The port of Funchal continues to break records. Ronaldo wants £25million a year! Funchal bakeries fail.

The port of Funchal continues to break records in passenger and scales.

According to the latest statistics released by APRAM (the Port authority)   314,651 tourists from 170 cruise ships passed through the port of Funchal in the first eight months of this year, (until the end of August).

The months of July and August, as usual, were the weakest in terms of passengers. In these two months only 6 liners stopped in port , which resulted in a total of 11,115 tourists in transit. The months of March, with 47 liners, and April, with 45, were the best, both in terms of ships and tourists.

The figures released by APRAM show that the target of 600 000 passengers by the end of the year “remains achievable”. “A record number is within the reach of Madeira taking into account the number of stops scheduled until December”.

Cristiano Ronaldo wants £25million a year.

According to the Sun “the unhappy forward is desperate to start talks on a fresh six-year deal, even though he has three years to run on his current agreement.

Ronaldo, 27, is on £9.6m a year but, because of Spain’s easy-going tax regime, takes home £7.2m. He is now demanding take-home pay of £12m a year. Even under existing tax rules, that would mean £14.5m a year gross.

The problem for Madrid is that, in two years’ time, Ronaldo’s tax rate will jump from 24 to 52 per cent – and that means that in order for him to get £12m after tax they will have to cough up almost £25m a year — £480,000 a WEEK. But Madrid chiefs have baulked at the figures he has been discussing, especially with UEFA’S new financial fair play rules due to start in two years’ time too.

Ronaldo has been seeking talks about a new deal since January but has yet to make any formal demands. However his camp believe he deserves the world’s best contract, dwarfing those signed by Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka in China.

He has scored an astonishing 114 goals in just 104 games since joining the Spanish giants from Manchester United for £80m three years ago.

Allegedly relations between Ronaldo and Real Madrid’s president (pictured together above in the Diario) are frosty, and there are reports of tension between the Portuguese speakers in the team — Ronaldo, Pepe, Marcelo, Fabio Coentrao — and the Spaniards, principally captain Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos.
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Two bakeries liquidated

The Diario  reports that Judicial Court in Funchal rules this morning  in the cases of the ‘Aripan’ and ‘Panisal’ – two important companies in the bakery sector in Madeira – and the sale of their assets to pay creditors, including the 140 workers of the two companies, some of whom have been attending the hearing.
According to information put before the Court, ‘Panisal’ currently has a debt of more than €7 million. One supplier of flour, yeast and other products for is owed 600 thousand euros.
‘The case of ‘Aripan’ is not as severe, but also very complex but the company is reportedly €2,194,000 in debt. Workers are also owed ​​an amount in the order of 600 thousand euros.


The ARIPAN Bakery Madeira Lda  closed its doors at the end of July after 30 years  and about 60 people lost their jobs. It was based on the road from Praia Formosa to Camara dos Lobos, below the popular “So Espeto” restaurant






Panisal is the company behind the popular “Boutique” cafes that closed recently as reported on the blog: Boutique Ajuda, Boutique Anadia, Boutique Lido, Boutique Panisal, Boutique Penteada, Boutique Santo António, Boutique Zarco

The cafe in the Lido has long been popular with tourists staying at nearby hotels.

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  1. from Dnoticias Madeira loses tourists
    Falling asleep was 2.1% in July

    Portuguese and English visit less Region

    The month of July fell by 2.1% in overnight stays registered in the region, compared with the same month, indicating the Regional Directorate of Statistics.

    According to preliminary data provided by the agency, the trend contradicts what happened nationally, which increased more than 1.4%.

    The main contributors to the drop came from Portugal and the UK that showed reductions of 18% and 13.4%, respectively. Already the German market grew by double digits, standing at 10.4%.

    Comparison of the data up to July 2012 indicates that the Portuguese market – one of the main tourist source for Wood – now reaches a breaking of 21.2% compared with the same period last year. In July this year, the cumulative total room nights represented the Portuguese 322,562, against 2,796,309 overnight stays of foreigners.

    The total number of registered overnight stays in July 2012 amounted to 576,600, representing a share of 11.4% of the national total.

    RevPar, which measures the benefit obtained per available room, reached 38.71 euros, 5.4% more than the same month last year.

    The occupancy rate of beds locals stood at 65%, and the business area generated revenues of 26.4 million euros, 0.2 percent less than in the same period of 2011.

  2. planefinderDOTnet

    Neat web site for those of you who like to keep track of airplanes. Enough info that you could take over from the air controllers

    However, they need someone in Madeira who can run a gizmo for them – seem to have someone everywhere else in the world. Not complex to volunteer to house a gizmo I gather, but don’t really understand these things.

  3. We were warned the Pound would fall after the Olympic Games, but not quite so fast and by so much.
    The new kitchen and appliances needed for our apartment now being refurbished may well be delayed as we save up even more money.
    Don’t bankers and politicians realise the chaos they are causing?

  4. from dnoticias Madeira with yellow caution due to rain and heat

    The Institute of Meteorology put, this Monday, Madeira under yellow alert, the second least severe of a range of four, due to rainfall and hot weather.

    The forecast of showers “sometimes strong” and “persistence of elevated temperature maximum” justifying the warnings of IM.

    The rain warning in effect between 2 and 12 hours of Monday. The IM keeps active the warning on the high temperature of 9 hours on Monday and 22 hours on Wednesday.

    The predictions of the IM, for now, point to periods of cloudy weather. Showers and possibility of thunderstorms. Wind weak to moderate (10 to 25 km / h) from the southern quadrant, becoming west quadrant from the afternoon.

    For Funchal is forecast: cloudy periods. Showers and favorable conditions for the occurrence of trovoada.Vento generally weak (less than 20 km / h) southwest.

  5. Excluding fly screens, blue electric fly machines, Baygon plugs-in and keeping all your doors and windows shut, has anyone any ideas how to keep flies out of your house and particularly off your windows??? Any ideas would be appreciated.

  6. If anyone do use the buses here. With the road works going on in town, it be worth while looking to see if any bus time changes that may effect you. wwwDOThorariosdofunchalDOTpt

  7. I understand that IKEA have a dedicated Madeira page for online purchases.
    There is an advert for them at Funchal airport.
    I’ve had a quick look at their website and it seem their prices include delivery to Madeira.
    My Portuguese is not good enough to read the small print.
    Would somebody like to have a butcher’s hook (look) and make suitable comments.
    I thought of buying a 3 seat EKTORP sofa.
    Maybe a convertible sofa with a mattress inside to ensure some visitors don’t come again.

  8. re Debs flies,
    Maureen reckons it’s because the panes are hot or warm.
    Might have to use flypapers?

    Thanks Tobi.
    Reckon some things might be very expensive as a result
    I wonder if an inclusive of delivery price can be ascertained before purchase?

  9. from dnoticias Brazilian Banking begin indefinite strike
    They want real increase of five percent in wages

    The Brazilian banking began yesterday an indefinite strike to demand a real increase of five percent in wages, and better working conditions.

    The stoppage was approved by regional assemblies in more than 130 unions, announced the National Confederation of Workers of the Branch Financial (counterfeit).

    The last wage increase proposal presented by the National Federation of Banks (Fenaban) in August was 0.58 percent above inflation, but bankers seek the reopening of negotiations.

  10. Funchal and Porto Santo with value ‘very high’ UV

    Funchal and Porto Santo today continue to be the only regions of Portugal to submit a value of ultraviolet radiation ‘too high’, reports the Institute of Meteorology (IM).

    With the level ‘very high’, the IM advises the use of sunglasses with UV filter, hat, t-shirt, umbrella and sunscreen, stressing also that one should avoid exposure of children to the sun

    Ultraviolet radiation can cause serious harm to health if the level exceeds safety limits, according to information available on the ‘site’ of the IM.

    The index has five levels of this radiation, between the ‘low’ and ‘extreme’, the maximum being 11.


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