pm – 6.30 pm – Carnival entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by students of Escola Profissional
4 pm – Parade by EPA students and Funchal Municipal Band
February, 8th – Friday
10 am – 3 pm
– Funchal Municipal Band
10.30 am – 12 pm – Children’s Carnival Party – Central Walkway of Avenida Arriaga, featuring Escola Profissional Atlântico
2 pm – 7 pm – Santo António Philharmonic Band
2.30 pm – 5.30 pm – “Solidarity Carnival” organised by Funchal Community Development Association:
– Parade along the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga
– Revelry at the Municipal Gardens
3.30 pm – 6.30 pm – Carnival entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by EPA students

February, 9th -  Saturday
10 am – 2 pm – Entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by Escola Profissional Atlântico students
11.30 am – Parade by EPA students and “Unidos pelo Samba Group” – (UPS)
3 pm – 8 pm – Santo António Philharmonic Band
3.30 pm – 6.30 pm  – Street entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by Escola Profissional Atlântico
4.30 pm – Carlos Aveiro Puppet Show– Central Walkway of Avenida Arriaga opposite SRT
9 pm – Carnival Float Parade
Itinerary: Starting at the Port of Funchal roundabout, Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, Francisco Sá Carneiro roundabout,
Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades Madeirenses (north lane), ending at Praça da Autonomia.
Order and themes of the groups participating in the Float Parade
-  “The Magic of the Full Moon” – João Egídio Rodrigues
– “25th anniversary of Turma do Funil" – Turma do Funil
– "Prophetia " – José Orlando Fernandes Vieira
– “Magical Nights, Nights of Fun” – Sorrisos de Fantasia
– “A Magical Night!” – Bairro da Argentina Sports Cultural and Recreational Association
– “The Magic of a Dream” – Caneca Furada Samba School
– “Charms of Nature” – Geringonça Entertainment Association
– “With friendliness, beauty and allure, it’s Carnival! My island will touch your heart”– Fura Samba Association
– “Glitter and Glamour” – Os Cariocas Samba School
– “The Magic of Love …” – Fábrica de Sonhos

February,10th  – Sunday
2 pm  – 7 pm – Funchal Municipal Band
3 pm – 6 pm – Carnival entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by students of Escola Profissional Atlântico
and Funchal Municipal Band
4.30pm – Puppet Show by Carlos Aveiro – Central Walkway of Avenida Arriaga opposite SRT
6.30 pm – Performance by “Unidos pelo Samba Group” (UPS) –– Central Walkway of Avenida Arriaga opposite SRT
9 pm – Carnival in the Avenue – Entertainment by groups participating in the Carnival Parade of Floats – Central Walkway of
Avenida Arriaga opposite SRT

February, 11 th – Monday
10 am – 3 pm –  Santo António Philharmonic Band
10.30 am – 12.30 pm – Parade by Escola Profissional Atlântico students and Santo António Philharmonic Band
3 pm – 8 pm –  Funchal District Band
3.30 pm – 6.30 pm – Carnival entertainment on the Central Walkways of Avenida Arriaga by Escola Profissional Atlântico
4.30 pm – Carlos Aveiro Puppet Show – Central Walkway of Avenida Arriaga opposite SRT
9 pm – Carnival in the Avenue – Entertainment by groups participating in the Carnival Float Parade – Central Walkway of
Avenida Arriaga opposite SRT

February, 12th – Tuesday
4 pm – Slapstick Parade, open to all.
Itinerary: Starting at Avenida Francisco Sá Carneiro, Francisco Sá Carneiro roundabout, Avenida do Mar e das Comunidades
Madeirenses (north lane), ending at Praça da Autonomia.
8.30 pm – Concert by Funchal District Band: “Os Brilhantes Guerrilhas” – Auditorium of the Municipal Gardens

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  1. Admin – try the Daily Mash solution to broadband issues!


  2. In time for Valentine’s Day, the TripAdvisor website has the Cliff Bay (Porto Bay) in Funchal in 17th position in the Top 25 Hotels in the World for Romance 2013 awards. It is in 8th position in the section for romantic hotels in Europe. Today’s Daily Telegraph Travel section highlights these awards.

  3. Sorry Admin but I could not disagree with you more over your comments re TMN…PT and MEO etc!

    We’ve owned and used TMN phones for over EIGHT years now and have NEVER had a problemmmmm…don’t know which service outlets that you use but the ones in Santa Cruz are efficient and friendly. Yes, sometimes a visit to their “main” outlet in Dolce Vita Shopping (G’tee replacement) has required a SHORT wait (numbered ticket system) BUT with many manned desks and helpful staff, prompt and efficient sums it up! The TMN shop (also) in Funchal near to the Cathedral is also a font of knowledge and good (English speaking) advice … no problems!

    ALSO, the HIGH speed, RELIABLE internet, TV and landline ‘phone service provided by Meo/PT is unsurpassed by any other service provider, to the best of our knowledge. Even with last years fires and the subsequent destruction of the whole local cable infrastructure, we were instantly (x2 days bless) given a temp digital reciever for terrestial TV and refunded all charges…..not to mention the sterling work they did in replaceing ALL the “postas” (posts) and new cables – a nightmare but completed in less than x2 weeks = amazing.

    Any ‘phone calls to customer/technical services is met quickly, transferred to an English speaking operative (if necessary) and the query/problem dealt wth a.s.a.p. Ergo: I called yesterday about a damaged telephone/meo/PT post (no interruption to our service) and receieved prompt, freindly, attentive service, followed by THREE follow up ‘phone calls with an engineers visit later in the day, another happy, freindly and polite engineers visit today and new post to be “planted” and “rewired” tomorrow AND repositioned out of our line of site as a bonus! Now that what I call service…..

    We’ve never had a problem with paperwork, loss of service or a slow download speed, our (free) wireless conection for WiFi is so fast that all our European guests wish they had as good “main” service…..when our TV remote “wore” out (or I dropped it – oops) they gave us a new one in the outlet at Dolce Vita = this by an assistant meeting us on arrival and no ticket required!

    We had CABO in the dim past and it was frankly lack lustre in all respects….

    We like Meo.
    We like the staff.
    We like the service.

  4. from Dnoticias Carnival parade in São Vicente

    On the afternoon of Friday, June 8, will be at the center of the village of San Vicente de Carnaval parade.

    In this event students will participate in all of the county nurseries, schools and the 1st cycle of Primary and Secondary School D ª Lucinda de Andrade, social solidarity institutions and day centers. In all the extras will be 800.

    After the procession, the local authority has prepared a variety show to be held in the Municipal Garden Village.

    Also on Tuesday there will be Carnival, for 16 hours in the village of San Vicente, a carnival parade with prizes for the most original costumes.

  5. If RTP Madeira is under threat I assume RTP Acores is also under threat?

    I know RTP Madeira parrallels the main RTP channel much of the time but I would have thought that was was still a requirement for more locally focused TV.

  6. from dnoticias Flash mob dedicated to Yoga
    Initiative takes place today from 18 hours, the Dolce Vita with the aim of promoting the practice of Yoga

    The New Age Academy, in partnership with the Dolce Vita shopping center promotes Funchal today, Thursday, for 18 hours a flash mob dedicated to Yoga with the aim to promote and publicize the practice of Yoga in an innovative and surprising.

  7. from dnoticias Carnival Parade in Camacha

    The House of the People Camacha organizes, next Sunday, the 10th, from 15:30, the procession of the Carnival Camacha.

    The Corsican carnival extends from the Ancient Church of Camacha to the skating rink, passing through Largo Achada.

    Expected is also organizing a lively dance by DJ SoundSystem Microwave.

    The procession with the participation of about 250 foliantes, divided by troupes participating or individually. In the end, the House of the People Camacha will reward the best.

  8. from dnoticias Meteorology predicts occasional showers during Carnival

    The Institute of Meteorology predicts periods of cloudy weather and occasional showers weak, especially in the northern slopes of the island from tomorrow, Friday and Tuesday of Carnival. Tomorrow, Friday, the wind will display weak to moderate northeast, blowing with moderate to strong gusts of around 80 miles an hour in the highlands.

  9. from dnoticias Fire in tunnel Quinta Grande
    Drivers abandoned cars and fled the tunnel was dark. There registering injured, intoxicated by the smoke, which were taken to the Hospital

    This morning another fire broke out in a tunnel on the highway, this time at Quinta Grande. The fire has begun after 10:15, a passenger car.

    The incident occurred at a time of very flow of traffic and the tunnel quickly filled with cars that were blocked.

    According to reports collected by DAILY, which is in place, the tunnel would be darkened when the fire. The driver left the car in a panic and left the tunnel towards Quinta Grande.

    Inside the tunnel was a bus of tourists, with many people inside.

    Local firefighters are in the Ribeira Brava, Câmara de Lobos, Funchal, Police and EMIR.

    The photo was extinguished and the cars have since been removed from the tunnel, with the exception of one. Some people were taken to hospital, poisoned by the smoke

    However, the two tunnels are closed to allow easier access of rescue teams.

  10. from dnotiias Highway tunnel reopens after fire in the Campanário
    The roads were closed for more than three hours due to the incident

    Just reopen the freeway in the Campanário, in Ribeira Brava, Madeira, after the fire this morning in a tunnel, which destroyed a car, caused panic in dozens of other motorists and caused about a dozen wounded, who were transported to Hospital in Funchal.

    The roads were closed for more than three hours due to the incident.

    It was a late morning with many traffic jams and slow traffic through the old regional road between Fifth and Grand Steeple.

  11. from dnotiias 17 people were admitted to the Hospital of Funchal by smoke inhalation in tunnel

    Seventeen people have today entered the hospital in Funchal due to smoke inhalation in a highway tunnel in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, where they set fire to a light vehicle, said the director of emergency services.

    “We have received, from 10h54, 17 patients, ten males, seven females, some foreigners, including Japanese, English and German,” said Pedro Ramos, explaining that “all respiratory problems due to smoke inhalation.”

    A light vehicle caught fire in the tunnel of today Quinta Grande, municipality of Câmara de Lobos, Madeira, forcing the cutting motor traffic at the site, which was made by a triage team of medical emergency prehospital car’s Medical Emergency and Rapid (EMIR).

    According to Pedro Ramos, the patients received at the health unit, “12 had very urgent priority, four urgent and somewhat urgent”, the latter case a man of 88 years.

    “Right now, patients are doing and oxygenation in satisfactory condition,” the doctor bailed, noting that one of the victims, foreign, revealed a “fracture in his collarbone.”

    He added that patients will begin to be reobservados, pricing for the “late afternoon” start giving discharge, stressing, however, that “everything will depend on developments.”

    The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle which caught fire on their own, but the fire caused a smoke cloud that caused about 40 vehicles had been trapped in the tunnel with a length of 942 meters while their owners and occupants put to flight in the darkness, feeling the walls and other emergency exit.

    “I went out the emergency exit despite not see a foot ahead,” said one motorist.

    In this incident, which alert the authorities arrived at 10:19, there was a clash of some vehicles “but all things light,” said a fireman.

    In the place where motor traffic has been restored, fire brigades were Câmara de Lobos, Ribeira Brava, Calheta and the two corporations of Funchal, EMIR and Police Public Safety.

    The President of the Regional Service of Civil Protection, Luis Neri admitted that “the ventilation system of the tunnel would not be working” at the time the vehicle caught fire.

    Source of the highway concessionaire, Via Litoral, told Lusa that was conducting the clearance of the situation, referring to later clarification.

  12. from dnotiias Works constrain movement in downtown Funchal

    The start of works at the mouth of rivers of Saint John, Santa Luzia and João Gomes led to the closure or restriction of several routes to traffic in the month of January. The roads adjacent to streams now have a single lane. On the west side of the boulevard, the street closure Canon Jerome Dias Leite between Avenida do Mar and the roundabout Infante led to the suppression of the tour. Islanders and tourists lining the rotunda between the roadway and shutters.

    At the start of work, representatives of hotels and travel agencies and tourism ACIF expressed a number of concerns with the work along the waterfront, including the visual, mobility alternatives and especially with the period of the work, noting the more quickly lower the impact on tourism.

    DIARY talked with some tourists seek to understand what impact the work together of those who visit us.

    (Readers who like to see the video on this go to Dnotiias)

  13. In today’s news that EM, a publically owned company, that will be sold off this year (probably to the Sousa Group or Jaime Ramos, at ‘preço de amigos’), has since 2005 been keeping the audiovisual contribution that everyone pays to fund RTP.

    I am amazed that RTP or no one else had not noticed, but it is a scandal because it is money collected through electricity bills (which is a darn good idea) to fund public TV and radio … but EM decided to keep it. The Diário refers to an unconfirmed figure of over 9€ million, and personally I have contributed over 200€ during that time. It really is another scandal of this regional government which coming out at a time when ths company is about to be privatised will knock a big hole in the expected selling price and money into the public coffers.


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