Casino payout. easyJet “assault”. Troika loan.

In a statement to the media the Casino da Madeira announced that on November 29, at around 22.30, slot machine no 181 02 in their games room paid out a jackpot of 39,062.96 euros to Miguel Pires who was playing the game ‘Wild Gold’. Wonder what he spent the 96 cents on?

The statement also says that this year the Casino has paid €33,242,998.81 in prizes (at the tables and on machines). It doesn’t mention how much it took in wagers before paying this out. Not quite on the scale of the record Powerball lottery jackpot of $588 million this week, but still an impressive sum!


Grandmother accused of assault after touching flight attendant’s arm

Be careful before you next climb on easyJet. The Telegraph reported last week that “Janet Kirby, 62, claims she was left stranded in Spain with no means of transport or accommodation after she was refused permission to fly.

“The mum-of-two and grandmother-of-two was stopped at the gate and told her hand luggage would not fit in the overhead lockers while trying to fly back to her home in Stroud, with her sister, Carol.

“She was told her bag would have to be put in the hold but when she observed other passengers boarding with even larger bags she attempted to catch the female flight attendant’s attention.

“Ms Kirby claims she was repeatedly ignored and when she touched the attendant’s arm to speak to her she was accused of assault and told she could not fly. "I tried to get [the flight attendant’s] attention by touching her arm and she said, ‘Do not touch me. You are not flying’," Ms Kirby said.

“A supervisor was called and Ms Kirby was told she would no longer be allowed to get on the flight. When she asked if she would be allowed to fly the following day, Ms Kirby claims she was told no. "I couldn’t believe it. To be accused of assaulting somebody just for touching them is absolutely ludicrous," Ms Kirby said. "They said I was banned from using easyJet ever again."

“Ms Kirby was attempting to fly back from Spain on Sunday after a short break at her 65-year-old sister’s holiday home in Alfaix, Mojacar. Ms Kirby’s husband Michael, 65, said: "It seems totally wrong that two elderly women can be abandoned in a foreign country on the whim of a petty local official. The women flew back to England on Wednesday night with Ryanair and without any incident.

“In a statement issued to a local paper, easyJet said police witnessed what happened and backed their stance. A statement from easyJet said: "The customer was declined travel following a confrontation with a staff member. "The decision was supported by police who witnessed the incident."

Funchal in the 1950’s

A wonderful old photo of the western end of Funchal I recently chanced across on the internet. The data attached seems to suggest 1950 but I might be wrong. If anybody can enlighten me please do!

‘Troika’ has loaned €61,100,000,000 – almost a third of direct Portuguese debt

The Diario reports that the nominal balance of loans already granted to Portugal under the financial assistance program of the ‘troika’ in late October amounted to 61.1 billion euros, almost a third of the total direct debt of Portugal.



This data is listed in the monthly newsletter of the Treasury Management Agency and Public Debt (IGCP), released today. According to the same publication the direct debt of Portugal was 193,500 million at the end of last month. That is, the debt to the ‘troika’ now represents 31.6% of total debt

Looks to me like a bit of “debt reduction” might be required sooner rather than later as happened to Greece earlier this week – just to keep the Eurozone show on the road. The IMF, according to their own rules, couldn’t lend Greece any more money because of their debt to GDP ratio. Solution: get the Eurozone countries to write off 20% of what they are owed. Result: Debt to GDP ratio comes down. Bingo – IMF can lend them even more money. I’m considering asking my bank manager if he will give me a ridiculous loan that I can’t possibly repay, spend it all on German Cars or Madeiran infrastructure projects, and wait for him to write it off……………and then start the process again.


A link to a great story in the Mail that I have been meaning to publish for some time. Absolutely nothing to do with Madeira!:

The cry of a despairing father: For years, Naval Commander Nick Crews bottled up frustration at his children until he snapped and sent excoriating email that tore the family apart.
Read more:–snapped-sent-excoriating-email-tearing-family-apart.html#ixzz2DnFzDTkb

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  1. ‘Father Christmas’ came the great Dolce Vita Funchal

    Thinking in more customers of all sizes, the Dolce Vita Funchal prepared for fun and entertaining activities to occupy their free time in the best way. The arrival of Santa Claus this afternoon marked the start of programming dedicated to the festive season.

    Father Christmas ‘surprised’ with an original arrival. Before this moment, always highly anticipated by smaller, animation Christmas began with a musical with songs of Christmas in Central Square. Upon arrival, the excitement continued with a parade of toys that accompanied the procession from Father Christmas by shopping center, which distributed Regina smiles and chocolates to children.

    Programming Christmas – Dolce Vita Funchal:

    Presence of the Father and Mother Christmas

    At week-ends from 16h to 19h

    Activities for children animation

    Wednesday – From 18h to 20h

    Weekend week – From 16h to 19h

    December 2

    Performance ‘Christmas Stories with Palhaça Spring’

    Atelier child ‘Prendinhas Christmas for the family’

    December 5

    ‘Come and jump on inflatable brings a gift for the boys believe. We have a surprise! ‘

    December 8

    Demonstration and teach children “Let’s dance Hip Hop” by STG Dance Crew

    “Story Time” with José Moutinho Viale

    Child Workshop “Recycled Christmas Cards”

    December 9

    “Games and Adventures with Christmas Elves”

    Face painting

    Dec. 12

    “Come jump on the inflatable. Bring food or hygiene products to offer children of Caritas and you will have a surprise ”

    Dec. 15

    Magic show with Duarte Faya

    Face painting and balloon modeling

    Dec. 16

    Dance Workshop “Christmas comes this dance!” By Alma Latina Dance Academy

    Child Workshop “Decorating cupcakes with candy and gums”

    Dec. 19

    “The Art of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Acrobatic”

    Dec. 22

    “Christmas is pure joke” – face painting, Plasticine, legos and inflatable

    Dec. 23

    Puppet show “Come build your puppet and help us build a Christma

  2. Easyjet story does not come as a surprise. On one EJ flight from Lisbon to UK we had the Cruella DeVille look alike flight attendant and her assistant who made my 80 year old grandad look young. Both were fluently bilingual, in English and English louder for portuguese speakers. Our next experience with EJ from Funchal was to find we were unable to eat food we brought on board because of a person with a severe allergy (which I have no problem with) But the flight attendant refused to take any coins because ‘it takes too long to do the cash up with all the change to count’!! Tap may have their issues but compared to Easy Jet is luxury travel.

  3. We only used Easy Jet once but I will never again use them, the flight crew was rude and completely self centered, they treated all the passengers like rubbish, even though some may have deserved it, it should not be allowed!!!!

    When you start you holiday in this manner it is not a pleasure.

    I know that there can be difficult passengers aboard, my daughter used to be a flight attendant on Emirates for 6 years, but being rude to passengers is normally not in the Job description.

    They should teach their flight crew some basic customer service ethics, growing as they do will not be sustainable if this kind of behavior persist.

    I would rather swim to Madeira than fly with them again.

  4. The moon shines over the wonderful island of Madeira in the moon lit night, with the Christmas lights of many colours, over Funchal and the smaller towns. Christmas it’s a time of cheer and drinking wines and Poncha from Madeira. Eating hot chestnuts in the street and people stop and point at the Christmas lights and people dressed up as Santa or wearing local Madeira custom cloths. Shop tills opening and shutting of goods brought for Children and love ones, the shine of coins in the tills are like glistering water of the sea. In the fish market, churches around the island, singers sing with joy. People speaking in many languages, lots you can’t understand, but it’s all the same Merry Christmas and Happy New year. Palm trees swing in the night sky, like people warmth feeling of romance and hugs of affection. Fruit and oranges stalls on display on the streets, lit up to add to the mood. Houses display lights and Santa climbing up ladders. Humans may have their defenses, but its Christmas that brings us all together as one, with the coming New Years fireworks, with ships horns celebrating in the night. Let’s enjoy and not forget our Holiday time of joy.

  5. from dnoticias Week of Chocolate and Madeira wine takes place from 21 to 27 January

    From 21-27 January, the Porto Bay Group’s hotels in Madeira hosting another edition of Week of Chocolate and Wine Madeira.

    The program of the event will include “themed decorations, afternoon teas specially dedicated to chocolate, happy themed chocolate and evidence Madeira wine, signature cocktails, guided tour of the Madeira Wine Company with proof, chocolate sculptures, workshops and special animation” reads a note published in the ‘ site ‘ of the hotel group.

  6. 10 out of 10 for the initiative of the newly formed ‘ Dengue Defence Department’, for the brilliant idea of installing giant mosquito burning coils all over Funchal, cunningly disguised as roasted chestnut stalls. I am sure it will help to protect the many visitors to the city during the festive season, in addition to selling several tons of nuts! Goodness only knows what the smoke will do to those pesky little insects, although I do wonder if a slight reduction in the DEET content may be advisable. The other day the memsaab and I were out strolling along the front, close to the main pier, just passing a smoking roasted chestnut stall when wind changed direction and I copped for a face full of it. I was totally disorientated for at least fifteen minutes. My eyes eventually cleared in time to witness a group of shall we say ‘entry level cruise ship visitors’ resplendent in their pink fluffy trimmed Stetsons, also overcome by the fumes; staggering aboard the Beatles Boat. They sat down, and in their hallucinatory state, for the next ten minutes demanded from a confused waitress that the captain take them on a sail around the harbour, on a digger spotting trip. They eventually left still dazed, the men insisting that they be directed to the Rose & Crown or the White Lion immediately, and the women enquiring if there was a tattoo parlour which gave discounts to pensioners anywhere nearby. My only other caution would be not to light the coils during daylight hours following the incident when the Captain of a passing cruise ship the Costa Arm&Leg (sister ship to the Costa Packet, Costa Fortune, and the Costa Bundle) radioed the coast guard to report that the volcano which is Madeira was smoking and may be in danger of erupting!

  7. from dnoticias Germany will make it to the end of the year without a deficit

    Germany will reach the end of 2012 with the aim of balancing the budget, getting no deficit relative to gross domestic product (GDP), says today the German weekly ‘Der Spiegel’.

    The deficit of the German state, including the federal government, the ‘Länder’, local and social system-reach zero thanks to a strong increase in tax revenues, says the weekly.

    The ‘Der Spiegel’ indicates that this information is internal calculations of the German Ministry of Finance.

    With these results, speeds up the process of fiscal consolidation that the holder of Finance, Wolfgang Schäuble, estimated a few months ago, with the prediction that this would be achieved in 2013, while for this year would stand at 0.5% of GDP.

    The level of debt will also be lower than expected – 81.5% instead of 83.5% estimated a few months ago – with prospects of standing at 73% in 2016.

    In comparative terms, Portugal will have to reach the end of the year with a deficit of 5% of GDP and a debt level that will exceed 125%.

  8. On our last few flights from Funchal to Lisbon the cabin crew have been entirely Spanish and the flight-deck “updates” in English followed by Spanish – no Portuguese (guess this is to do with the plane’s schedule that day?). easyJet air-side staff at Funchal are normally pretty good – Portuguese

  9. from dnoticias ‘Essence of Wine – Madeira’ received over 2,500 visitors at the Congress Center
    The biggest event of wines made in Madeira today was organized by the company’s EV-Essence of Wine and by DAILY NEWS Madeira

    More than 2,500 people visited the first edition of ‘Essence of Wine – Madeira’, held over three days at the Congress Center Casino, an organization of the company’s EV-Essence DAILY News Wine and Madeira, which has just proceed with the influx of public figures.

    In the free test were more than a thousand wines, which accounted for about a hundred producers, domestic and foreign. The event program also included evidence and commented themes addressed by ‘wine experts’, ‘workshops’ for the hotel and catering professionals, and harmonizations enogastronómicas sessions ‘show cooking’ actions also very subsidiaries, as highlighted by the organization.

    “We leave to the challenge of performing a first edition of ‘Essence of Wine – Madeira’ off site of origin, Porto and Funchal in this bet corresponded entirely to our expectations. Producers and distributors have accepted the challenge and the people of Madeira and how many tourists who are visiting the island, joined very positively. therefore concluded to have been dealt a winning bet, “says Nuno Botelho, director of ‘EV-Essence of Wine’.

    “Madeira has just won an event of that scale and greatly dignifies the island and particularly Funchal. Thank all who contributed to this success, and we now meet all the conditions for the ‘Essence of Wine – Madeira ‘it is stated in the annual calendar of initiatives related to Portuguese wine and enogastronomy “says Roberto Steps, commercial director of News DAILY Madeira.

    “The ‘Essence of Wine – Madeira’ proves that there is critical mass on the island and that Funchal is a market to be taken into account in the panorama of wines. Accordingly, we believe that this was only the first edition of an event that certainly repeated in the near future, all with the goal of positioning the wine and to communicate in a way that allows capture and retain audiences – consumers, professionals and curious, “says Nuno Pires, also director of ‘EV-Essence of Wine’.

    As previously reported the DAILY, this first edition was the most representative wines show ever held in Funchal, not only in terms of producers and distributors present but also by the number of wines to try.

  10. We have flown back to the UK (Bristol) on two occasions with Easyjet and they were faultless – Jon even stayed on board when we returned to Funchal and was able to go into the cockpit to speak to the captain who gave us an excellent commentary on flying times/heights/Madeira etc etc. I just wished Easyjet flew back to Liverpool from here as it would be ideal for us visiting relatives on Anglesey, North Wales.

  11. We, too, have flown with easyJet, probably 25 times, from Madeira to both Bristol and Gatwick and have to say that we have never had a problem. Things were sometimes a little chaotic at Madeira airport but have improved a great deal recently and now seats on the plane are allocated boarding is much quicker.

  12. we have used EJ since they first started coming here,never been a problem,to Bristol,Stanstead and next trip to Gatwick.

    i do sometimes wonder about some of the passengers though.

  13. Agree, Easy Jet crew are very good, we fly regularity circa 20 times a year. There has been a problem with check in at Funchal, Easy Jets agents are very badly organised which can result in checking for Speedy boarding taking over an hour. TAP staff are OK but can be a little surly.
    My Easy jet flight to London on Friday with seat allocated was near perfection, not quite BA first class but very good value.

  14. from dnoticias Saxophone and Clarinet Quartet acting in Câmara de Lobos

    The auditorium of the Casa de la Cultura de Câmara de Lobos receives, on Tuesday, a concert with ‘Saxophone and Clarinet Quartet’.

    The concert, under the responsibility of the students of the Conservatory – School of Arts Madeira starts scheduled for 19 hours and entry is free.

  15. from dnoticias Recommendation requires safeguarding the interests of the autonomous region in the privatization of TAP

    The Gazette is today publishing the recommendation of the Legislative Assembly of Madeira that asks the Government of the Republic to safeguard the principle of territorial continuity in the privatization of TAP.

    “The Legislative Assembly of the Autonomous Region of Madeira recommends that the Government of the Republic under regimental own, beware that, in the specifications and in the negotiation process underway on the privatization of TAP Portugal, the principle of territorial continuity enshrined in the Constitution Portuguese, thus preserving the Portuguese Autonomous Regions of the threat of an economic and social isolation, “says the recommendation.

    “For an autonomous region like Madeira island, part of a European country, air links, almost exclusive option for the entry and exit of citizens, be they residents or visitors, are pivotal, since without an air service able, we can not guarantee the principle of territorial continuity enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution, “the document alleges.

    The Legislature notes that the mobility of citizens “can not be an alibi for the effect that privatization does not take into account the specific needs of the Portuguese residents in the islands and it is limited, pursuant suggested, to a vision of a purely economistic sector, all of it priority for Portugal. ”

    The parliament also underlines the concern for air links also covered “a strategic economic sector for Madeira, tourism, which can be seriously affected with this conditioning on air routes”, causing “recessionary effects on the economy, affecting their weight in GDP regional competitiveness withdrawing their companies compared to other competitive markets and endangering workers sympathetic to the sector. ”

    The recommendation concludes stating there were “insurmountable geographical isolation of Madeira” and demands to be “urgent safeguarding, in due time, the interests of the region and the outermost island and its inhabitants, particularly with regard to its links with the outside world that have, for obvious reasons, strong impact, not only on residents, but also the tourists. “

  16. Somewhere on the Admin control panel of this blog is the facility to suspend contributors from making comments – I have never investigated this before but I am seriously tempted now in the light of such awful jokes… choice between Peter and Jon at the moment…everybody could have a vote.. a bit like like I’m a Celebrity…

  17. From Dnoticias Circus arrives with a week’s delay due to strike by stevedores

    A circus attractions and traditional Christmas arrived in Madeira with a “week off due to strike by stevedores,” Lusa said today responsible for Luna Park.

    Rui Carvalho explained that, “despite all the inconvenience caused by the strike of dockers ports, the sights should be ready to work on the 6th of December, Thursday.”

    The scheduled arrival date should have been November 30, but the national ports were conditioned and this forced the goods “had been up and down, between Lisbon and Porto, to see where it could fit,” he said.

    The situation was aggravated because the shipping had to be done without recourse to the missing ‘ferry’ the Naviera Armas, who in recent years was the chosen boat.

    The option of a Madeiran group transport also eventually be affected for the same reasons, which leads Rui Carvalho to be concerned about the financial return, as the Circus World will come into operation on 14 December.

    “Logistics has brought complications because we already had agreements with various companies and we had to change everything and it is now conditioned to a new agreement with the chamber [Funchal], but we think can,” he said.

    The circus is in trouble already added that “it has been difficult to board the animals and some of the material needed.”

    The Luna Park back to settle in the land of Praia Formosa, Funchal, venue for the past three years.

    It should be up to January 13, 2013, provided the city council Funchal accepted compensation for a week.

    Has “seven attractions, in addition to all the surroundings of bars of support.”

    The installation of entertainment centers is a tradition of Madeiran holiday season.

  18. I’ll collect all the yule tide logs, like Tony Blackburn…….

    As a suggestion for the New Years Panto, I would replace the wicked witch/sister etc with the wicked Admin….. he’s behind you!

  19. from dnoticias Câmara de Lobos recovers single Franciscan convent Madeira

    The municipality of Câmara de Lobos is recovering the only of the five Franciscan convents which subsists in Madeira, an investment of 1.9 million that will be completed during the 500th anniversary of the Diocese of Funchal, in 2014.

    The president of the municipality, the Social Democrat Arlindo Gomes said the restoration of the Convent of San Bernardino, started about two months ago, “is a work long overdue.”

    “It’s the little heritage that persists in the city and threatened to collapse,” said Arlindo Gomes, highlighting the importance of the monastery, listed as a monument of municipal interest, the first to be built outside the capital of Madeira, Funchal.

    According to the mayor, the county is also related to the space that for centuries was the principal place of pilgrimage of the island, there lived and died Friar Pedro Guard (Guard, 1435 – Câmara de Lobos, 1505 ).

    The ‘Elucidário Madeirense’, whose third edition was published in 1965-1966, describes him as “a man of marked virtues” that the “people called and still calls the Holy Servant of God.”

    In 1905, on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Father Pedro Guard, the Câmara de Lobos asked the Vatican “the official public worship and Holy Servant of God”, prohibited, about a century before, following the revocation of orders religious.

    “Fortunately, we were able, even in this situation of embarrassment and crisis, which could integrate the recovery of the convent in the current EU framework,” said the president of Câmara de Lobos.

    The rehabilitation of the convent is funding 85 percent of the European Intervene +, and the remaining amount will be divided between local authority, diocese – owns the space – and Franciscans who will settle again, on-site, which dates back the fifteenth century, first as an oratorio.

    The ‘Elucidário Madeirense’ refers to the Franciscans, “from the fleet that drove the earliest settlers” were “priests who served the first ecclesiastical functions” in the various chapels that were created on the island.

    The intervention in the convent covers the recovery of the main church and its annexes, including the chapel of St. Anthony, and the creation of a museum dedicated to Fray Pedro Guard and religious Mary Jane Wilson (India, 1840 – Câmara de Lobos, 1916 ), founder of the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Victories, who also died on the spot, where he moved to be candidates for forming priests.

    The religious settled in Madeira aged 40, after converting to Catholicism, having multiplied their work in areas such as health, education and the needy, work that led the congregation, then to various countries.

  20. from Dnoticias Dolce Vita launches Christmas campaign
    40% of the value of purchases made from 8 to 16 December refunded to the card Dolce Card

    40% of the value of purchases made on Christmas Dolce Vita Funchal between 8th to 16th December will be refunded to the card-offer ‘Dolce Card’ as part of a campaign that includes shopping centers Dolce Vita Tejo, Porto, Coimbra, Douro and Ovar.

    “With this campaign, the Dolce Vita claim to help your visitors face the current situation, reimbursing a portion of the amount spent on purchases so that they can save up and buy the gifts you want for your family and friends,” reads the statement sent the wording. “[Customers] will have to shop value between 100 and 250 euros in participating stores (except hypermarkets, temporary spaces of sale and banking institutions) and contact the Service Desk to validate the receipts of purchases. The stock daily Dolce Cards varies from center to center, “he continues.

    The value card can be used until the end of February

  21. from Dnoticias Beer market will fall 10% this year in Portugal

    The chief executive of Sociedade Central de Cervejas (SCC), Ronald den Elzen, said today that the beer market will fall 10% this year in Portugal.

    Ronald den Elzen, who was speaking in Lisbon in a meeting with reporters, said the SCC, owner of Sagres beer and waters of Luso, added that the company’s revenues will register a “slight decline” this year, compared to the same period of 2011 but declined to give me further details.

    About their expectations for 2013, considered that the year will be “similar” to 2012.

    The growth of SCC, like other companies in the industry, this time based on the foreign market.

    “Our exports are increasing,” said the manager, with Angola to be a bet the company.

    Western Europe (UK, Switzerland, Luxembourg and France), North America and PALOP, including Angola, are the regions where the SCC is growing, with exports accounting for 30% of sales, or 80 million liters.

    In the UK, the company has recently made an agreement with the largest retailer Tesco, for the commercialization of Sagres.

    “The UK is a big market in Western Europe,” said Ronald den Elzen, 42, who took over as CEO of SCC just over half a year, replacing Alberto da Ponte (current president of RTP) in office.

    Also Brazil is an attractive market, but has high rates on imports, according to the manager.

    About Mozambique, said the market “is interesting” but “smaller” and that Angola where the beer market is different from Luanda.

    The SCC will invest 50 million euros over the next three years, of which 15 million euros in unit Vialonga (infrastructure), three million
    in the waters of Luso and about 30 million in marketing.

    In football, where Sagres sponsors the I League, is the investment of 12 million euros.

    Currently, the SCC has 1,100 workers and early next year will include about 230 workers Sodicel, distributor of beverages for the channel Horeca (hotels, restaurants and cafes) which was recently acquired by Central Beer.

    Elzen said that although the water market is falling between 3% to 4% this year.


    HOWEVER (Tee Hee):

    What do you call a fish with no eye?


    It’s the way I tell ’em = the “eyes” have it!

  23. from Dnoticias Support for counties affected by the storm are unlikely

    Matters arising from the bad weather in the North Island were in the spotlight, this Tuesday, during a meeting that gathered in Lisbon, the vice president of the Regional Government of Madeira and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Miguel Macedo. Bad weather has wreaked havoc in the region of 23 million euros.
    At the end of the meeting, Cunha e Silva said it was “extremely difficult” to the north coast will benefit from support from the European Union.
    On the table, was also a request authorization for municipalities affected by the storm should be financed, which, according to Cunha e Silva, now would be “too good” for the region.

  24. from Dnoticias There are already 80 000 trees planted in Funchal Ecological Park

    The mayor of Funchal Munciipal visited this morning the work of reforestation Ecological Park. Miguel Albuquerque said it already were planted 80 000 trees, of which 270 000 are planned. Work progressing well and the mayor believes the work could be completed two years ahead of schedule, which was 10 years.

    Parallel to reforestation are being made cleanup actions and security of the escarpment, with material collected and placed along the contour lines.

    The Ecological Park, in addition to its environmental aspect, aims to become a tourist hub of the city. To do so, it will contribute the adventure park and still Quinta Park, which is scheduled to open next April. A structure that will recreate a fifth Madeira, with livestock, fruit trees and grazing.

  25. from Dnoticias Fewer dengue cases
    102 new cases were reported last week

    Were reported 102 cases of dengue fever last week in Madeira. There is a decrease in the number of new cases over the last balance sheet of Directorate General of Health, but since October, when the first cases were recorded since 1993 analyzes were reported positive for dengue infection. The national health authorities ensure that all situations have evolved towards healing. There is so far no record of death.

    Since the outbreak began, 118 patients were hospitalized, two people are currently hospitalized. For cases exported – the people who’ve been infected in Madeira and here – the number rose from 32 to 42 cases.

    Despite the decrease in the number of notifications, the Directorate General of Health maintains, however, all recommendations and preventive measures aimed at limiting and local transmission and prevent the export of the mosquito vector.

  26. from Dnoticias Parents and students promote Christmas display in Ribeira Brava

    School EB1/PE Loin of St. John unfolds the initiative-oriented educational

    A set of 50 parts reusable or recycled alluding to the holiday season’s co-authorship of parents and pupils Loin of St. John’s since this morning on display at Market Space precisely at the sea front village of Ribeira Brava and can be visited until January 20 of next year.
    The director of the school praised the involvement of parents, explaining that the action is intended to alert an environmental awareness, because according to the teacher “not everything is junk and there are many products that may well serve to be reusable or recyclable. “

  27. Or what about ;From this year new government regulations say that on Christmas Eve Santa’s helpers must all wear seatbelt’s and a helmet with a light which goes on and off at least thirty times each minute whilst out delivering presents on the sleigh. If you ask me it’s ‘blinking elfin safety gone mad’


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