Palácio Hotel project postponed. Population increase. New levada walking “App”. Transport downturn.

Madeira Palácio rebuild cancelled

A Lignum, Investimento Turísticos da Madeira, do not know if they can continue with the works of Madeira Palácio, one of the original 5-Star hotels on the island, where I was lucky enough to stay on my first visit to the island in 1990. Unfortunately it looks like it will now stay as a half demolished eyesore for some time. The business group that wanted to build the hotel and a ‘beach club’ say they have been caught in an “unfavorable situation”. They have just completed the construction of an adjacent luxury resort with 112 apartments, intended to be integrated in the project, which is expected “to enter the market soon, but that will not generate any profit for the company, since the amounts collected will be channelled to totally bring down the bank debt”.

Miguel Santana, director general of Lignum explained to the Diario “at this time, the hotel is not a reality due date, nor is there the possibility of projecting the evolution of the unit in the coming years”.

The graphic above shows the planned conclusion of the current progress opposite (photo courtesy of

Population increases by 9%

The Diario reports that the preliminary data of the 2011 Census shows  the resident population in the region increasing in the last decade, from a total of 245,011 in 2001 to 267,785 last year. Madeira was in fact the second region in Portugal that grew the most in the last 10 years (9%). On the whole national population growth between 2001 and 2011 was only 2%.

The pace with population growth, widened the gap between young and old. However, the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira are still those who hold the highest percentage of young people (18 and 16% respectively) and less representative of the elderly (13 and 15% respectively).

New levada walking mobile “App”.

Brilliant new offering from a team of Software Engineers at the University of Madeira who, to quote their website, “love hiking, especially on Madeira Island. We combine our strengths to enhance our skills and create useful, different and engaging solutions”.

They are based in a room named after Steve Jobs at Madeira Tecnopolo which was the result of a partnership between the CEIM (Business and Innovation Centre of Madeira) and the University of Madeira.


The application is available for Android and iPhone (in Portuguese, English and Spanish) and is currently in first place in the ranking of the official Android store for queries related to Madeira, Levada, etc, with about 2000 downloads. Screenshot of their home page below:


Key features:

✓ distance, difficulty, duration and altitude of the route

✓ Description and pictures of the route for local walkers

✓ Course in GPS Map

✓ Localizaçãoda posiçãodo user using GPS

✓ Points of interest along the way

✓ Recommended Equipment

✓ Directions to get to the route by car, public transport or guides

✓ Sharing of courses in social networks

✓ All routes are stored in the phone. It is not necessary data network (except to view photos)

“At some point we feel the need to have a place where all related information was centralized. But above all, we need something that can be with us in our adventures and at the same time, allow us to share experience with other hikers. And they with us!
We want WalkMe to be something innovative that encourage and guide more and more people in discovering Madeira Island natural wonders”

Transport downturn

In a reflection of difficult economic times, the company that serves urban public transport in Madeira, Horários do Funchal, lost 9.1% of passengers in the first nine months of this year, according to data released today by the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira (DRE).

According to the data from January to September, the company carried 16.8 million passengers.

According to data from the DRE, Madeira also recorded a fall of 8.2% in landings observed in Funchal Airport and 8.3% in take-offs. Already the Porto Santo Airport fell by 3.9% in landings and take-offs of 3.6%.

In the first nine months of the year the Madeira Airport has lost 18% of cargo discharged, curiously noting an increase of the same size in the cargo loaded. In Porto Santo movement of cargo fell 11%.

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  1. I just downloaded the Walk Me app yesterday… I had no idea it was so new. Which is obviously why it doesn’t work on my phone yet. The website’s fine but the app crashes every time I click on it. Shame, was hoping to use it this week. Oh well, back to the old method of following my nose!

  2. Hello Becky!
    We’re so sorry you’re having problems with the WalkMe app. Actually there was no problems at all during the testing. We’re working on it in order to find what’s causing the error.

    We kindly ask you to contact the team ( as soon as posible in order to know more and find a solution.
    Thank you so much for your comprehension,

    Sincerely Lígia Gonçalves
    WalkMe team member.

  3. from dnoticias ‘Toys 4 Us’: toys for disadvantaged children
    Items can be delivered Saturday and Sunday at Mini Eco Bar, Mini Club and Eco Store AKI

    Starting next week-end the locals can help to make Christmas happier for a group of underprivileged children under the initiative ‘Toys 4 Us’. Like DAILY reported, toys, clothing and other items in good condition may be delivered in Mini Eco Bar, Rua Customs in Funchal, Mini Eco Club, Clube Naval Seixal and Store AKI in Funchal.

    “Toys 4 Us’ is an initiative ‘Citrus Fresh’ together with AKI.

  4. from dnoticiias 1672 cases of dengue in Madeira
    The figures were released recently by the Directorate General of Health

    The number of cases of dengue fever in Madeira already reaches the 1672, according to numbers released recently by the Directorate General of Health (DGS).

    Of this total, 929 cases were laboratory confirmed, according to Lusa revealed the Director-General of Health, Francis George.

    The weekly report from DGS realize also that there are ten cases diagnosed in mainland Portugal, as well as 17 foreign nationals. In both cases, these patients have a history of previous stay in Madeira.

    In total, one hundred hospitalized patients, five of whom remain hospitalized.

  5. Re travel above, if there is an 8.2% fall in the number of landings at Funchal airport and an 8.3% fall in take offs, what happens to the 1 in 1000 planes that never take off?

  6. Nice one Neal … we do have a private flying club here with at least one light Aircraft…..
    SOOoooo, is it possible that they take off “once” (depart from the apron) then land a few times whilst bashing the circuit….statistics, damn statistics! On the other hand maybe we have a few aircraft hidden away somewhere……?

  7. from dnoticias Madeira, yellow warning due to the forecast of rain sometimes strong

    The Institute of Meteorology (IM) put Maderia under yellow alert, the second least severe of a range of four, due to the forecast of rain sometimes strong. This weather alert in effect between 3 pm Saturday and midnight Sunday.

    Speaking to DAILY, the Director of the Meteorological Observatory said that Funchal is expected worsening of weather in end-to-week. According Vítor Prior, from the end of the day should already be some precipitation, more intense on Saturday and Sunday. The forecasts also point to strong winds, with gusts can reach 100 to 120 kilometers per hour in the highlands, especially on Sunday and Monday. At sea, the waves can reach 7 feet tall.

  8. from dnoticias Santa arrives Saturday to Madeira Shopping

    With snow, balloons, music and lots of entertainment that Father Christmas will arrive this Saturday to Madeira Shopping. The arrival is scheduled for 16 hours and, as might be expected, will be made through the chimney.

    Before, 15.30, there will be a christmas concert followed by a procession destination to receive the best of the old man with a white beard.

    “Up 19.30 children have the opportunity to confess their desires and participate in various activities such as games and paintings”, says a note from the Mall.

    But the animation in this Christmas commercial space does not end here. On Sunday is held the workshop ‘The enchanted Christmas with Pine Recycled’, “which aims to create a Christmas tree with plastic bottles and recycled ties made from coffee bags.”

    On the first weekend of December, days 1 and 2, will run two workshops ‘Laps Father Christmas’, in Piso 1, and ‘The Goblin and John Decoration Door’, in Piso 0. “The first aims at building Santas with origami, which will result in the creation of dolls fun, interavtivos and above all original. The second is to create Christmas wreaths from cd’s recycled, showing the younger the importance of recycling and processing and reuse of non-recyclable materials give rise to unique and original pieces. ”

    On the weekend of 8 and 9 December derive the workshops ‘The Paintings of Mother Christmas’ and ‘Christmas Illuminated’. “A weekend where painting and decoration will spread color and aroma in the hallways of the center. On the first day the younger ones will be able to do face painting and drawings depicting the Christmas and the second day will be devoted to the creation and decoration of pinecones and Christmas candles. ”

    On 15 and 16 December are held ‘Snow and Water Droplet’, in Piso 1, and ‘The Magic Cake’, in Piso 0. “The first workshop will acquaint the younger the art and technique of shaping balloons and the second is the creation of cupcakes, cakes and sweets for Christmas, they will be offered a cookbook each child to participate and help in the preparation Candy for this Christmas. ”

    On the weekend before the Christmas night, the MadeiraShopping created two animations ‘Thy Desire’ and ‘The Reindeer Dancers’ on 22 and 23 December, respextivamente. “The first workshop is dedicated to the production of postcards and letters where they can write their wishes for this Christmas and give it to Father Christmas.’s’ Reindeer Dancers’ is a show that will feature aa tuação of a group of ‘hip hop ‘and even prepared a lesson for the younger. ”

    All activities derive from 16h to 20h and rely on the presence of Father Christmas

  9. from dnoticias Madeira under red alert
    Institute of Meteorology predicts rain and strong wind

    The Institute of Meteorology has just stated on its website that Madeira will be under a red alert on Saturday and Sunday. The forecast shows rain and strong wind throughout the Region, especially in mountainous areas.

    The same warning predicts rain and strong winds on the south coast, although here with the wind getting up at yellow alert. In the North Coast red alert is indicated for the rain. Wind and waves are under orange alert.

    This afternoon the regional Civil Protection will meet to assess the situation and take any precautionary measures, including recommendations with the public.

    According to the estimates already known will be the most delicate period between the early evening of Saturday and noon Sunday.

  10. Email from the Met Office using Google translate


    Weather Information Notice valid between 11/23/2012 17:10 and 27/11/2012 00:00 SEVERE WEATHER IN MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO Because of the persistence of a depression in the region of Madeira, with expression at various levels of the troposphere, and to which instability is associated with strong, it is expected between early Saturday and Monday: strong and persistent rainfall, strong winds with gusts of around 100 km / h, being exceptionally strong in the highlands with gusts that could reach 140 km / h, with strong sea waves 5-7 meters on the north coast of the island of Madeira and Porto Santo. For more detailed information regarding the severity and validity periods, related to meteorological parameters listed, consult the weather warnings, which will be updated whenever necessary. Fri, 23 Nov 2012 17:10:58

  11. The online version of the Diario reported 30 minutes ago:

    “The entire device Civil Protection Madeira is activated following the red warning for the region issued by the Institute of Meteorology, today announced the Regional Secretary for Social Affairs, Francisco Jardim Ramos.

    “We have every civil protection device activated, we are prepared, together with all the fire brigades of Madeira and all municipal forces and police, working very closely with the Institute of Meteorology to prevent some event,” said , at a press conference, Francisco Jardim Ramos”

  12. from dnoticias A road closed and several conditional on the entire island

    The regional road which connects the Encumeada and Paul da Serra remains closed. Besides this, four other transit routes are conditioned.

    The road between Santana and Ribeira de São Jorge and between the regional road 101 (Via Express) and Fanal are conditioned roads. On the north coast, specifically in Seixal, the road that connects this to the parish of Ribeira floor is prohibited for traffic of heavy vehicles, as did the regional road 232, in Falca.

    Remember that the Madeira is under red warning, the most serious on the scale of the Institute of Meteorology (IM), Saturday night to Sunday morning, rain is expected and gusting wind in mountainous areas.

  13. from dnoticias Red Alert to be extended for another 3 hours

    The red alert will be extended up to 15 hours of Sunday, due to the forecast of heavy rain, just moved to the DAILY Director of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal, Vítor Prior, after the last revaluation weather conditions.

    So far there are no major constraints or damage resulting from bad weather. However, forecasts for peak rainfall intensity with higher between midnight and 6 and / or 9 hours of Sunday morning.

    The system of rain will thus be 30 to 40 mm in one hour or more than 60 mm in 6 hours, a fact which requires the population to remain vigilant, especially in most vulnerable areas along the slopes and water lines.

    “What can happen is that the warning (red) which is now in the air might be extended for another three hours, because the forecasts indicate that there may still raining with some intensity until 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” said Victor Prior .

    The wind intensity is also relatively low compared to the initially planned. “The forecasts yesterday pointed to values ​​that could reach up to 140 km / h in the highlands but now there is an indication of relatively lower values, to 120 km / h,” he added.

    These are the latest findings from observation of meteorological data, after 19h30, revealed the director of the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal, contacted by DAILY.

    The weather in the Madeira archipelago is being influenced by a depression with expression at various levels of the troposphere, and which is associated with strong instability.

    Between early Saturday and Monday is expected: strong and persistent rainfall; very strong wind with gusts of around 100 km / h, being exceptionally strong in the highlands with gusts that could reach 120 km / h; stirring strong maritime 5 to 7 meters on the north coast of the island of Madeira and Porto Santo.

  14. Red Alert ‘postponed’ for this Sunday afternoon
    Update now provides IM rain and heavy showers from midday. Wind warning lowered to ‘orange’

    The sitaução weather affecting the region this morning was updated by Institute of Meteorology (IM), which now puts the whole region on red alert from the beginning of this Sunday afternoon.

    According to the notice issued by the IM, between 12 and 21 hours, Madeira and Porto Santo are on red alert due to weather periods of heavy rain or heavy showers.

    But already this morning, despite the sun shining, as happens in the city of Funchal, the Region is under orange alert, also because of the indices of precipitation that may occur until noon. Avisdo Orange who returns after expiry of the red alert, at 21 pm, lasting until midday tomorrow, Monday.

    However strong the wind forecast ‘abated’, driving down the warning to orange, which runs from 7 am until 6 pm on Sunday. After low for ‘yellow’ until midnight tomorrow.

    More mellow yellow is the warning for rough seas, which came into effect at 7 am today and lasts until the end of the day Monday.

  15. i there of on my holls to madeira next mounth any top tips for small budget

    have some there to stay and cheap car hire

    just for food shoping for 2 adults 2 kid good prices

    any help

    thanks steven


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