Record number of cruise passengers. Court points finger at Jardim. easyJet debacle. TAP credit card rip-off. Ships horn “concert” for New Years Eve

Record cruise passenger numbers and revenues for 2012:


More than 511,000 “tourists in transit” passed through the port of Funchal until November pouring into the regional economy an estimated 40,880,00 euros.

This is based on studies showing that a cruise tourist spends, on average, during their visit to Madeira, 80 euros, five euros more ............ more

Possible ferry link with Canaries? Criminal inquiry into concealment of public debts in Madeira? “Saving Elkanah Merrell”. WalkMe app for iPhone fixed.

Ultraperipheries of MEPs are not unanimous about the viability of a line as the Weapons.  PHOTO ASPRESS

According to the Diario on Wednesday, two MEPs from the Canaries revealed yesterday in Brussels that their islands remain keen to establish direct and regular maritime links with Madeira, through a ‘ferry’ service similar to that provided until January this year by Naviera Armas, admitting ............ more

Casino payout. easyJet “assault”. Troika loan.

In a statement to the media the Casino da Madeira announced that on November 29, at around 22.30, slot machine no 181 02 in their games room paid out a jackpot of 39,062.96 euros to Miguel Pires who was playing the game ‘Wild Gold’. Wonder what he spent the 96 cents on?

The statement also ............ more

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