Dengue outbreak latest update.Tuna catches increase. Airport privatisation confirmed.

Dengue fever latest:

The most recent figures are reported in the Diario today:


“Since October 3, 1,357 cases of dengue fever have cumulatively been reported in the Region, of which 669 were laboratory confirmed and 688 are probable (only with symptoms, some awaiting laboratory confirmation). These numbers are part of the weekly update released yesterday by the Directorate General of Health

“In a statement signed by the Director-General of Health, Francis George, the DGS also notes that there have been 89 hospitalizations in Madeira because of dengue fever and, at this moment in time, just five are hospitalised. So far no deaths are recorded.

“Regarding dengue cases (accumulated data) in people who have recently stayed in Madeira, nine cases across the continent has been diagnosed ,all benign. The total is twenty cases “exported” from the region so far. This number has not increased since last week.

Casa Parsons (thank you Debs) has kindly let me know that the UK Health Protection Agency have updated their figures (these, in the light of the above, are now slightly out of date – but they are consistent with the previous figures from the DGS in Madeira)

This link includes the usual advice to travellers – who, we must emphasise again, must not be discouraged from visiting Madeira, as the Dengue strain is very mild. They re-iterate very sensible (and easy to implement) precautions that can reduce the risk to minimal now that the weather is cooling.

See also the Telegraph article at the bottom of this post

Tuna catches increase, demand for meat declines

The Diario reports that fishing in Madeira, in first nine months of the year, earned a record 10.6 million euros for fishermen, representing an increase of 15.9% over the same period last year.

According to data from the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira, this rise is due to an extraordinary harvest of tuna, with 2805 tonnes sold at auction in Madeira – more than double (114% more) than the first nine months of last year. Tuna assured the fishermen and their owners an income of 5.1 million euros, 59.9% more than in the same period last year.

Revenues generated from the most valuable species  in the seas around Madeira – catches of black scabbard fish – have declined due to only 1368 tons being unloaded – 15.2% less than the year before – worth 4 million euros, representing a decrease of 12.4% of the income of those fishermen.



The statistics show that egg production reached new highs. In the first three quarters of this year, 19.8 million eggs were produced , 2.1% more than a year earlier, while production of chicken meat reached the 3,279 tons, 13.5% more than a year before .

A decline is, however, affecting the production and consumption of other types of meats. In the first nine months 1,234 tons of beef was supplied, 30.6% fewer than in the same period of 2011. For the first time in recent years, pork recorded a decline of 50.6%, with the local market selling only 341 tons produced in the region.

Airport privatisation confirmed

Secretary of the Treasury, Maria Luís Albuquerque, said today that "the privatization of ANA also involved the airport of Madeira, and it remains to determine whether the Government will remain in the company”.

Maria Luís Albuquerque, who spoke at the briefing of the Council of Ministers, following approval of the list of five consortia remain in the race for the privatization of ANA, said that the discussion with the Regional Government of Madeira is not yet closed.

"We are in dialogue with the Regional Government of Madeira to decide exactly the terms of the privatization," which may involve maintaining  the part that is owned by the Regional Government of Madeira or pass the decision to sell this part also.

The discussion "is still on-going, but the overall management of the airport of Madeira, as ANA holds the majority stake in ANAM (Madeira Airports), will be included in the privatization process," said Secretary of State.

The Council of Ministers today approved the ‘short list’ of five candidates for privatization and that consortia include Fraport / MFIs, Vinci, Zurich, Blink and EAMA, the last two with the participation of national companies.

The deadline for submission of tenders binding, which will be in mid-December, will be fixed by order of the Minister of Finance.

Travel advice from the Telegraph 16 Nov:

Madeira and Mosquitoes

Just found this and thought any concerned visitor might be interested:


Full link below:

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  1. from dnoticas Madeira lost 47,000 tourists in the first nine months of the year

    In the first nine months of the year Wood lost 47 000 tourists, compared with the same period last year, according to data from the Regional Directorate of Statistics of Madeira.

    Early estimates of tourist activity for the month of September 2012 show a decline of 3.5% in overnight stays, compared with the same month.

    In absolute terms, were registered in hotels of Madeira and Porto Santo approximately 556.8 thousand nights that month.

    Except as inns, which rose 4.6% and hotels (0.8% more), all types of establishment showed negative changes in overnight stays, with higher incidence in relative terms in pensions (-22.5%) and tourist villages (-16.6%).

    In major source markets, the estimated change for the German market was +11%, while the UK (-14.9%) and Portugal (-13.1%) had breaks.

    In turn, the occupancy rate in September 2012 reached 65.1% and total revenues were close to the 25.9 million euros, down 4% compared to September 2011, data shows.

    RevPar, which measures the benefit obtained per available room reached 38.15 euros, 0.4% less than in the same month last year.

    In these first three quarters of the year, guests entered the island 672,591, which represents a decrease of 6.7% compared to the same period last year.

    The drop in entries is explained with a decline of 17.5% in the guest residing in Portugal, totaling 145,342 tourists, 527,249 against foreigners, less than 1.2% a year earlier.

    In the first nine months of the year, the archipelago’s 28,012 beds registered 4.3 million overnight stays, 116,000 fewer than a year earlier, representing less than 2.6%.

    The Portuguese customers accounted for 498,000 overnight stays, 19.1% fewer than in the same period last year.

    The occupancy rate is set at the end of the third quarter of this year, in 64.5%, 6.6 percentage points more than a year earlier, with revpar rising to 33.07 euros, 1.1% more .

    In the first nine months of 2012, tourism Madeira recorded 198.9 million euros of total income, minus 1.9%, with the particularity of having lodging income reached 122.7 million euros, 800 thousand euros less than a year earlier (-0.6%).

  2. Thanks Admin
    I have now had extensive e mail correspondence with Amazon. It seems that they have recently nominated MRW as there Portuguese distributor. They did not realise that MRW, who are there Spanish distributor, did not deliver to the Portuguese islands. I have one consignment coming via DHL due for delivery today. That seems to have been stuck in a German depot for the last 6 days. Not good news if you want to purchase anything from Amazon in the run up to Christmas. Only option at the moment seems to select there most expensive delivery package.

  3. Sounds like we were lucky Richard. Just returned a laser printer to Amazon (on a pre-paid label via CTT to a Lisbon address) and awaiting a replacement – will see what happens with these!

  4. from dnoticias Market Week offers one more event to Funchal
    With promotion and dissemination of regional products

    It started this morning at the Market Week, an initiative of the Municipality of Funchal. The councilwoman Rubina Leal emphasized that the aim is to invigorate and enliven the space, creating another event for the city that offers music, activities and regional products. “We have over 30 companies that will be present here,” he said.

    At the entrance to the Farmers’ Market was installed a digital banking, where can be seen the products on the market.

    This afternoon two workshops, one on the Madeira Embroidery, at 14 o’clock, and on the other Regional Offices, at 15 hours.

    Tomorrow there’s another about Tapestry Regional on Tuesday on Sugar, Fruit on the fourth and fifth on mushrooms. All these issues are then repeated over the remaining days.

    There will also be tastings of wines and regional cuisine, samples of sweets, desserts and even a cooking show and fashion show.

    The Market Week runs until the 24th of November, Saturday.

  5. I don’t normally change a post once it is uploaded, but I have added a copy of an article from the Telegraph to the bottom of the post above. Apologies – I have only just found this – it is on the same old subject – “Madeira & Mosquitos” but from a medical point of view adds interesting new information.

  6. Have bought several gallons of DEET based repellant to take with me to Funchal.
    The bee keepers outfit idea has been dumped on the basis of it being a bit flashy.
    It would look daft wearing DJ over it at the Festival of Promises dinner.

  7. from dnoticias Dengue has affected 25 people from several countries who visited Madeira

    Twenty-five people from various countries were affected by the outbreak of dengue detected on Oct. 3 in Madeira, pointing to the latest report confirmed cases to 669, according to a data released today.

    According to the statement of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the virus was detected in nine patients in mainland Portugal, in another six in the UK, seven in Germany, two in France and one in Sweden after return from Madeira.

    This virus is transmitted by mosquito ‘Aedes aegypti’ who came to Madeira in 2005, having been the subject of several campaigns to prevent its spread and for seven years was not registered any case of disease.

    On 3 October this year the Public Health Authority of Portugal reported the first two cases of dengue in patients residing on the island.

    According to the latest report published on the website of the General Inspectorate of Health, last Wednesday, “were reported, cumulatively, 1,357 cases of dengue fever,” of which 669 laboratory confirmed and 688 probable, and these ” with only symptoms, some awaiting laboratory confirmation. ”

    Until that time there were “89 hospitalized, five of them hospitalized” and there was no record of deaths.

    The same report noted that dengue fever was also diagnosed at 11 foreign nationals for health services in other countries, but “all progressing to the cure,” noting that remain “the recommendations and measures implemented to prevent and controlling the outbreak. ”

    On occasion, the DGS said that “the current epidemiological status does not imply any restriction on travel to that destination,” but advised “travelers to observe the recommendations” available on its website and “pay attention to the guidelines of the health authorities Autonomous Region of Madeira.

    The regional health authorities unleashed last Saturday for disinfecting stage, fighting chemical in priority areas such as hospital, health centers, nursing homes and some schools and kindergartens.

    The charge of the Institute for Health and Social Affairs of Madeira, Ana Nunes, said the situation is “worrisome” and that the measures taken have not yet possible to achieve a “comfortable level”.

    However, it found that there was a slight decrease in population density of mosquitoes, based on the evaluation of traps and eggs, which are not yet reflected in the number of cases of the disease, admitting that over time the “tendency is to download” .

    The cooling temperature is a favorable factor, but health officials still encourage the adoption of preventive measures, warning that mosquitoes will try to look for warmer places, such as the interiors of homes.

    The ECDC also states that “residents and travelers visiting the island of Madeira are strongly advised to take personal protection measures, such as use of repellents to avoid mosquito bites. Since dengue is transmitted by a mosquito daytime (Aedes aegypti ) protective measures should be applied throughout the day. “

  8. from dnoticias Madeira under yellow caution due to rain

    The mountainous regions of Madeira are today under yellow warning due to weather periods of heavy rain, according to the Institute of Meteorology (IM).

    The yellow warning decreed due to the forecast of heavy rain will run from the 21 pm today and 6 am Wednesday.


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