Santa Cruz homes rebuilt after fires, Marine biodiversity, Macaronesia, Tourism awards, Ronaldo again!

Two months after the fires that ravaged and devastated parts of the Municipality of Santa Cruz, the town executive promoted a visit on Tuesday morning to four homes that are being targeted for reconstruction with the help of “solidarity, not the State”.

Although pleased with the donations that will allow the remaking of life for some families, the vice president of the municipality of Santa Cruz complained that "urgent" financial support had not been forthcoming, who complains of discrimination. "State support has not come so far," confirmed Jorge Baptista, who said that by the end of the year work on the four homes will be completed.

“These are part of the 23 that are receiving support, and by the end of the week, 30 families will have been assisted with materials that have been donated," said the mayor

Marine biodiversity

The University of Madeira is this week hosting a conference dedicated to marine biodiversity, including “the use of molecular techniques to help the sustainability of fisheries” according to their press release. The conference will also address the management of natural resources “in order to transfer the results to the public and social sectors involved in the management of resources and marine biodiversity."

The project is financed by the European fund for Transnational Cooperation Programme PCT-MAC, led by the Canary Institute of Marine Sciences. Participants of the project are the universities of Madeira and the Azores, the Canary Islands Institute of Technology, the Funchal Municipal Council, the Natural History Museum of Funchal, the Marine Biology Station of Funchal, the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, the Director Regional Fisheries and yet, the Directorate of Fisheries Research Services.

Macaronesia – “islands of the fortunate”

The above bio-diversity article reminded me that technically Madeira is part of “Macaronesia”. Wikipedia informs us that :

Macaronesia is a modern collective name for several groups of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Europe and Africa. They belong to three countries: Portugal, Spain, and Cape Verde.[1][2][3] The name (ocasionally misspelled "Macronesia" in analogy with Micronesia) is derived from the Greek words for "islands of the fortunate" μακάρων νῆσοι makárōn nêsoi, a term used by Ancient Greek geographers for islands to the west of the Straits of Gibraltar.

Macaronesia[4][5][6] consists of five archipelagos:

The islands of Macaronesia are volcanic in origin, and are thought to be the product of several geologic hotspots. The islands have a unique biogeography, and are home to several distinct plant and animal communities. None of the Macaronesian islands were part of a continent, so the native plants and animals reached the islands via long-distance dispersal

Tourism prize nominations

Eight nominations originating from Madeira join 27 others nationwide in competing for an award launched by the subcommittee LIDE Tourism and Gastronomy of LIDE Portugal, in collaboration with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in an initiative that aims to promote “Destination Portugal”. Tourist events like the Festival of New Year, Carnival, Flower Festival, Madeira Wine Festival, the Atlantic Film Festival, the Festival of Colombo, the Madeira Nature Festival, an event that promotes a range of activities in direct contact with the natural heritage of archipelago, and the distinctive environmental quality ‘Environmentally Friendly Establishment’ represent Madeira and Porto Santo in the race for the prize.

The Prize winner will be announced Portugal Welcome to September 29 in Vilamoura. More information about the Prize available in

Ronaldo “ deserves hailing as one of the greats”

Rare praise indeed from Henry Winter in the Telegraph after Real Madrid’s dramatic 3-2 win over Man City in the Champions League on Tuesday night:

“Viva Ronaldo. Viva football. Picking up possession in the last minute with the score at 2-2, Cristiano Ronaldo decided that a truly stunning game of football needed to climax in spectacular style. And so he ran at Manchester City’s tiring defence and scored, sending Real Madrid fans into paroxysms of delight and sending Jose Mourinho on a wild knee-slide across the grass”.

“Ronaldo had described himself as “sad” in recent times, indicating that he felt under-appreciated in a sport that so frequently places the individual garlands around the necks of Barcelona luminaries like Lionel Messi and Andrés Iniesta. But when he conjures up a match-winning moment like this, coupled with the memory of some of his first-half prowess when the “taxi for Maicon” headlines were being dusted down, Ronaldo deserves hailing as one of the greats. He affects scorelines, moods, lives. He makes fans happy. He is Mourinho in boots, moody, needy but very special”.

And the manager was fairly impressed as well …..

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  1. Just driven past the Maritimo stadium and seen the “Toon Army” outside being filmed (literally two of them, one banner) prior to tonight’s match against Newcastle United. Road closures and heavy police presence (numbering two also).

  2. Nuno Teixeira, Madeira’s MEP to the European Parliament explained in his email to me yesterday that excessive port charges at Funchal were NOT the reason Naveira Armas withdrew this service.

    I had asked him if he knew the current situation regarding the ferry knowing David Blandy is now disinterested (English MEP enquiries) and Fred Olsen won’t answer directly.

    He states this service was producing an annual deficit of 6 million euros.

    Naveira Armas stated they could not afford such a loss.

    Nuno says no other company has come forward because there is insufficient traffic to be generated from Madeira Island


    Naveira Armas still sail to the Canaries going past Madeira from Spain without the benefit of Madeira bound income.

    I cannot believe it costs so much to stop and set off, fare paying passengers and vehicles, take on the same to the Canaries and reverse the operation to the mainland.

    Surely this activity adds revenue and not cause a deficit.

    One can only think they have made an excuse to bow out of a troublesome relationship.

    I have made enquiries about the purchase and running of a car ferry around the size of a Spanish boat and I think substantial profit could be achieved from a ferry service.

    I would have a go myself if capital funds were made available and I have family members who are suitably qualified to drive the thing.

    Perhaps not.

  3. if anyone goes to FAIAL –do not use cafe PEDREIRA -terrace & tea rooms.
    owned by a guy from Bristol who is in UK at the moment and whoever is working the bar at the moment charged us 1.50 for Chinesa & 1.60 for a can of coke

    would’nt show us the price list just pointed to it stuck on the wall behind the bar,would have neede binoculars to read it !

    owner will be back in Dec ,often see him at car boot

  4. from dnoticias Cars Pau will ‘accelerate’ in Funchal

    The cars stick will ‘accelerate’, this Saturday, some streets in the center of Funchal.

    The first edition of ‘Grand Prix de Pau Cars in Funchal’ already has over 50 entries, which will leave the Street jasmine and overcome the ‘dreaded’ curve Casino, down the Avenida do Infante and finish the race on the Avenue Arriaga.

    Housed in the Mobility Week, the ‘Grand Prix de Pau Funchal in Cars’ is scheduled to start at 17 hours.

    Participants will be divided into five categories: 3-wheel, 3-wheel “trike drift ‘, 4-wheel independent, double and 4-wheel replicas.

    The organization warns that you must wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and gloves. Children under 18 may participate by filing declaration parental.

  5. from dnoticias Grand Prix de Pau Cars in Funchal at the close of Mobility Week

    This Saturday, September 22, closing day of Funchal Mobility Week 2012, the program has filled up well, since in addition to the exhibition ‘Moving in Right Direction’ activities in space MOBI Children’s Initiative Awards to Hours Certain – Giro tombola and awareness campaign ‘Better mobility, better city’, the highlights go to the Walk for Mobility, the concert band and the Grand Prix d’In Funchal Cars in Pau.

    On Avenida Arriaga, the Mobi Traditional Games run until noon, an initiative organized by the Sports for All Wood and Parish of Funchal.

    At 12 hours the concert’s music group Banda d’traditional Madeiran addition, at Avenida Arriaga.

    “A unique initiative in Funchal Mobility Week 2012, the Grand Prix de Pau Cars in Funchal will attract certainly the attention of funchalenses, who will be on the street to keep this fun car race stick, organized in collaboration with the Friends Association Cars of Water Pena, and leave at 17 hours of jasmine Street, passing through Avenida do Infante and ending at Avenida Arriaga, “said the organization in a statement.

    “Enough so to finish, this Saturday, September 22, another edition of Funchal Mobility Week 2012, with a diverse program where mobility is the motto for the citizens of Funchal adopt healthier habits and contribute to improved sustainability in the city, “he concludes.

  6. Yes indeed, a goodly amount of rain here during the day in Gaula also…..much needed and welcome!
    Luckily we are sans guests for a couple of days……
    We have had great “late” summer “beach” weather and brilliant night skies to sit out in and enjoy Madeira, Madeira (drink) and Relax on the terraces…..
    Lidos, Beaches and Coastal areas all now somewhat quieter with the schools open again….a perfect time for a stroll, swim and sunbathe – in between the current showers!

  7. from dnoticias Rain and thunder

    According to the Institute of Meteorology, the forecast for today will be periods of cloudy, showery and favorable conditions for the occurrence of lightning.

    The wind will be weak (less than 15 km / h), becoming moderate (20 to 30 km / h) from the southeast in the afternoon.
    In mountainous areas, the wind will be moderate to strong (30 to 45 km / h) southwesterly by early afternoon.

    The air temperature will oscillate between 23 and 29 º C.

    The ultraviolet rays are at level 7, Alto, Wood, and 8, Very High, in Porto Santo.

  8. Vic, think you will find the owner has let the bar so he won’t be responsible for what the tenant charges. Ask for the red book if you think you have been overcharged. You can fill in in English as well as Portuguese.

  9. from dnoticias Breaking recipe worsens

    Revenues from indirect taxes (VAT and other consumption taxes) levied by the state fell 5.3 percent in the first eight months of this year, according to data released yesterday by the Directorate General of Budget (DGO).

    In its bulletin budget execution, the DGO marks a reduction of 5.3 per cent annual revenue of indirect taxes by August compared to the same period of 2011. This reduction is more pronounced than in the previous month, and contrary to the trend of recovery in indirect taxes that had been observed in recent months.

    Budget execution was below expectations in revenue from indirect taxes that led the government to negotiate with the ‘troika’ (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank and European Commission) an adjustment of budgetary targets.

    The most important indirect tax is VAT, which represents almost half of total tax revenue. The revenue from this tax fell 2.2 percent in the previous year. This result, an increase over July, is explained by the DGO by an “increase in reimbursements to economic agents.”

    Earlier this year, several products and services (eg, restaurants) rose to rank of VAT rising to the standard rate (23 percent).

    Almost all other consumption taxes again recorded significant falls. These breaks are a reflection of a reduction in consumption, especially of durable goods, especially in sectors linked to the automobile.

    Revenue from fuel tax (PSI) fell 7.6 percent over the same period last year, the tax on tobacco fell 10.8 percent, and the tax on vehicles decreased 44.4 per percent.

    Among the indirect taxes, only the Single Tax Circulation (formerly ‘seal the car’) continues to grow: rose 10.8 percent in the first eight months of this year.

    These accounts are presented in public accounting (cash basis). The deficit numbers considered by Brussels to the excessive deficit procedure are calculated in national accounts (optical commitments).

    The Portuguese had initially committed this year to present a budget deficit of 4.5 percent of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Faced with lower than expected tax revenues, the Government agreed with the ‘troika’ revise the target for 5.0 percent of GDP

  10. Autumn rain the next two days

    To justify the yellow weather alert, the second most severe on a scale of four, which is already in place, the rain came to stay at least until after tomorrow. Weather forecasts suggest that by Thursday will be a fall time and temperature of the air to match.

    The TSF, Victor Prior, the Meteorological Observatory of Funchal says that during the next night “must occur rain and showers that can be occasionally strong (…) there is still the possibility of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.”

    The temperature should “already down Wednesday about two degrees” and on Thursday the ‘maximum’ should not be more than 23 degrees celcius “explains Victor Prior.
    vai The wind blows weak even in the highlands.

    These weather has nothing to do with Tropical Storm ‘Nadine’ that despite continuing across the Atlantic at the latitude of Madeira, located about 1300 kilometers from the archipelago.

  11. Does anyone know what is happening on the sandbank (debris from Feb 2010) where the small beach used to be? Looking at the Marina Shopping centre web cam it looks like some construction is taking place.

  12. The WHOLE beach front/promenade is under going massive work ….. ALL fenced off and not pretty, no sea view for promenaders (?) and at least x6 heavy machines digging/banging and shifting rocks/debris and infill …. to where?
    No information displayed but a massive construction taking place indeed Maurice.
    I think that they are moving the seward ward debris further to the Eastern end of the promenade and thereby extending the landfill site. But for what, I don’t know. It is going to take several months and has effectively “ruined” the promenade from the “Beatles Boat” towards the Fort – not a pretty sight (site) Sorry!
    I will try to find out what the project is intended to achieve…….meantime, frankly, avoid that area = not good, sorry. Happy Holiday Makers are NOT going to be impressed = I just hope that the long term results are worth it……

  13. the idea is to merge the two fozes and extend outwards (river mouths). The project by the Regional Government will take 2 years, cause considerable disruption in the zone, and outside of the RG is causing a lot of controversy, including from within Funchal council.

  14. from yesterday dnoticias “No one is responsible, no one is fired, nobody was arrested”
    Chamber of Funchal hardens speech against the work of the government at the mouth of the streams of Santa Luzia and João Gomes

    The councilor in Funchal Municipal Council (CMF), Henrique Costa Neves starred recently, one of the most virulent speeches against the work that the Government is running at the mouth of the streams of Santa Luzia and João Gomes.

    Costa Neves assumed to be totally opposed to work which means a waste of money and made a desbafo: “No one is arrested … go to engineering to play in the center of Funchal.”

    Alderman considers “more terrifying” than the designer’s work is the same as the projected marina Place of Bass and predicted that, with the junction of the rivers, at high tide, the waves can get to the bridge market.

    “They never explained how the work flow of these streams during periods of heavy rain with stirring sea in case of temporal” exemplified. For Costa Neves, the study of alluvium that the Government leaned to justify intervention is not enough.

    “I anticipate that this work will not result. Vai result in a fiasco. Funchal will be irreversibly affected. Vai After the constume happen: No one is responsible, no one is fired, no one is arrested,” he said.

    Costa Neves reminded that the municipality issued an opinion unfavorable to the work and presented “viable alternatives” that were not taken into account. Namely the construction of upstream dams and other solutions explained by studies of accredited entities Porto and Lisbon.

    Costa Neves also noted that with the new work, the picturesque beach of St. James disappear

  15. It is coming up to the busiest time with regards to tourists and cruise ships – Christmas and the New Year! We ourselves love to walk the promenade at Christmas ….. it is now impossible to walk along the front. Whoever thought to do this now?


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