Jardim proposes to stand down in 2015. “Unwise” European spending in Madeira. Portugal to quit Euro(vision).

AJJ to resign no later than Jan 2015

During his opening speech to the Congress of the PSD-M, Alberto João Jardim, has announced that he will leave the presidency of the Regional Government in January 2015, nine months before the regional elections.

Alberto João Jardim DANIEL ROCHA

The next congress of the PSD-M is scheduled for 10th of January 2015. He will stand down immediately after the inauguration of the new party leader who, vowed Jardim, "will be the candidate of all". Jardim assured his partythat he will leave a margin of a few months for his successor to take over.

Impartial view of Madeira

The recent opening of the viewing platform at Cabo Girao sparked the following article from Barry Hatton of Associated Press, widely reprinted in newspapers large and small across Europe and the USA under the headline

“Unwise spending exposes Europe’s economic errors”:

CABO GIRAO, MADEIRA ISLANDS — The president of these Portuguese islands turned out, as he almost always does, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at his government’s latest showpiece investment: a panoramic steel-and-glass viewing point perched on what islanders claim to be Europe’s highest cliff-top.

The price tag for the platform, parking lot and cafe was (EURO)2.5 million. That’s a hefty outlay for a near-bankrupt archipelago of about 250,000 people which has (EURO)6.3 billion in public debt, needed a (EURO)1.5 billion bailout last year and has promised to be frugal. But development funds from the European Union, bankrolled by the continent’s taxpayers, made it affordable by picking up (EURO)2 million of the tab.

For Alberto Joao Jardim, Madeira’s president for the past 34 years of fast-rising official expenditure, the project was "fundamental" for the tourism sector and the region’s economic progress. For critics, it was something else: part of the explanation of how Europe dug itself into its current financial mess through imprudent investments and misguided economic policies.

Portugal Europe Feast To Famine

…………In Portugal, which has collected almost (EURO)50 billion from the EU over the past two decades, an infrastructure construction spree became so notorious it got its own moniker – "a politica do betao" (the politics of concrete) – as politicians plundered the aid programs for vote-winning projects. In 1989, Portugal had just 210 kilometers (130 miles) of highways; 20 years later, it had 2,860 kilometers (1,777). That’s a lot of highway in a country about 550 kilometers (240 miles) long and less than 200 kilometers (125 miles) wide.

With EU aid looking like a free lunch, Portugal neglected to modernize, and the excessive emphasis on infrastructure had a negative impact on its economy. The upshot: Due to low productivity, low education levels and low technology, Portugal languished in the first years of the new century with average annual growth below 1 percent. It has now gone into reverse with its third recession in four years amid a mountain of debt.

The windfall produced notorious excesses in the Madeira Islands. But just two years ago, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, a former Portuguese prime minister, touted the region as a model of EU growth. The aid for years delivered spectacular returns, helping lift the standard of living above that in Italy and just lower than in France. Thirty years earlier it was one of the bloc’s five poorest regions.

The glut of aid invited extravagance as Jardim, Madeira’s president, rode a wave of popularity that has made him one of Europe’s longest-serving political leaders. Plaques saying he inaugurated ocean swimming pools, libraries and health centers punctuate any trip around this balmy, semitropical island of deep gorges and thick forest.

The wisdom of Madeira’s lavish, EU-sponsored spending is now in question as it wobbles on the edge of its own fiscal cliff. White elephants include a (EURO)38 million harbor that sits empty, its entrance full of silt; a business park built on a misty, remote hillside for (EURO)2.5 million that lies barren; and a (EURO)670,000 oceanside helipad where, locals say, no helicopter has ever landed”.

Story and photos courtesy of AP. I’m surprised that they missed the new 16 kilometre road opened between Eira do Serrado and Pico Arieiro recently – reported in the latest edition of “The Brit” to have cost €7.5 million, 95% funded by the EU.

Portugal to quit Euro(vision)

In a strangely connected story to the one above, the Daily Mail has reported that Portugal has pulled out of the Eurovision Song Contest, blaming the economic crisis.

Both Portugal and Poland have decided to pull out of the Eurovision song contest in 2013

Portugal has missed Eurovision only three times in the past 48 years, despite some mediocre results. Bad news for the UK though – apparently we have historically received a lot of our (very few) votes from Portugal! Poland has also announced that it will not take part as the financial situation meant they could not afford to join next year’s event in Malmo, Sweden (looks like the poster above might have to be edited?).

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  1. i there of on my holls to madeira next mounth any top tips for small budget

    have some there to stay and cheap car hire

    just for food shoping for 2 adults 2 kid good prices

    any help

    thanks steven

  2. Hi Debs,

    Yes, thank you very much. We got a Papillion. His name is Rudy and he was born in April. He has already brought a lot of joy to us. He is basically very well behaved but seems to like eating wood – say no more! If you would like to see him ask admin to either give you my e-mail address or to pass on yours and I’ll send you a picture.

    Sorry I never got back to you on the air conditioning problem. It cost us 2,400 Euros to get the unit moved. I hate to say this – I love Madeira very much and the people too but sometimes I have to think that some businesses do take advantage and think British people are made of money. Well, unfortunately not us!!

    Its a bit of a long story – when we had the house built we had 4 units installed. The electrician who dealt with the wiring of the house had subcontracted the air conditioning job to a company in Funchal (presumably ‘experts’). My husband (yes, maybe stupidly – but we only had plain old gas central heating in the UK) asked if the main unit could go in the loft which is pretty big. The guy never said there would be a problem with that so that’s what they did.

    When the cold weather came we switched on. It initially came on but then started to blow cold air all over the place. To cut this part of the story short – we had the man out to the house (in fact we had him at the house loads of times). When he was here he would show us that it was working okay but later on if we switched it on we had exactly the same problem with cold air. This went on and on an on until it got to the point where we were actually beginning to think ‘this guy must think we are nuts’. He eventually started to charge us for visits so we just gave up the whole thing. Of course the guarantee eventually ran out too.

    On his last visit he asked us if the lights were blinking in a seqence (he had never asked us that before). We had never noticed this but they were. He got it to work and left. Hey-ho – that night cold air again. It was only then my husband got on to the web and looked up these light codes – guess what – not enough air circulating where the main unit was – so every time the engineer came he opened the loft door and lo and behold the air conditioning got hot because of the increased air flow!!

    Surely if this guy was an ‘expert’ in air conditoning he would have known (a) not to put the unit in the loft and explain to us that was a bad thing to do; (b) he would have known we were telling the truth that it didn’t work when the loft door was closed. We feel truly conned and feel he just made a fool of us and just kept us going on until the guarantee had run out as he probably knew what the real problem was and didn’t want to accept responsibility for having to move the unit. It cost 6,000 Euros to have it installed and now another 2,400 Euros to have it moved. A very costly exercise.

    Our original builder spoke to him when we found out what was really wrong and he asked him why he had done that. He simply shrugged his shoulders – that was the part that made me most angry to be honest – couldn’t care less – he had our money so that was that.

    Before we found out what was really wrong we simply gave up but as the weather had been pretty cold at night we then decided to get a wood burner. Nice marble fireplace, nice canopy, chimney – nearly 4,000 Euros including the work but yet another disaster looming. Smoke started seeping through the sides of the canopy after about six months – and guess what – the company who did the work had disappeared so that guarantee was out the window too.

    In other words – not much luck on the heating front. The trouble with guarantees is that the weather is mostly warm so you don’t find out things don’t work properly until you start to use them.

    Anyway, sorry to be so long-winded but you just reminded me that I hadn’t let you know what happened.

    Nice guy from Calheta carried out the work for us. The chap you recommended had hurt his leg and was going to be off work for some time apparently.

    If anyone is thinking of having air conditioning installed I will let you know who not to go to if you get in touch.

  3. Steve
    I do not know what the local residents would advise but as an annual visitor who stays in a hotel I would recommend the Pingo Doce supermarkets the equivalent to Tesco or Sainsbury in the UK. If you are in the hotel district there are two with one at the Lido and the other on the main road Estrada Monumental. There is a big one in the centre of Funchal and unless the locals advise differently the famous central market is the place for fruit and veg.
    If you have not stayed in Madeira before I can only wish you the pleasure my wife and I have every January visiting a truly magical place and population

  4. thanks my wife is from madeira but has lost contect with the island

    we live in jersey now we are staying in madalena do mar for 1 month
    in a flat on small budget

    thanks steven

  5. Steven
    If you are staying in Madalena da Mar suggest you use the Pingo at Calheta Beach. Use the multi storey car park above the shop where you get 1 hrs free parking when you shop in Pingo. I avoid the central market in Funchal, as a lot of the stalls charge tourist prices!
    The farmers market on a Sunday at Prazarus is worth a vist for veg. Get there circa 9 am as supplies are limited.

  6. Betty – oh my!!! Thank you for updating us – it certainly brightened our windy day. We hope you get everything sorted eventually!! We know the feeling although I think it is more that our “British” standards are higher….(well, lets say “more comprehensive, in that workmen here tend to do the job but sometimes fail to “look outside of the box”, JON). We had a wood burning stove fitted some years ago (it is superb) and they fitted it into an existing open fireplace which meant removing the original surround stones and cutting/angle grinding them to fit the unit into a larger space… . They did an excellent job but didn’t fit the plug (something so quick and easy) as the wire wasn’t long enough to reach and they were NOT electricians….(outside of their “box”. Jon) – amazing. We also had a new kitchen fitted earlier this year which we ordered from a “large well known” company. We had several complaints, which were dealt with, caused by sub contractor fitters whom the company denied responsibility to (outside the box again, I put them right, Jon) but it was unnecessary hassle and I really feel that it was because we expect better standards than they are used to ….It appears that tradesmen here have a narrow perspective of their responsibility and use phrases like = “Oh you need to get a gas fitter/plumber/electrician to sort that” – even from the company employed to fit the whole blinking thing (Jon)! Maybe a language problem? Having said that, the kitchen salesmen didn’t try to sell us all the extras like they would in the UK. and the Manager visited, agreed it was fitted badly and refitted the whole kitchen….THEN referred us to the “stone” people because they had damaged the new (expensive) silcostone work surfaces in the process BUT NOT their problem) likewise the damged new tap assembly….=….inside the box,,,,YOU need to contact the “stone men”-plumber-tap supplier … NO(jon)!!!!! SIMPLE RULE that we/I explained: We contracted YOU (as a company) to do the work – You employed sub contractors = YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE! Took a while but they got the message …. Oh and we ALL parted on good terms )Jon=. My husband did manage to get us a big discount though having threatened to take the kitchen company to court with the inherent publicity !!

    Rudy sounds adorable – yes please, we would love to see him (Admin if you could do the necessary it would be appreciated). Our neighbour’s Chihuahua, Bita, has just had two puppies and they are beautiful (as all puppies are)!

    Take care Betty and hope you manage to stay warm!

    Remember, the Madeiran people are superb but some =commercial= have yet to learn how to operate in their newly found business staus….they will listen and seem genuinely surprised-concerned if you complain, something new to them_ certainly affects their pride in a job seemingly well done. And then they will fix it even with a smile ‘ beats a U.K. “rip off” plumber-builder hands down and oh so much cheaper!

  7. Steven, after the Farmers Market in Prazeres, go over to the petting zoo/coffee shop behind the church in Prazeres. Depending how old your children are, it may become their favourite outing. (entrance is by donation ) – only other expense is corn to feed the animals, if the kids want.

    Other free, fun thing is of course the beach. Again depending on age – there is either the black sand beach in Madeline do Mar, or the white sand beach at Calheta. And all the levada walks are free too of course, and well worth it.

    And if next month means December, the lights in Funchal, and all the free public entertainment connected to Christmas and New Years fireworks will give you lots of good memories.

  8. Brava Car is, we understand, the cheapest car hire on the Island. Not the best cars, plenty of dents etc, but at their prices, you donºt need to worry too much. Good luck.

  9. Hi Betty

    Interesting note we have the same problem with our air conditioning and our unit is in the loft would be interested to hear the name of the man in Calheta that did the work for you.

  10. Steven, May I suggest the Sunday Morning-Day market at Santo Antonio Da Serra, a long way to travel maybe but well worth it for the local produce and prices.

    EVERY type-kind of fresh local vegetables and fruit and bread imaginable ‘ ALL at affordable “local” prices, is available…..including flowers, plants and a “gypsy” market « together with BBQ Chickens and live ones! A great market, the best fresh local produce and the best prices…..

    Do NOT on any account venture upstairs in the “Farmers Market” in Funchal … at least not to buy! They are merely awaiting cruise ship passengers to extract huge sums of money from for very little….most of the stall holders are NOT Madeiran.

  11. Hi Sue,

    I suppose I might get my knuckles rapped if I advertise the air conditioning man to you on here but again if admin could let me have your e-mail address I would be very pleased to give you his contact details.

    It was actually our original builder who found him for us. The guy came to give us an estimate of the cost involved and arranged the work within days and all done in one day. He was very nice and the outcome was a very neat job.

    Thanks to Debs too – just to prove I do have a sense of humour by the way – we asked an electrician to move an electric socket and they left us with a big hole where the original socket had been – ha! ha! – I couldn’t believe it…………….but then this is Madeira as people keep telling me…………….

    Will be in touch with you both once I get the e-mail addresses.


  12. Reading the “cowboy builders” stories makes us remember how lucky we have been. Returning to Madeira the year after our cottage was built we bumped into the builder in a local hardware store. We asked his advice on a water heating system. He promptly co-opted one of the store staff, gave him a detailed shopping list of what was required and left us to settle the bill. At shortly after 5pm that evening (on a friday!) he turned up with his workers and had the system up an running in 2 hours. He refused any payment. When we were back home in the UK he fitted a cooker for us and asked the mother in law why we hadnt yet installed a kitchen (funds were tight!) and asked if we would like a very cheap sink put in so we could actually use the cottage on our next visit. We agreed. So while fitting the cooker he supplied and installed a sink/drainer and mixer tap and cabinet, supplied and installed an extractor unit above the cooker (including the external vent), moved the gas boiler and fitted an external vent for it, and snagged some electrical work.
    There was some water damage apparent upstairs so he removed and repaired the roof tiles. The bill? 400 euros “pay me next time you`re over”

  13. Via Rapida west bound (from Santa Cruz to Funchal) blocked below Gaula due to “rockfall”. Diversion: Off at 19 S.Pedro/Gaula Rejoin at 18 Porto Novo after a scenic twisty drive past our “hot spots”…. pausing for Coffee at Bon Amici, Marti Bom (and pastel) and A Chama as you follow the big bendy bus! Estimate (Diario) closed ’till 10:30.

  14. from dnoticias Global economy is “weakening” due to lack of confidence and political paralysis

    The global economy is “weakening again”, mainly due to lack of confidence and paralysis of policy makers, warns the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in a report released today.

    “After five years of crisis, the global economy is weakening again,” writes Pier Carlo Padoan, OECD chief economist, in a document publishing forecasts for 2013 and 2014.

    The OECD predicts that, for the average of its 34 members (almost all advanced economies, including Portugal), GDP growth will be 1.4% in 2013 and 2.3% in 2014. This rate hides, however, major differences between the U.S., where growth will be above 2% annually, and the euro zone, where the recession will extend into next year, with a contraction of 0.1%, with a recovery 1.3% in 2014.

    The OECD also provides a “general deterioration” of labor market conditions in its member countries – but especially in the eurozone.

    Why is the economy still in crisis? The OECD points out several reasons, chief of which is “lack of confidence”. This factor, in turn, reflects “inadequate or ineffective policy responses.”

    Pier Carlo Padoan argues that the problem is not to identify the solutions to the crisis, but “an inability to reach consensus about policy responses.”

    For Portugal, the OECD predicts that in 2013 the economy to contract a further 1.8%, recovering slightly (0.9%) in 2014. The unemployment rate is expected to reach 16.9% in 2013 and 16.6% in 2014.

  15. But the rest of the City (of Funchal) is well worth a visit – particulary as we edge towards Christmas with the decorations, the lights, the live music, the parks, the historical buildings, the people, food and drink and usually mild temps – well worth a visit methinks!

  16. hope the weather at the airport is fine on wednesday morning. Our first flight in 3 years for a long stay because the car ferry is no longer.
    Trying to keep baggage weight down.
    Full of Stilton and cheddar and mince pies.

  17. Hi Sue,

    Okay – I will forward the info when I get your address.

    Find renee’s comment a bit odd. The boulevard might be a mess but surely visitors are more interested in the city itself with all the buzz and the park and the lovely buildings and restaurants. A boulevard is just a boulevard – you can see one of them anywhere. Funchal has something special about it – I don’t really know what it is but I was hooked from my first visit to Madeira and as Jon says its even more special at Christmas and not to be missed.

    Gosh I am a busy girl today!!

  18. We like Busy Betty!

    Allo Allo Martin and Mrs M, full of festive cheer then……Ho Ho Ho!
    We’ll be overseeing your inbound flight tomorrow and arrange the V.I.P. weather for your arrival = Veritably Ideal (for) Planes.

    Do you need any assistance at/from the Airport? Just say ole bean(s)…..

  19. Buildings rise and buildings fall. To who may give the call?
    The heart of a city, town is its community and its spirit.
    To those who live within it.
    Madeira is within its alterations and changes
    Some people may feel it will take ages.
    Tourists’ will come and go.
    They move with the flow.
    Photographers still taking pictures of flowers.
    Women and men stand selling them for hours.
    The Christmas lights are like the colours of the glass that been fitted in the churches past.
    People stop and buy hot chestnuts in the street.
    Then you can sit and watch other people feet.
    Singing in the Fish market, will still be there.
    For those with Christmas in their hearts who care.
    Christmas festivities will continue in the park.
    For everyone to enjoy in the dark
    The New Year fireworks will display.
    Like the islands rainbow in the day.
    Madeira has a heart and spirit
    So it is still well worth a visit.

  20. Very kind offer but transport ok.
    Got an Anglia (Ford Ka) for our stay.
    Plumber got a temporary hot water supply fixed up tonight.
    Now quaffing Guiness in Monahans as reward!
    Need kitchen units next as we have none nor a cooker nor a dishwasher nor washing machine nor an induction hob.
    White shiny and everso bling kitchen shop here we come!

  21. Brilliant Peter…..nice one.

    “Silvar” used to “do” kitchens ….ha, not any more = ’nuff said!

    MATA maybe? In Assomada.

    MCL (?) also in Assomada come recommended as fitters…..no, they were NOT the ones we used – see above, alledgedly!

    Radio Popular have a sale just starting – white goods included – saving the IVA 25%
    Also, WORTEN (Continente) have very good deals at present….

    AKI do “kit” kitchens but you get what you pay for … “cardboard” work surfaces A La sixties MFI…..


  22. from dnoticias Snow on the highest points of Madeira in the forecast for today
    Cooling air temperature creates conditions for the first ‘flakes’ this Fall / Winter

    There is snow forecast for the highest points of Madeira, a consequence of the decrease in air temperature.

    The Institute of Meteorology (IM) provides that possibility has occurred until the early morning and can repeat up to the end of the day.

    According to the weather IM, this will be a Wednesday with cloudy periods and showers generally weak in the areas north
    and on the island of Porto Santo. The wind will blow moderate to strong (25 to 40 km / h) northeast and is weak (less than 15 km / h) on the southern slopes.
    Funchal day should be characterized by periods of cloudy weather and the wind will be weak (less 15 km / h), while the air temperature has a predicted maximum of 20 º C and a minimum of 14 º C, to the next morning,
    At sea, on the north coast are expected waves northeast with 2.5 to 3 meters whereas on the south coast, waves southeast should not go beyond 1 meter. The cooling also reaches the temperature of sea water, which should be between 19 and 21 ° C.
    At 8 am, the temperature Funchal was 15.2 º C, according to the IM

  23. Yes it was only l5 C at 10am this morning in São Roque, brrrrr! So went in wearing
    three layers, but then it was 20 C in town, so we sweltered!

    Like the poem Peter, well done.

  24. Have a touch of sympathy for Renee particularly if it is her first visit. For the occasional visitor a stroll along the sea front to the fort is enjoyable if not nearly enough to preclude a visit to Funchal anyway which has a multitude more attractions

  25. I was shocked and stunned to read the article by Barry Hatton, maligning the islands most esteemed President, and all the nonsense about the slight overspend of the funds from the good burghers of the European financial experiment. Has he never heard that politicians always bribe people with their own money in order to retain power? Well the esteemed President has to be smarter than most, for the past 26 years (since Portugal joined the EEC) he has managed to retain power whilst enabling the good people of the island to hang on their own money! I just hope that when he finally retires in 2015 there will be enough money left in the European money pot to buy for him a very large tin of Brasso so that he can spend a long and happy retirement going around the island and polishing his plaques. Possibly transported around by his loyal supporters in a specially constructed bullet proof rede?
    The panoramic steel-and-glass viewing point perched at CABO GIRAO looks amazing, a snip at only 2.5 million. Now that the Dengue threat seems to be reducing a little and we are no longer wearing our diving suits the memsaab and I may use it as a take off point for one of our midnight tandem paragliding flights along the coastline.
    May I launch through your blog an appeal for volunteers to help collect for the recent BBC director general Mr George Entwistle. As I am sure you are all aware the poor man after just 53 days in post has been forced to leave his employment with a mere 1.3 million pounds payout. I have personally written to the corporation suggesting that the licence fee is doubled and that free licences for the over 75s are stopped immediately, in order to increase his severance package. Also that with immediate effect to save money, they close down all radio stations with the exception of BBC radio 4.
    I am having some collecting tins specially made, and thought we may be able to collect from the many cruise ship visitors from outside the UK who no doubt listen to the BBC on the interweb without paying a single penny in licence fees. From recent research I have discovered that they will be easy to identify as they all have numbered stickers attached, they are then transported into Funchal by the busload, and are fed mutant fruits in the main market by the stall holders. Volunteer collectors could wait outside and rattle the collecting tins in their faces, in the hope of collecting for this poor man.
    So sorry to reads that poor Renee Van Afternoontea is none too keen on Funchal, perhaps she was also disappointed that the canals over here are so much smaller than in her own country, and have you seen the size of the hills around here?

  26. from dnoticias Dengue reported starts downloading

    The report of the Directorate General of Health issued today regarding the number of dengue cases reported in Madeira, shows that between 19 and 25 this month 219 new cases were reported, ie, less than 30% for the previous week. It also states that 8 patients are admitted and that there are 32 cases (accumulated) citizens of dengue in the region prior to stay. No deaths and remains the recommendations and measures to control the outbreak.

  27. Steven, Re:your stay in Madalena. The restaurant on the sea front in Madalena is expensive. Just up from the car park in Madalena, on the road to the new tunnel to Arco da Calheta ,there is a restaurant called something like “poita or poeta” set back on the right . This is better value, particularly the prato do dia at lunch time. Dos Amigos in Ponta do Sol is also excellent value if you want to eat out. The Sport bar in Arco da Calheta does 2 coffees and 2 toasted cheese and ham sandwiches for 4 euros and 40 cents total.

  28. Air conditioning quotes. I have just got a quote for four air conditioners to be installed for 1500 euros. Sounds like I have a good deal as that includes putting in the pipes and redecorating.

  29. @Viv
    Sounds a good deal to me. We had air-conditioning included by our builder.
    This was part of the deal. It was also supposed to be a heating unit. To this day the heating has never worked. The company that fitted it are rip off merchants. They must have been back a dozen times to try and fix. They don’t speak much English.
    The master unit is in the roof space. They reckoned this was not powerful enough, and needed replacing with a bigger unit, then the heating would work. They also advised us we would get a refund for the unit they were taking out.
    I nearly fell of my perch when they told me the price including the refund.
    Euros 8,000 !!!!!
    I told the interpreter who was in fact out builder, that he had heard wrong and it was 800 euros, but they insisted it was 8,000 euros. I told them to forget it. I reckon the new unit at most would have been 800 euros less of course any refund for the nearly new 2 year old unit they would be taking out.

  30. Following the islands loss of the Guinness World Fireworks Record Thingy. I had an idea to get The Island back into the world spotlight. We may need a group of men or women volunteers of a certain size, preferably with long white beards. What about for Christmas staging ‘The multiple coming of Santa?’ The volunteers dressed in red shell suits could descend from Mont in suitably decorated toboggans, ringing handbells and hollering Yo Ho Ho all the way down. The only other expense would be to dye the white outfits of the toboggan men a shade of Elphin green and to have some pointy hats and curly toed boots made for them. If we applied some WD40 to the toboggan runners they may even make it all the way to the Mercado dos Lavradores in time for the music, and some extra TV coverage!
    If the event really worked we could even build a giant Ski Slope ramp down the road over the roundabout and the toboggans could continue, to be launched out to sea with a prize for the one which travelled the furthest. ( A sort of parents revenge Night?) Of course we would have to make sure that the sight of multiple screaming Santa’s being hurled out to sea was not too distressing for all the children present. But I think for many of them it could be the highlight of their Christmas. Much more fun than just getting another 25 apps for their I Phone 11s.

  31. from dnoticias Farmers’ Markets and Penteada with extended hours this Christmas

    The municipality of Funchal approved this morning at the weekly meeting of the town council time for Christmas trade of Funchal and the Farmers Markets and Penteada. The novelty of this year has to do with the opening of the Farmers Markets and Penteada on 27 December, as well as extending the hours of operation of these spaces during the Christmas season.
    Rubina Leal The councilor stressed that this time was approved unanimously after the autarky have heard traders, employers and trade unions. The hours passed, he adds, was the best solution found by the municipality and “allows traders lords have their establishments open on 1 and 8 December, but then have the 25th, 26th and 27th in which trade in general is closed. ”
    In these times, which is optional, the municipality also approved unanimously extending the hours of operation of the Farmers Markets and its opening on the 27th. In the case of Market Lavrdores, this space will be open between 08h00 and 19h00. Already the Market Penetada will anerto between 08h00 and 20h00. Saturday, day 1 and day 8, the Farmers’ Market will also be open until 14h00.
    Upon approval of this Christmas time the shops may be open until the 14th until 20h00. In the case of food trade this time is extended until 21h00.
    During the week before Christmas, that is, between 17 and 21, the time is extended another hour, going to the establishments are allowed to shut down ports 21.00, On the 24th, the doors will close at 14h00

  32. Martin Do you think by looking at the above picture of Jardin. He thinking now do I buy one of you brass diving helmets and tin of basso and get in the fun. 🙂 you may well have a customer.

  33. Other news from Dnoticias ..Melting of Greenland and Antarctic sea-level increases by 11.1 mm since 1992

    The melting of Greenland and Antarctica contributed to a rise of 11.1 mm in sea levels since 1992, one fifth of the total ascent from the sea in the same period, according to a study released today.

    The study provides the clearest evidence to date of the loss of mass in the polar ice caps, wrote the journal Science, a time when representatives of 194 countries are meeting in Doha on 18. Annual UN Conference on Climate Change.

    Backed by the U.S. space agency (NASA) and European (ESA), 47 scientists from 26 laboratories pooled data from ten missions satellite and produced “the first consistent measurement of changes in polar ice sheets,” he added.

    This study, also wrote to Science, puts an end to 20 years of uncertainty about the extent of melting at the poles.

    Led by Andrew Shepherd of Leeds University, and Erik Ivins, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, the researchers concluded that all major regions of the polar ice caps have lost weight except one since 1992: while Greenland, Antarctica Western Antarctic Peninsula and lost weight, gained only Eastern Antarctic mass, although this gain does not reach to offset losses elsewhere in the region.

    In total, the mass losses of polar ice sheets contributed to the rise in sea level since 1992 at 11.1 mm, which on average represents 20% of the losses in that period.

    However, the losses were not homogeneous. About two-thirds of the losses occurred in polar ice in Greenland and Antarctica remaining third.

    “This allows a more accurate assessment of that part of the ice is a concern (…) It is now clear that Greenland is a problem for the future,” said Andrew Shepherd in a press conference, when asked about the negotiators meeting in Doha can be drawn from this study.

    The study also showed that the rate of melting has increased and, in total, Greenland and Antarctica are losing now three times more ice (equivalent to 0.95 mm of sea level rise per year) than lost in 1990 (equivalent to 0.27 mm).

    Scientists also detected differences in speed of change in each of the poles.

    “The rate of ice loss in Greenland has increased almost five times since mid-1990. By contrast, although the regional changes in Antarctic ice are sometimes impressive, the overall result was more constant – at least with satellite measurements we have access to, “said Erik Ivins.

    Researchers reconciled differences between scores of previous studies on the ice through the use of careful study areas and periods coincident and combining measurements obtained by different kinds of satellites.

    In a commentary also published by Science, climatologist Richard Alley of Penn State University, who was not involved in the study, called the research “an amazing achievement.”

    “The information (…) will lead to a better understanding of how changes in sea level may depend on human decisions affecting global temperatures.”

  34. from dnoticias More than 225 thousand lamps and about 443 000 microlâmpadas give light to Christmas

    More than 225 thousand lamps and about 443 000 microlâmpadas will brighten Christmas in Funchal, today unveiled the company’s source responsible for the installation, on Saturday, illuminates a significant portion of the lights.

    Source of Luzosfera, the company that won the tender for the creation and construction of the grounds and the assembly and disassembly of decorative lights in the Christmas festivities, the passages from year 2012/2013 and 2013/2014 and the Carnival celebrations of 2013 and 2014 , said the investment account with 225,528 and 443,280 microlâmpadas lamps.

    To these add the numbers there, still, 25,002 meters of hose luminous contours used in the decorative motifs, with 900,072 microlâmpadas, the company said.

    The installation work began on the 15th and employ about 120 workers, the same source said, explaining that this year, white and red are the dominant colors of Christmas lighting in the capital of Madeira, where they will stand five centralities.

    The first, at the Farmers’ Market and surrounding areas, includes regional and traditional ethnographic elements, such as the typical attire and footwear, car baskets or embroidery Madeira.

    The second centrality in Town Hall Square and adjacent area, focuses on details of the experiences and traditions of the Christmas season in the world, while next to the Cathedral and its surrounding streets are the religious elements of nature to excel.

    Already in the city pier, Ocean Avenue and Communities Madeirenses still in arteries and zone population and tourists will be able to see elements of universal culture and, finally, the lighting in the hotel zone will include fauna and flora such as orchids, magnolias or birds.

    “One of the novelties, near the Cathedral, is the placement of two angels and giants on Avenida Arriaga, for example, highlights three snowmen too large.

    In the town square were installed two Christmas trees about 20 meters each, “said the source, explaining that the dock in Funchal” candles will give the feeling to those arriving by boat continuity of the sea. ”

    The first phase of the Christmas illuminations light wins on Saturday, but only on the street between the roundabout and the Infante Farmers’ Market, the day begins, too, the entertainment program, which includes several initiatives musical, ethnographic or solidarity. The second and final stage lights on 8 December.

    The Luzosfera added that from December 1 to January 7 lights are on from 18 pm to 1 am. The exception is on days 23, 24 and 31 December, days when the lighting goes off at 6 o’clock.

    Between Christmas Day and 30 December, the lighting remains switched between 18 and 3 o’clock.

    The Government of Madeira will spend about two million in the animation program of Christmas and New year, less than 32% with the poster of 2011, announced on Thursday the regional secretary of Culture, Tourism and Transport, Conceição Student.

    “The program has a total budget of just over two million, while in 2011 was three million,” said the minister. Conception student highlighted the 35% decrease in the amount invested in Illuminations (which will cost 1.2 million euros) – competition which was contested before the Administrative Tribunal of Fiscal and Funchal – and 16% in the spectacle of fireworks, fireworks , estimated at about 750 thousand euros.

  35. More Christmas spirit from Dnoticias Father Christmas arrives at Dolce Vita

    The arrival of Father Christmas, tomorrow, the 16 hours mark the beginning of programming dedicated to this festive season.

    Father Christmas promises, once again, surprised the children and their families with a unique finish, which will only be revealed today. The animation Christmas begins at 15:00 with a musical with songs of Christmas in Central Square. Upon arrival, the animation continues with a parade of toys that will accompany the procession of Santa Claus at shopping center, in which smiles and distribute chocolates to children Regina.

    Throughout December will not miss animation for children.

  36. I was walking on a levada near to Faial today and was surprised by the large number of quite large locusts that were flying around there; almost the size of small birds. Does anyone know if this is a usual occurrence for this time of year ??

  37. Regarding the unverified objections of the operators of the Porto Santo Line to a new ferry service from the mainland to Madeira; I would love to know what their objections are to this proposed new service. Having recently shipped a 20ft container from the UK to Madeira, which cost almost three times the amount it costs to send a container to Australia or South Africa, I wonder how this these charges can be justified. Surely during these times when the people of Madeira are suffering so much, due to the present economic situation, these freight costs should be drastically reduced, in order to bring down the prices of imported goods. I believe its time that the fat cats who have
    lived off the fat of the land in Madeira for many years, should give something back to their fellow islanders. As a new immigrant, I thank the people of Madeira for making me feel so at home in their beautiful island but I do hope they wake up and realise how unfairly they are being treated by this small minority.


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