Port “Open Evening”. New pier contract awarded amid more controversy.

The Port of Funchal Authority will hold its annual Christmas event on the 18th, Tuesday. This is initiative of the Port of Madeira in partnership with the Institute of Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts of Madeira, the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Horários do Funchal. Scheduled for a day when the port does not have any cruise ships, “Natal na Pontinha” has no entry charge.

Being scheduled for 18:30 until 23:30 it should also provide an unusual perspective of the Funchal Christmas Illuminations (photographed last night).

New €18m pier contract awarded

On the same theme, the Port Authority of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (APRAM) announced the award of the 17,880,00 contract this week. The company that won the tender is a consortium between Somague and Etermar”. The president of APRAM, Alexandra Mendonça said "I sincerely hope that the work should begin in the first quarter of 2013.

Alexandra Mendoza added that with this investment will enable the wharf APRAM to make a "big bet on mega yachts," a "niche market" that should be cherished, defended.

Five tenders were submitted for the construction of the new wharf, and this was the second public tender for the construction. The first, opened earlier this year, was given no effect, because the four proposals exceeded the base amount stipulated in the specifications – then 15 million euros – by more than two million.

The contract is for the construction of the new cruise pier with a length of 300 meters that will allow the berthing of cruise ships on the outside and and the berthing of maritime tourist vessels in the inner basin.

The new pier is one of the changes planned for the area of ​​the deposit of debris created following the storm of February 2010. In information then placed on the website of the presidency, the executive explained that island, "given the large volume of material deposited," it was therefore decided "not to remove the debris (to avoid the high cost and disturbances of the passage of hundreds truck through the city), "but" restrain them using a new wharf, in order to safeguard the operation of the port and at the same time, enhance the urban and landscaped embankment so formed”.

According to the Government, "the embankment formed by the deposit of aggregates shall be enhanced with a large square in the front of the Legislative Council, and the remaining area as an extension of the recreation area of ​​Avenida do Mar and multiple uses." This includes changing the Praça da Autonomia, since the streams of Santa Luzia and João Gomes will be linked in a single river mouth, and execution, east of the mouth and to the Forte de São Tiago, "a maritime protection, allowing the creation the "pebble beaches” – see previous blog post: https://www.madeiraislanddirect.com/blog/2012/11/fireworks-world-record-goes-to-kuwait-protest-against-merkel-landslides-in-santana/

Stop Press: cheapest bid not considered!

In typically Madeiran style the contract was not awarded without controversy according to today’s Diario:

The lowest bid for the construction of the new pier cruise the bay of Funchal, which represented a saving to the public purse of almost one million euros, was excluded by the jury of the contest sponsored by the Administration of Ports of Madeira (APRAM), because it not been submitted by the pre-defined time. A ‘Way2B’ consortium of Braga who submitted the bid, objected to the decision and now is studying the possible recourse to the courts.

On Thursday, the president of APRAM, Alexandra Mendonça, Lusa announced that the winner was the consortium Somague / Etermar, with a proposal in the amount of 17 million and 880 thousand euros and that "won the [company] which presented the lowest value, "and that he had “no complaints. " In fact, the proposal was put forward by cheaper ‘Way2B’ – 16 million and 992 thousand euros – but was put aside by the selection panel because it was delivered via an electronic platform Vortal after the legal deadline. Confronted by Diario yesterday, Alexandra Mendoza acknowledged the mistake and also admitted that, during the preliminary hearing, the company complained of their exclusion from the tender, but that the panel retained its original decision.

Court appeal an option?

The Director General of ‘Way2B’, Paul Neves, said yesterday that his company is still assessing their options. "We have not yet formed an opinion," said the manager, when asked about a possible appeal to the courts.

Paulo Neves does not deny that the proposal was delivered after the deadline specified in the notice, but explained that this was due to "a series of ‘bugs’ [computer errors]" in the electronic platform for receiving applications and that these "were reported in time" to the entities involved.

This is the offending pig………


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  1. from Dnoticias Junta de Gaula anima Masses Childbirth

    The Parish Council of Gaula reports that tomorrow, Sunday, at 6 am, in the Parish of Our Lady of Light and like the previous years, shall animation Masses of Labor, through collaboration Folklore Group of Gaul, whose outcome achieving a traditional brinquinho and usefulness of a soup made by employees and executive Parish of Gaula.

    The initiative is part of the spirit of appreciation of the traditions and natalícias represents an act of identity and memory of Madeiran culture.

    Decorerá identical action on the 23 of this Parish of Our Lady of Grace, Achada of Gaul.

  2. Indeed Peter, turn up for the mass at 06:30 and you may indeed enjoy the chicken soup and folklore music afterwards….see you there then! I MAY be in bed listening to same…..but on the other hand…and then Mercado de Santo da Serra for our fresh fruit and veg later!

  3. from Dnoticias Pig went loose on highway

    Several motorists, which circulated on the fast track, were surprised in the early afternoon with the pig on the loose on the road.

    The event happened around 12:30. The animal was in the area of ​​Nurseries, towards Câmara de Lobos – Funchal.

  4. I understand that Miguel and the gang are having a sort of posh Christmas Party cum Christmas Concert at Funchal City Hall on Thursday 20th December at 9.00 p.m. Everyone’s invited, just bring your own mistletoe and crackers. No photocopier photography please!. Merry Christmas!

  5. from Dnoticias Bad weather causes several landslides on the island of São Miguel in the Azores

    The bad weather that is felt in the Azores in the last hours caused several landslides on the island of São Miguel, with one of the affected roads are still ongoing cleaning, Lusa said Civil Protection.

    According to the Regional Service of Civil Protection and Fire Azores, due to bad weather four landslides were recorded in most Azorean island, one of them happened “overnight” in the Faja de Cima and “blocked a lane,” which has is “passable”.

    Already this morning, and also on the island of São Miguel, another debacle in the regional road Furnas, county of Population, “completely blocked the road,” but the situation “is now resolved and the road passable,” he said.

    According to the same source, also on the road to Ribeira Hot was recorded this morning a collapse, but the road is already passable, adding that “derived work” on the road, instead of Burguete (Lomba da Maia), because “a small landslides” reported this morning.

    The Azores Civil Protection issued the alert early this morning to heavy rain on the islands of São Miguel and Santa Maria (Eastern Group) and stormy sea, with waves 6-7 meters in the Western Group (Flores and Corvo).

    The Institute of Meteorology forecasts suggest rain sometimes strong in São Miguel and Santa Maria At up to 13 hours of today and stormy sea, with waves West, 6-7 meters, for Flores and Corvo, to the 18 hours of Wednesday.

    Given these forecasts Civil Protection recommends for fishermen and recreational boating practitioners to adopt preventive measures and for motorists to redouble care in circulation.

  6. from Dnoticias Nobel Peace Prize money to the EU will benefit 23,000 children victims of war

    The president of the European Commission announced in Brussels that 23,000 child victims of war and conflict will be helped with the money from the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the European Union, Brussels decided to double that amount for this purpose.

    In a ceremony at the headquarters of the EU executive, Jose Manuel Barroso stated that the money from the Nobel, 930 thousand euros, the Commission officially accepted on behalf of the Union and decided to increase to 2 million offer for the neediest children, four finance projects covered by the initiative “Children of Peace”.

    The initiative will then cover about 4,000 Syrian refugee children in camps on the border between Iraq and Syria, more than 5,000 children in Colombia, most of them refugees in Ecuador, 11,000 Congolese children displaced in eastern DRC and refugees in Ethiopia and, finally, 3,000 Pakistani children who live in the northern region of Pakistan affected by conflict.

    On 10 December, the European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012 for having contributed for more than six decades in promoting peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe, and the decision to donate the money been decided unanimously by the presidents of the European Commission, the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, and the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy.

    “It was clear to us that the money from the Nobel Peace Prize should be directed to the most vulnerable, who are also often the most affected by war: children around the world,” said Barroso, whereby ” all boys and girls in the world should have the opportunity to develop their talents “, also because” promote education also contributes to obtain a lasting peace. ”

    The Commission also ensured that the initiative “Children of Peace” the EU is not an isolated action and new funds will be available next year for other projects in favor of children in conflict

  7. from Dnoticias The Christmas bike

    The Cycling Association organizes Madeira on Saturday, March 22, ride a bike at Christmas. The aim is to show the lights and Christmas decorations using a means of transport and economic development: the bicycle.

    The merger is scheduled for 20 hours in the city Largo, followed by a tour of Town Hall Square, Avenida do Infante, Estrada Monumental, Forum Madeira, with the return of the bike path and walkway along Avenida do Mar and the Farmers’ Market.

    The organization asks participants to bring any object allusive the festive season.

  8. from Dnoticias 125 stalls at the night market

    Of the 200 who applied, the Municipality of Funchal 125 licensed stalls for ‘Night Market’, which this year will take place in two streets, which are the Archpriest Street and Arthur Street Sousa Pinga.

    This afternoon took place in the municipality preparatory meeting with members of the local authority and the PSP, after having been announced in a press conference, the alerts, the condicionamentso transit and other information the organization considers imprescendíveis for the ‘night market’ memóval is again in what is already a high point of the festivities of Christmas.

    Miguel Albuquerque, Rubina Leal and subintendente Gualter Gomes warned of the need for civility, with values ​​of care needed on a night with a large movement of people, and for the respiratory distress that are available.

    The project area comprises the streets surrounding the market, these being the Old Hospital Street, Archpriest of the street, Rua Latino Coelho, The Street of Good Voyage, the Street of the Prophets, the Oudinot Rua, Rua Fernão de Ornelas, Viscount Anadia Street, Largo do Pelourinho Square Autonomy, Rua da Casa da Luz and Arthur Street Sousa Pinga.

    Thus, and from 18 hours on 23 enclose the transit streets Ferdinand Orenlas, Prophets, Oudinot, Old Hospital, Archpriest, Childhood, House of Light, Arthur Sousa Pinga, Viscount Anandia and Carmo, to enable the assembly of caravans and tents. From 18h also closes the street D. Carlos I, the western entrance of Parking.

    Public transport should use the Rua Dr. Brito House and Avenida Calouste Gulbenkian, the tunnel Campo da Barca, the Cota 40, Rua October 5, Avenida do Mar and the Street January 31. (See map for details).

    To maintain order and security, will be positioned firefighting vehicles and embulâncias within easy exit and there will be teams apeadas Volunteer Fire Department and the Madeira Municipal Bombeiors beyond the collaboration of the PSP in terms of traffic direction and maintain public safety.

    Will be reinforced with teams of firefighters and rescue teams to mountain rescue in the event of falls into the river.

    For parking, will be operating five parks (São João, Campo da Barca, Almirante Reis, Sao Tiago and Anadia), whose price will be 35 cents per hour in the period from 20 to 6 am, which makes a total of 2242 parking spaces.

    To these must be added the Parking of 5 October with 400 seats, with the value of 40 cents per hour.

    In the party zone will be enhanced lighting with support from Beer Company, which is also responsible for the creation of a special plastic cup for the night market.

    The president of the local authority also informed that marketers Rua Fernão de Ornelas and the area surrounding the market may, from requiring, keep their establishments open later, regardless of the industry and collaborate on animation.

    This year, between 22 and 24 hours, RTP Madeira will provide all Madeiran emigrants and direct transmission of the night market and songs of Fish Square.

    Note that the tents caravans must be disassembled from six in the morning of the 24th, then starting the cleaning of the entire surrounding are

  9. Great news for budget travellers next year! I believe that SqueezyJet are about to announce a range of bargain fares and travel enhancements for its Spring/summer scheduled flights between the UK and Madeira (From 30 March to September 31st.). For regular travellers it plans to introduce ‘Flight Club’ (the first rule of Flight Club is you do not talk about Flight Club). Members who book non allocated seating will now be provided with matching skull caps, elbow and shin pads. In order to reduce costs, all in flight meals are to be cancelled and will be replaced by a kebab stall at the rear of the plane next to the new community shared toilet. In a number of incentives to increase revenue customer complaint department phone numbers will now be charged at premium rate, and to save paper, complaint forms will be printed on company loo paper. Co pilots are being phased out and in the space saved in the cockpit, a giant meter is being fitted and passengers will be charged extra as planes taxi on the tarmac before and after flights. And finally upon arrival at your destination there will be an extra charge to all passengers who wish to use the steps to exit the plane. Don’t forget the new slogan for 2013, ‘Thank you for flying Squeezy Jet. – We hope you enjoyed giving us your money as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride!

  10. I note that easyjet are now allocating seats, so no more scrummage for seats! You can pay a fee to choose your own seats or they will be allocated for you as part of the standard fare. About time methinks as they are no longer a budget airline, though still cheaper than TAP.

  11. from Dnoticias Bars Zone Old conditioned
    Opening hours restricted

    The Ombudsman, Alfredo José de Sousa, believes that the solution regarding the opening hours of restaurants and drinking establishments in the old part of Funchal is likely to solve the problem of night-time noise that has been the source of several complaints to the long the years.

    On 11 October 2012, Funchal Municipal Council took a resolution providing for uniform operating hours for all catering establishments and drinks called Old Town of Funchal, and also the reduction of opening hours to the public of these establishments. From now on, these sites can only be open until 1 am, between Monday and Thursday, and on Sundays, and until 2 am on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

    The intervention of the Ombudsman with the authority was prompted by complaints about the failure of the General Regulation of Noise, concluding yet, headquartered in instruction itself, which is in preparation of the Noise Map for the county, in the process revision of the Plan of Municipal Planning for the steps that have already been developed based on the collection of acoustic data.

  12. Sorry Admin but I just couldn’t resist this one!

    Father Christmas said, “Doctor, I feel so unfit” – the doctor replied, you need to go to an elf farm.

    And it’s Merry Christmas from me…..

  13. I need to add a correction to my recent post about the Christmas Concert at Funchal City Hall on Thursday 20th December, I now understand that there is an admission charge of 10 Euros per person. I am sure it will be worth every cent. Merry Christmas

  14. from Dnoticias DGS will cease to issue communiqués about the dengue outbreak
    53 more dengue cases confirmed last week

    “Considering the favorable situation in the Region, Directorate General of Health will cease to issue communiqués weekly, passing these to be released only when warranted.” The information contained in the entity’s most recent statement, released just in official portal of DGS.

    The statement from the Directorate General of Health states that, under the surveillance of the outbreak of dengue in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, confirms the downward trend of new cases in the week 10-16 December, were 53, “the which corresponds to a 7% decrease relative to the previous week “. To date, are recorded and cumulatively since 3 October, more than two thousand cases of dengue virus infection.

    There were also 58 cases of dengue fever 1 (accumulated data) reported in people with a history of previous stay in Madeira Island (all with benign evolution).

    To date were hospitalized, cumulatively, 122 patients, of whom only one is hospitalized on the date hereof, all progressing to the cure. “There were no recorded deaths,” stresses the communication of DGS.

    The DGS has also an indication that there is no risk to justify any restriction of travel to Madeira, and if the recommendations are maintained for individual protection against mosquito bites, including using insect repellent.

  15. from Dnoticias Postal traffic increases in both directions at Christmas
    20% towards Continent / Region and 50% in the sense Region / exterior

    The regional director of ‘CTT-Correios de Portugal’, Carlos Rodrigues said today that in the first 15 days of December, postal traffic increased by 20% (in the continent / region) and 50% (in the Region / exterior) over the volume recorded over the years.

    Carlos Rodrigues said that in the first half of December, receiving postal area (which comes from outside the region) and in correspondence, parcels and express mail experienced a growth of 20% compared to what is the average of the year.

    With regard to postal transport, in the reporting period, CTT-Madeira transported on average per working day in the sense continent / Wood, 6.2 tons of mail, parcel and express.

    Already on postal delivery (which the locals send abroad), also at 1. ª fortnight of December, there was an increase of mailing 50% in air. The average annual shows that are sent overseas and 1.6 tons in 1. ª fortnight of December, 2.4 tons were shipped.

    The volume of traffic to the outside was very strong level of mail and parcel post. The latter is the product that best distinguishes the mailing overseas. What is justified by the market of nostalgia (sending gifts, offers and traditions of the holiday season).

    The novelties were advanced by Carlos Rodrigues after a hearing for the presentation of Christmas greetings to the Representative of the Republic to Madeira, Irenaeus Barreto.

    Carlos Rodrigues also said the increase in traffic, with the exception of Greetings cards that fell, everything else remains the levels of previous years.

    To respond to this ‘peak’ seasonal demand, CTT-Madeira have an actual device that “is appropriate” to be added to the actual term contract duly scheduled for this period.

    CTT has 20 people in the area of ​​care and 30 in the area of ​​operations and distribution. All in all, there is an average of 300 employees.

    In terms of infrastructure, there’s big bets for 2013 in opening or remodeling of other stations. The only recent refurbishment was the Avenida Zarco.

    Asked about the process of privatization of CTT, Carlos Rodrigues said that this is “a government issue” over which he has little to say. We know that will be developed in 2013 but it is a subject that brings no increased concern for the CTT-Madeira.

  16. from Dnoticias Australian minister marries partner in Spain
    In Australia it is not allowed marriage between persons of the same sex

    An Australian minister married today with his longtime companion, in southern Spain, two months after his country had voted against a proposed enactment of marriage between persons of the same sex.

    Ian Hunter, the Minister of Social Inclusion of the State of South Australia, was disappointed not to be able to marry the artist Leith Semmens in your country, but explained that they decided it can not wait for approval of gay marriage.

    “No doubt that is inevitable in Australia, but we’re looking at six or seven years, and me and my partner we were not willing to wait that long,” Hunter said, quoted by the Associated Press (AP), a few hours before marry Semmens, an art gallery the village of Jun, province of Granada, in Andalusia.

    According to the AP, Ian Hunter, 52, will be the first sitting member of a legislative body Australian to marry a partner of the same sex.

    The president of the municipality of Jun, Antonio Rodriguez, celebrated the ceremony, which was attended by more than a dozen friends and relatives of the couple.

    According to local tradition, the couple kissed for 17 seconds, counted aloud by the guests.

    Ian Hunter, a scientist and former Minister of State since 2011, has been a supporter of gay rights and is part of the Labor Party in power in the state of South Australia since 2006.

    At the annual conference of December 2011, the party reversed his position on gay marriage, but Prime Minister Julia Gillard has kept the opposition.

    The legislation to recognize same-sex marriage was defeated in the House of Representatives in September, with a final vote of 98-48.

    While Gillard Labor allows them to vote as they wish on the gay marriage legislation, the opposition leader, Tony Abbott, a staunch Roman Catholic, insists reject it, among the lawmakers of his party conservative liberal.

    Opinion polls show that most Australians support gay marriage, but there are other issues related to marriage between persons of the same sex, who have yet to be voted on in the Australian Parliament.

    Hunter thinks it will take years to change the position of legislators who voted against gay marriage, as well as for the election of a parliament with younger members who support it.

    The minister added Semmens have married for love and commitment, not to push gay marriage in Australia, while providing that their marriage “will naturally have some impact on politics” in the country.

    Spain passed its gay marriage law in 2005. The Supreme Court approved it in November, in a 8-3 vote, rejecting an appeal claiming that the Spanish Constitution, marriage means only a union between a man and a woman.


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