Portugália Restaurant. Condé Nast second place for Madeira. Sovereign debt rate rises. Madeira singled out by IMF

Apologies for the lack of postings just recently, due to a short trip to Lisbon. This gave us the opportunity to visit one of our favourite restaurant chains – Portugália – which unfortunately does not have a presence in Madeira. Traditional Portuguese fare dominates the menu (at a very reasonable ............  ...read more

Council attempts to stop more work on the seafront. Madeira “poorest” region in Portugal. Jardim accused of “hallucinating”.

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It looks like the Regional Government and the City of Funchal are falling out!

The councillors of Funchal Municipal Council yesterday morning unanimously approved a resolution that prohibits the simultaneous opening of two sets of works in the city centre (one in Ribeira de S. João and other downriver ............  ...read more

Dengue fever latest. New wave of austerity measures. Cameron to veto EU budget?

New wave of austerity measures

Amid growing unrest, Portugal’s Finance Minister Vitor Gaspar unveiled details recently of a new wave of austerity measures, aimed at reducing the country’s deficit and appeasing its bail-out creditors. Keen to secure the next tranche of international aid from Portugal’s bail-out agreement, ............  ...read more

Floods, Fires, and now Dengue Fever.

Directorate General of Health admits dengue outbreak in Madeira

I really don’t want to be the harbinger of bad news again for this island, but there is no way that this story is not going to make headlines – witness the comments section on the latest post last night. What must be emphasised to visitors is that the mosquito “season” is virtually over.

............  ...read more

“Bug” identified, TAP privatisation, World Jet Ski championship,

Moves to prevent privatisation of TAP

Members of the PCP parliamentary party in the National Assembly of Portugal will propose an initiative on the 19th of October aimed at preventing the privatisation of TAP. If I am not mistaken this could conflict with the asset-disposal conditions of the EU bail-out? Mind you, TAP have been trying ............  ...read more

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