Fireworks world record goes to Kuwait. Protest against Merkel. Landslides in Santana.

Exploding fireworks illuminate the sky over Kuwait City, Kuwait, last night, during celebrations on the occasion of the 50th Constitution Day jubilee

The Mail yesterday reported that “for the paltry sum of just £10million Kuwait earned a place in the Guinness Book of Records last night as it celebrated the golden jubilee anniversary of its constitution in style by laying on  the biggest fireworks display of all time.

A dazzling array of colours illuminated the skies above the country’s capital of Kuwait City as a staggering 77,282 fireworks were launched over the period of an hour.

A representative of Guinness World Records announced the achievement on Kuwait television at the end of the display which had been watched by tens of thousands of Kuwaitis and expatriates on the Arabian Gulf Road by the sea.

A dazzling array of colours illuminated the skies above the country's capital of Kuwait City as a staggering 77,282 fireworks were launched over the period of an hour

The visual presentation marked 50 years to the day since the late emir Sheikh Abdullah al-Salem al-Sabah announced that Kuwait had become the first Arab state in the Gulf to issue a constitution

(all photos Daily Mail)

I’m not sure that the budget here in Madeira for this and subsequent New Years will be quite as generous, so a chance at regaining the record could be some way off. Nevertheless Kuwait cannot match the natural amphitheatre that is the bay of Funchal, which adds enormously to the impact of those few minutes after midnight – I think I would be getting bored after an hour!

Demonstration scheduled for today outside the German consulate in Funchal

The Union of Trade Unions of Madeira (USE) is protesting today (Monday) against the presence of the German Chancellor in Portugal. The action is scheduled for 17 hours next to the German consulate in Funchal, the Largo do Phelps.

"Mrs. Merkel is doing what Germany many years ago could not by force of arms," ​​said the leader of the USE, Alvaro Silva. "They are now doing it through the economy, ie the “garrotted” countries of Portugal, Greece, Spain and Italy, and we’ll say no," he continued.

The unionist calls for the participation of all the locals in protest



New landslides hamper recovery work  in Santana

The occurrence of new landslides in the early hours of Saturday affected recovery work that  has been carried out in various localities of the municipality of Santana since Tuesday – in the aftermath of bad weather that left clearly visible marks in the northern county.

The Diario reports that despite major problems most roads are now passable, with work divided between resetting channels of water lines that overflowed and clearance of various agricultural roads that continue to impede road access to areas important for cultivation and cattle. The parishes of Vale da Lapa, da Ribeira Grande e da Tranquada, were most affected.

New road layout at the junction of João Gomes and Santa Luzia “rivers”:


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  1. I believe that there is a subtle differance between “biggest” and “largest” …. did not Madeira enter the record books for the largest display? Based on the ground surface area covered by firework launching points?

    Cool with drizzle this a.m……looks nice out to sea – now, where did I park my boat?

  2. No the Madeira record was for the number of fireworks in the 2006/07 display which I seem to recall was around 66,000. So unfortunately the record has gone and given the funding situation in Portugal I fear it will be many a year before Madeira would ever be able to challenge it again.
    What I fail to undertand however is how Madeira didn’t build on their record in 2009/10. We went to see the display and it was reported that 99,600 fireworks were used but the record never changed. I suspect it may be something to do with paying Guinness to have representatives on hand to verify the record but I may be wrong.

  3. from dnoticias Effects of the strike began to be felt tonight

    From the 20 hours must already begin to feel the effects of the General Strike in Funchal. It is from this time that they enter the service workers removing garbage, street cleaning and street painters markers.

    That said even the TSF-Madeira, António Monteiro, head of the Syndicate of Workers of Local Government (STAL). The union said the strike will affect mainly Funchal, because it is the only municipality that does garbage collection night.

    António Monteiro believes there will be a good adhesion to strike, “since the revolt of the workers is a lot.”

    The general strike of November 14 was called by the CGTP in protest against the worsening of austerity policies and in defense of alternative policies that promote economic growth.

  4. someone was asking about the works on Funchal sea front recently. The front page of the Diário today has a picture with the new structures overlaid, including a large 3 lane roundabout.

    Amusing really, as even a 2 lane roundabout seems to have a redundant lane here.

  5. from dnoticias Madeira recorded the second highest unemployment rate in the country
    Only the Azores and the Algarve escape the rising unemployment in the summer

    Unemployment in the Algarve fell between July and September from 17.4% to 14.7% due to summer jobs, this time of year that contribute to mitigate the effects of the crisis in the region.

    According to data released today by the National Statistics Institute (INE), the unemployment rate increased in five regions (North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo and Madeira) and decreased in the Algarve and the Azores.

    In annual terms, however, the unemployment rate increased in all regions, with the largest increases in Alentejo, Azores and North.

    In the autonomous region of the Azores, in quarterly unemployment fell slightly from 15.6% to 15.4%.

    The highest unemployment rates were recorded in Lisbon (17.8%), Madeira (17.5%), North (16.4%) and Alentejo (16.1%).

    The lowest values ​​were observed, in turn, at the center (12.5%), Algarve (14.7%) and the Azores (15.4%).

    Between July and September, the unemployment rate rose in the third quarter to 15.8%, compared to 15% in the previous quarter, with the number of unemployed in Portugal to exceed 870,000, today released the INE.

  6. Recently we have experienced major problems with deliveries from Amazon.
    It seems they are now using MRW to deliver consignments to Portugal.
    The problem is MRW do not deliver to Madeira!
    Goods arrive at the MRW depot in Portugal, sit there, and then get returned as undeliverable!
    Has anybody found a way around this problem, Amazon’s customer service seem to employ people with very little intelligence who don’t seem to understand that Madeira is not on the mainland.

  7. Our last Amazon delivery arrived with us OK at the end of last week Richard, albeit a week behind forecast. I don’t have the packaging any more but I’m sure it was routed through DHL. If you source from an Amazon retailer I assume shipment is different to ordering directly from Amazon themselves?

  8. Back in August, there was an article saying that an announcement may soon be made regarding a new ferry service between Setubal and Madeira. Well, what’s happening ??
    It would be nice to have an update as to whether this is actually going to happen or if the information was incorrect.

  9. The difference about the fireworks for me is that they’re in Madeira and I don’t care whose biggest and best, just that thankfully I can still see them in this corner of paradise!


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