Jardim proposes to stand down in 2015. “Unwise” European spending in Madeira. Portugal to quit Euro(vision).

AJJ to resign no later than Jan 2015

During his opening speech to the Congress of the PSD-M, Alberto João Jardim, has announced that he will leave the presidency of the Regional Government in January 2015, nine months before the regional elections.

Alberto João Jardim DANIEL ROCHA

The next congress of the PSD-M is scheduled for ............  ...read more

Palácio Hotel project postponed. Population increase. New levada walking “App”. Transport downturn.

Madeira Palácio rebuild cancelled

A Lignum, Investimento Turísticos da Madeira, do not know if they can continue with the works of Madeira Palácio, one of the original 5-Star hotels on the island, where I was lucky enough to stay on my first visit to the island in 1990. Unfortunately it looks like it will now stay as a half demolished ............  ...read more

Dengue outbreak latest update.Tuna catches increase. Airport privatisation confirmed.


Dengue fever latest:

The most recent figures are reported in the Diario today:

“Since October 3, 1,357 cases of dengue fever have cumulatively been reported in the Region, of which 669 were laboratory confirmed and 688 are probable (only with symptoms, some awaiting laboratory confirmation). These numbers are part ............  ...read more

Dengue latest. Storm damage photos. Queen Victoria and Queen Mary 2 meet up!

Wet weather encourages an increase in the number of mosquitos.

The recent wet spell seems to have brought out a final flurry of mosquitos – certainly in the Funchal area. Visitors are advised to follow the precautions outlined in previous posts (preferably not any of the more humorous suggestions – but please send photos if you decide to try!!). Hopefully ............  ...read more

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