Dengue latest. Storm damage photos. Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 meet up!

Wet weather encourages an increase in the number of mosquitos.

The recent wet spell seems to have brought out a final flurry of mosquitos – certainly in the Funchal area. Visitors are advised to follow the precautions outlined in previous posts (preferably not any of the more humorous suggestions – but please send photos if you decide to try!!). Hopefully we have seen the last of the rain, with humidity down to 65% today from 80-85% over the last two weeks and the outlook is fair. Peter has kindly updated the most recent figures on the Dengue infections, although once again it must be stressed that the strain is very mild. With the risk reducing as the temperature falls, what is more interesting is what AJJ, having ben re-elected as Honorary Dictator once more, intends to do about this problem NEXT YEAR! This island only has one serious revenue generator in the economy, and tourism will be affected sooner or later – on top of all the austerity measures being felt locally and nationally.

More storm damage.

Some dramatic pictures are emerging of the storms that hit the north coast on Sunday night/Monday morning and again in Machico the following day:

Landslip in Sao Vincente (picture: RTP)

Ribeira da Janela (above)

and more latterly Machico below (Diario) – the headline refers to “mud”

Meanwhile Queen Victoria met up with Queen Mary (2) in Funchal today:

Lots of “hooting” going on this afternoon!

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  2. Apologies for the error messages at the top of the screen – they are there deliberately to assist in resolving a technical problem associated with the database becoming so big – 3 years of posting and comments add up to 250MB of data. Should only be temporary!!

  3. DHL are taking over 2 weeks and very nearly 3 weeks to send express parcels from UK to Madeira.
    Unofficially advised its to do with strikes at Lisbon.
    So why go via there?
    Go direct or via Azores perhaps.
    They are not offering the service they had earlier this year.

  4. from dnoticias Lighting in downtown Funchal from December 1
    Cost reduction does not affect “excellence” program of Christmas and New Year

    “The inauguration of the illuminations and the whole program planned to mark the celebrations of Christmas and New Year in Madeira will take place on December 8,” said, adding that “now the 1st of December, some lights are lit, particularly in the city center of Funchal, “a source told Lusa the Department of Tourism Madeira.

    “The lights are part of the scenario that is mounted to mark the ‘Party’ in Madeira and in this light will be installed in both the low and the amphitheater that surrounds the city of Funchal, as the island of Porto Santo,” he said.

    Moreover, as reported in the JOURNAL last October, the Government has reduced by more than 30% the cost of the illuminations of the court. The cost amounts to EUR 1,146,236.23.

    At Lusa, a source close to the Madeira Tourism stressed that the financial adjustments not jeopardize the image and excellence that recognizes “the poster Madeira.

    “As is the case every year, we prepared a comprehensive program, involving public and private entities to mark this court in Wood,” so “for about a month, the Region will stage the many and varied activities and initiatives, both in the city center of Funchal as in other counties, with decorative projects and cultural depicting the holiday season, musical entertainment and surprises for all audiences, “he concluded.

  5. Here in Ireland we have parcel motels, you get the goods free posted or cheaply posted to the nearest country and they move it by truckload and charge you €3 or €6 depending on where it came from

    It is in other European countries but I am not sure where, they were advertising for garages or respectable business’s with room for lockers and security in place to distribute them

    It might be worth a google search to see if theres one from Portugal or on the Aramas run, its a longer wait but saves a lot of money

    How exciting, it has let me post my web address, I lost my job 9 months ago and as a director of a long defunct company I am not entitled to any benefits as a single parent for 3 years (even after paying 48% tax for years)

    So I have gone back to my roots and started a jewellery website thats very very cheap as I only need a wage, I do not plan on paying big taxes ever again

    Maybe I should google parcel motel to Madeira lol Our postal charges are a rip off!


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