Dengue latest. Two Hyper Sá stores close. Bad weather – flights diverted and landslides.

Bad weather

The bad weather that has been forecasted duly arrived overnight with heavy rain and strong winds that continue this morning.

File:Grand Princess (ship, 1998) IMO 9104005, in Split, 2011-10-13.jpgAs you look out over Funchal this morning one of the cruise ships that was due to dock  (the Grand Princess) has had to lay-up (or whatever the technical term is) close to shore just off the Lido. I guess if you are looking after something valued at $450 million you have to be fairly careful! – apparently she was the largest and most expensive passenger ship ever built at the time (1998) and remains the flagship in the Princess Cruises fleet (stock photo). Last night the Captain of the Port of Funchal issued a warning to shipping due to strong sea waves, strong winds and poor visibility at sea.In the statement, the commander of the Maritime Zone of Madeira, Amaral Frazão, recommended vessels to take precautions on the coast north and south of the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

The airport web site shows that whilst a couple of flights got away earlier there are now delays for departures and some incoming flights are being diverted to Porto Santo





The Diario also reports that several landslides have closed the highway connecting the Nuns Valley. It seems that landslides in general are becoming more common occurrences due to the exposure of ground in areas affected by the fires this summer

Hiper Sá stores in Machico and Câmara de Lobos close

The Hiper Sá stores in Machico and Câmara de Lobos closed yesterday, but with “a promise to reopen soon”.

The Diario reports that according to one of the directors of Grupo Sá, the decision is part of the “restructuring plan for the company and the partnership that is being negotiated”, saying that in November both stores may be again open to the public.

It was also guaranteed that no employee will lose their job, but be redeployed in other units. I was in Machico yesterday and whilst the store was closed with the same notice as the above picture from Câmara do Lobos on the front door, the cafe on the top floor appeared to be open. Having spent a bit of time there during summer I must say that it has been a sad place to visit – empty shelves and a single bored check-out operator. Just down the road, the cramped Pingo is always heaving!

Dengue latest

Following up on Elaine’s comment yesterday, the online version of the Diario is reporting that four tourists "from England, France and Sweden" have contracted Dengue. This is a minute percentage when you consider the numbers visiting the island. However you must bear in mind that as Jon has commented, the cooler temperatures have reduced mosquito activity substantially, and the strain is very mild.

The Diario reports that a patient suspected of suffering from the disease who was referred to hospital by his doctor, had been charged to pay for care in the emergency department and also for the analysis required for laboratory confirmation. In total, the bill was 34 euros. When asked about a possible exemption, the receptionist said that "he had heard something like that on the news, but the indication was that he had to charge."

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  1. from dnoticias Time with improvements from the early afternoon
    Higher values ​​of precipitation occurred in Areeiro with 258 mm in the last 12 hours

    Highest peak in Areeiro was recorded at 8 hours, with 44 mm per hour. In Funchal, the most complicated period was from 3 to 4 hours with 12.5 mm.

    The Institute of Meteorology predicts an improvement in the weather from early afternoon to the precipitation and the mid-afternoon to the wind.

    According Vítor Prior, Centre responsible for Madeira, may still occur showers, heavy at times, but the most complicated period is past.

    In the last 12 hours, the highest values ​​of rainfall were recorded in Areeiro, with 258 mm and 190 mm in Areeiro at Bica da Cana. In Santo da Serra were recorded 92 mm in S. Vincent 90 mm and 55 mm in Funchal. The lowest value was in S. George, with 12 mm.

    The highest hourly values ​​were recorded at 8 am in Areeiro with 44 mm. In Funchal, the peak rainfall occurred between 3 and 4 hours have been recorded 12.5 mm.

    As for the wind, the stronger blast occurred in Areeiro, for 4 hours, and reached 122 kilometers per hour. On Tuesday Loin of the strongest gust was 126 km / hour, while in Funchal the strongest recorded in the Lido, between 7 and 9 am, reaching 70 km / hour.

    For tomorrow, should keep the improvement in the weather, but forecasts point to a further worsening on Friday.

  2. Once again Peter, thank you for the very accurate forecast via the “Diario”……enabled us to move garden furniture etc. inside and to close all windows and shutter in preperation = good stuff Sir! We did indeed have a very stormy, very wet and very windy night/morning – – as forecast, calming down now with less rain and even a few blue spots appearing in the sky! Also thanks to our local camara (council) who recently buit a new water drainage tunnel under the road above us. This, coupled with the diversion of the fire damaged forest/hill water run off above us, into new drainage channels prevented our downhill access road from becoming a river…well done to all concerned. However, even this good work could not prevent the water/mud build up on the road below us (to Santa Cruz) as the existing underoad tunnel was somewhat overwhelmed….However, the Camara workes, diggers and all began clearance first thing this a.m. (in the torrential rain) and traffic is now able to pass up/down and into Santa Cruz/Funchal – again sterling work chaps, thanks!
    Looking forwards to a beer in my shorts and T shirt later on then!
    Take Care All, hope nobody has been injured (or worse) and that all houses/apartments are O.K……

  3. MOSQUITOS Earlier this year we went to the Vaccine Centre in Bom Jesus (you need to go with an appointment. We went via our doctor) to see if we needed jabs for a holiday in a tropical country & were told no, as we were only going for 2 weeks – BUT the doctor gave us a prescription for a Vitamin B complex tablet as he said that this makes you smell unappealing to mosquitos. We duly took one a day and it did seem to work and no-one said if we smelled any different! I got only one bite, hubby none, whereas other members of our extended family there got many more. With this experience, I have just
    been to our local farmacía in Penteada, Funchal where they said there are indeed some
    of the Aedis Egyptes (sp?) about now and they sold me some B complex tabs which they
    say do work. Not cheap this way at €4.20 for a pack of 20 days’ supply but I think worth it if it keeps the Dengue away. (Yes Jon, it is a supposed to be a mild version but I Googled it & apparently the more often you get it, the worse it can get.) Maybe all our
    Health Centres should prescribe them? Good Luck everyone in the Anti-Mossy War!

  4. from dnoticias Madeira continues with three closed roads

    According to information from the Civil Protection Regional site, recently updated, Madeira continues with three roads closed as a result of the bad weather of recent days.

    Are closed: Path of the Blacks; Section between the Lander and Pico Areeiro; Section between the Encumeada and Paul da Serra.

    Reopened, but are still constrained the following routes: Section between the Yard Fight and Lander; Section between the site of Vasco Gil and Cumeal past the Nuns Valley; Section between the site and Camacha Waters Mansas; Falca; Section between the Serra d’Agua and Encumeada; Payback between the ER 222 (Canhas) and Paúl Sierra; Section between the ER 222 (Fajã Ewe) and Paul do Mar.

    Porto Santo also has a conditional road, the stretch between the Camacha and Serra de Fora

  5. from dnoticias 12 cases of dengue ‘exported’ the Region

    In a statement released this afternoon, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) confirmed data already announced by IASAÚDE about the outbreak of dengue in the Region (62 dengue cases confirmed, 463 probable cases, six inpatients) and also states that, on the continent, have been diagnosed six cases of dengue to people with a history of recent stay in Madeira and other foreign citizens in six cases by the health services of the countries where they reside.

    The DGS also shows that the current epidemiological situation does not imply any restriction on travel to Madeira, travelers should follow the recommendations of the DGS, available on the official website, and pay attention to the guidelines of the Health Authorities in Madeira.

  6. from dnoticias madeira with yellow warning until Saturday due to rain and wind

    The archipelago will be under yellow warning of severe weather from late this afternoon due to the forecast of rain and wind, according to the Meteorological Office.

    The yellow warning, the second a less severe scale of four, will be activated at 18:00 today and until the end of the day Saturday in mountainous areas due to the forecast of strong winds with gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

    18:00 Starting today and until the end of the day Saturday estatá also under the same warning the south coast of the island, as they are expected periods of rain or showers accompanied by thunderstorms.

    The north coast of the island and Porto Santo are also under yellow warning from 18:00 on Friday until the end of the sabbath, as they expect periods of rain and heavy downpours.

  7. update from dnoticias Madeira with yellow warning until Saturday due to rain and wind

    The archipelago will be under yellow warning of severe weather from late this afternoon due to the forecast of rain and wind, according to the Meteorological Office.

    The yellow warning, the second a less severe scale of four, will be activated at 18:00 today and until the end of the day Saturday in mountainous areas due to the forecast of strong winds with gusts of up to 90 kilometers per hour.

    18:00 Starting today and until the end of the day Saturday estatá also under the same warning the south coast of the island, as they are expected periods of rain or showers accompanied by thunderstorms.

    The north coast of the island and Porto Santo are also under yellow warning from 18:00 on Friday until the end of the sabbath, as they expect periods of rain and heavy downpours.

  8. With the recent outbreak of Dengue Fever and me worried that I might be attacked to the same extent as Scottish Highland Midges, their scars I wear some 25 years later, I have been researching the possible purchase of a bee keepers outfit.
    Has anybody used this to ward off mossies on madeira?
    Has wearing the one piece outfit been too warm?
    Are they comfortable to wear in bed?
    Would I need a spare outfit for washing and repairs?
    Has it prevented the mossies coming through and attacking the occupants?
    Would it be cheaper to buy such an outfit on the Island?
    Would Immigration Control at Funchal airport allow you to wear it when disembarking?
    I would be grateful for any helpful information prior to leaving UK

  9. from dnoticias Removal of stones in streams motivates complaint PND
    The party will tomorrow formalize a complaint with prosecutors

    The PND will present tomorrow the prosecution services of Funchal, a complaint against the removal of stones and other inert streams in Funchal, specifically in areas upstream of them.

    The leader of the NDP, Gil Canha says that this withdrawal is “alarve and irresponsible” that has been made in recent times, which is the source of all “loose material” that fell by streams of Funchal, on the last Tuesday Monday, the sequences of intense rainfall. “And then everyone was surprised why the mouths of creeks quickly of St. John and St. Lucia were full of that stuff,” the leader of the new vinca democracy.

    Gil Canha gives the example of Ribeira Grande de Santo António, where the removal of inert is “taking off the slopes of the streams”, removing the support of all those materials located on the banks.

    “This is madness”, vinca, adding that the prosecutor’s participation is also a way to “have the magistrates involved in the matter,” even so “they take responsibility for their actions.

  10. Unfortunateley during our recent stay in madeira my wife suffered badly from bites, at one point 36 on one leg alone (below the knee) and ended up spending every evening lying in bed completly covered up ( even then new bites would appear)instead of enjoying a drop of the good stuff on the balcony or going off downtown for a meal. Fortunately she has had no further effects from them. Plugins ,burning repellents did not make any difference and having no prior warning of the high level of mosquito’s did not bring anything with us. Some pharmacies in Funchal actually run out of anti- histamine cream. Downside of this and it was echoed by a number of other people who were affected that, now Madeira is a no-go area if there is any chance of a repeat (this after 20 years of visiting 2,3 times a year) of the level of infestation.
    Did notice during this time Parks, Hotels etc were still using sprinkler’s and drip feed watering which increase the habitat for the mosquito’s. I’m one of the lucky ones who don’t get bitten (even by the Highland ones).

    I seem to remember from my time in the forces a mossie repellent that was used extensively “Avon Skin-So-Soft”. You could apply that under your beekeepers outfit as a secondary defence, might also help with the chafing.

  11. Martin, an inner wet suit a la James Bond, worn under your outer clothes should suffice,,,bit sweaty but mossie proof methinks! And currently very usefull here…..
    BUT lovely sunny periods and 22*c this p.m. AND an outside (under the cobertura) BBQ this eve!

  12. Even if we can’t get rid of all the horrible bugs that bite and infect, tomorrow there is a huge opportunity to get rid of a dangerous ugly pest that has been hanging around for well over 30 years.

    Somehow I have my doubts that we will be so lucky, and now that the damage has already been done to our economy and finances, at best we will end up with another beast created in the same regime that is going to inherit a huge amount of serious probelms, with no resources to resolve them.

    Long live the (new) president!!!

  13. Vote for the JPP = Junta Pelo Povo, the Party for the people. Headed by the Santa Cruz Camara incumbent, Philipe Sousa, nobely represented in Gaula and doing a grand job.
    They really do help the people at (burnt) “grass root” level and raise/donate funds for the needy – ALL without ANY of Bertie’s Government help, who withdrew promised funding when the JPP won the Gaula/Santa Cruz seat, by way of pinishment to the peoples……Philipe and the JPP are also doing their best with flood prevention measures on the limited funds available……

  14. Jon, I would like to vote but have problems sorting out when/where/how. I have discovered I need to register at the Junta, which I have done. Beyond that, I have seen no info on when the elections are, who is running, or where to vote – although I was told the Camara elections were to be in October and our local incumbent was stepping down.

    Not only do I want to vote, unless the politicians start to understand that the expats can and do vote, we are likely to get less respect at the Camaras.

  15. Dear Martine
    With regard to your post concerning possible precautions against the dreaded Dengue Fever, you may find the following observations of interest.
    There is no need to become overly concerned with the issue; a few simple precautions during your daily routine are all that is required. My partner and I have been on the island for a number of weeks now and have adopted the following multi step regime.
    On arrival we removed all discarded tyres from our apartment, and disposed of all tin cans, plastic containers, ceramic pots, or similar water holding containers.
    We sprayed our swimming pool and balcony hot tub with napalm. We now change the water in our bird bath every 3 hours. We fitted triple layer screens to all windows, and installed a mosquito net over our bed, and fitted automatic full apartment sprays which operate every two hours during daylight and hourly at night.
    We eat a diet of Marmite with crushed garlic three times each day. Next we smear ourselves from head to toe with 100% Deet repellent cream, and wear full bee keeper’s suits under our deep sea diving suits (with helmet and air tanks) and the outside of our suits we rub all over with skin so soft. Around our necks we wear ultrasonic mosquito repellers, and each hour we spray each other from head to foot with our flame throwers , and then once our suits have cooled down we re-apply the layer of skin so soft.
    So far we have experienced excellent results! The only slight downside has been on our many lavada walks we find it difficult to hold our walking poles in each hand due to the thickness of our heavy duty diving gloves, but we have solved this now by using our Zimmer frames instead. We have found that on walks which involve long routes through tunnels we no longer sustain head injuries when we bump our heads on low hanging rocks due to the protective properties if our heavy lead diving helmets.
    Our social life has taken a slight downturn following the incident when due to the weight of my air tanks and diving helmet I fell backwards off my barstool in the foyer of a well known hotel and it took four waiters a considerable period of time to restore me to the vertical position. But to be honest we have found that we are so exhausted by the end of the day we are happy to stay at home and polish our helmets.
    Hope the above hints will ensure that you have a happy bite free stay on the island. If you are interested we could post full detailed images on face-tube.
    P.S We always watched you in EastEnders, and still play ‘perfect moment’ whenever we can get the CD player working.

  16. hoho … good tips there on dengue precautions.

    The election of the president of the PSD is an internal matter, just within the party. There are only around 3,800 paid up party activists entitled to vote, and already the JSD (youth branch of the PSD) and elected politicians have said that they will vote for AJJ, so I have doubts that he will be toppled today, even more so through the dirty tricks campaign he has run over the last couple of months (will say more on this later if AJJ wins, if not I will save my pen and ink).

    To top it all today, there is some confusion over the voting papers, that could help or hinder either candidate I guess.

    Result given shortly after 10 pm today.

    Voting is easy for entitled persons … as Ellen said, go to the Junta de Freguesia with all your documents (residencia being the key one), and register. You will be given a blue voters card. After that, when there is a Regional or local election, you will find out where your voting station is … and you vote.

  17. admin, thanks for the voting information, for all, well not for Bertie……

    Elkanah, x5 star, brilliant and unsurpassed……surely a T.V. show beckons!

    Just one more little precaution methinks:

    Keep a Goldfish bowl/tank in each room, with somewhat stale water, then when the mossies alight on the “stagnant” water the Goldfish get a free lunch – and you are Mossie free = Bingo!

    Alternatively, site a “mossie sensitive” flame thrower adjacent to each natural opening (not your own) in your home and watch them burn babe….

    Too much Helmet Polishing can make you blind……

  18. well Bertie scraped through with 51% of the vote, and no change of president consequently. Dirty tricks for sure got him what he needed to scrape through for sure.

    2 more years of this regime now.

    Then that’s the end of Jardim. An earlier blessing can only be through natural causes or a grassy knoll.

  19. from dnoticias Electoral Act: 1786 Garden, 1644 to Miguel Albuquerque

    The minutes electoral disclosed by Jose Prada, Chairman of the Jurisdiction of the PSD-M, confirms the figures put forward by the DAILY Party Supply.

    Here’s the official data of PSD-Madeira:

    Number of voters: 3859

    Number of voters: 3473

    Number of white votes: 24

    Number of invalid ballots: 19

    Alberto João Jardim: 1786 votes

    Miguel Albuquerque: 1644 votes

  20. So if I understand what has been said a bee keepers outfit is not entirely suitable.
    I wonder if Harrods would refund the purchase?
    Will try Marmite/Guiness/Deet/Vitamin E/Diesel cocktail spray instead.

  21. Dear Martine
    Or should I refer to you as Mrs Mc Manus (is your new father in law still wrestling?) Hope you had a great honeymoon following your September wedding at Lake Como, and didn’t eat too much cake? Thank you for your kind offer to sign my CD when we next meet. Any chance of a signed copy of ‘Love Actually’ as well? (We always thought the dishy Hugh Grunt would have made a better Prime minister than that awful Blair person) We have installed Goldfish bowls in every natural opening as you suggested and will let you know of any developments.
    With regard to the helmet polishing it has been mentioned by the Memsaab – but as poor pensioners looking at the cancellation of our winter drinking allowance and the surgical removal of our bus passes, we have to take our pleasures as they come – if you see what I mean. Thinking about it – would you mind adding a couple of gallons of Brasso to the other goodies?
    One of the consequences of our Dengue avoidance lifestyle has been the cancellation of our much loved tandem paragliding flights from Ponta da Cruz. Sorry to report that the sheer weight of our outfits make the downward trajectory speed too terrifying to contemplate; and much as we have always fancied being included in the Guinness book of world records – the falling like a brick over a cliff category is not for us!
    On the upside we have been exploring the islands many delightful Diving opportunities, and as we arrive on board already kitted up we are always first over the side! In fact the charming Captain Sparrow and his crew can hardly wait to help us overboard every morning! He even installed our own personal plank! Martine if you are interested his ship ‘The Pink Pearl’ (not to be confused with ‘The Saga Pearl’) sails from the harbour most mornings on his popular ‘Wreck diving for Wrecks ‘trips. On the return journey they sometimes take you out on a spot the dolphin spotting boat excursions, last we spotted fifteen boats + two dredgers and a school of dinghies.
    I have to share with you the most amazing thing which happened to me the other day. Due to the sheer weight of our outfits we found it difficult to climb the stairs in our apartment, and as a consequence we have had a brand new stair lift installed. It has worked very well indeed, and like everything here is superbly engineered. The other night for some reason I had removed my outfit and was sitting in the device about to ascend the stairs, when I looked down and noticed a red button labelled ‘turbo super’ just next to the ‘ejete’ button. Thankfully I pressed the former, and I have to tell you that I have never in my life reached the top of our stairs so quickly. In fact I travelled so quickly that when I reached the top I could still remember the reason for my trip!
    Must close now. Just a quick thought. Now that you have eventually managed to get yourself married, why not think about getting a little weight off, and putting your name down for next year’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’? It could be just the thing to revive your career.

  22. My 6-year-old daughter and I are coming back to Madeira for Xmas and the New Year; we spent the winter holidays in Madeira last year and I have been looking forward to coming back for the past 11 months. Now, I am obviously scared about the dengue fever outbreak as my daughter loves running around with shorts and top around the pool of the Madeira Regency Palace or on the beach and I am thinking about alternatives like going to Porto Santo for part of our stay. Have there been cases of dengue in Porto Santo? Are there areas riskier than others in Madeira?

  23. Hi, I am trying to log on but it will not recognise my password.

    Where can I ask for a new password has it wont allow me to registra again useing my e-mail address it says already in use.

    Help please someone.



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