Porto Santo beach award. Bravacar. New weekly Berlin flight. Mail Online. Venezuela. Portuguese PM uses Facebook to announce more austerity!

The beach of Porto Santo has just been voted the best in the category of “Portugal Dunes”. It was one of three finalists (the two other beaches were on the mainland at Carvalhal and Ilha de Tavira – I know the latter well – a lovely spot!) in a national contest of “7 Wonders”, which apparently is based on “polls that show a large subjectivity” (not quite sure what that means!).
Altogether there were seven categories of beaches in Portugal awarded at the ceremony which was covered by RTP. Fatima Andrade Menezes, Mayor of Porto Santo, received the award saying that he was sure that port-santenses would greatly appreciate the trophy.


It has been announced that the rent-a-car company Hertz will buy Dollar Thrifty for about 2.3 billion dollars. The latter company has been a partner of Bravacar in Madeira for some while. This purchase ends a two-year battle with Avis who were also interested in the company, reports the international press.

Lufthansa inaugural flight from Berlin

September 8 saw the inaugural flight of the German airline Lufthansa from Berlin to Madeira Airport, with 132 passengers. To mark the occasion, the Madeira Airports performed the traditional "shower" of the aircraft using fire tenders and Madeira wine and flowers were distributed to passengers on the flight. This will be a weekly operation at a frequency to be held on Saturday, with an A319 aircraft with capacity for 130 passengers.

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Good publicity in the Mail Online on the 9th of September:

“Madeira is back to its best, just two years after it was struck by deadly floods. And if anything, this balmy spot is even more popular with British visitors as a short hop to the winter sun – or, frankly, any time sun. Gareth Huw Davies found plenty to do on this exuberant Atlantic island off west Africa, from formal gardens and fabled afternoon tea, to white-knuckle cable-car rides and driving under waterfalls”
Full article including a list of six “must-do’s”: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2200567/Six-things-Madeira-Afternoon-tea-white-knuckle-cable-car-rides.html#ixzz263JhvNC1

Portugal strengthens ties with Venezuela

In the first six months of 2012 Portugal exported to Venezuela €159 million, exceeding the total exported in all of  2011, announced the Portuguese Foreign Minister, Paulo Porta, in Caracas yesterday. "In the first half (of 2012) Portugal exported 159 million to Venezuela. In the previous year, throughout the year, we export 151 million, so we’re on track," he said.

According to the Foreign Minister "Venezuela is now the second largest customer of Portugal in Latin America and it represents an important relationship for both economies and for businesses and companies on both sides."

He stressed how important the relationship between the state and the Portuguese Galp Petróleos de Venezuela, "is a key anchor for the development and funding of Portuguese exports" and there is a "series of Portuguese products that are helped in their export precisely these contacts" between that company and Venezuelan oil.

The foreign minister also stated that "the relationship state to state with Venezuela is very important for Portugal, there are more than 400,000 Portuguese living in Venezuela and the first duty of a ruler is to look at your compatriots anywhere in the world and are Many who participate every day in economic, social and civic life of Venezuela. "

Being involved with the property market in Madeira you cannot help but notice the number of apartments owned by Venezuelans – particularly in the developments around Ajuda. Presumably this is largely down to a desire to get their money out of their native country. There are direct flights to Madeira from Caracas – described recently by the Guardian as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The Diario today, by complete coincidence, reports the news that Portuguese Bank BES is to open 15 branches in Venezuela

Passos Coelho uses Facebook to announce more austerity and provokes furious response

Savaged: Portugal's Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho has come in for abuse on social network FacebookMore from the Mail Online today, reporting that a “Facebook post by Portugal’s prime minister bemoaning the difficulty of announcing yet more austerity measures has sparked a furious response from recession-hit Portuguese voters.

Pedro Passos Coelho posted his message on the social networking site on Saturday. By Tuesday morning it had attracted more than 47,000 mainly critical comments. Most of those responses attacked Mr Coelho over the unfairness of the measures or by detailing the penury faced by ordinary citizens in the country, which is subject to a €78billion bailout programme.

‘Mr Prime Minister, your term in office only recently began, but it is already proving a disaster, unemployment has become a permanent fact of life,’ read one typical comment.

‘You have clearly never been offered a part-time secretarial job paying €2 an hour or tried to divide a pork cutlet between three people,’ said another.

A third read, simply: ‘New mathematical equation: Portuguese political parties + Portuguese career politicians = legalized Mafia.’ The outpouring of criticism on Mr Passos Coelho’s Facebook page came after he on Friday announced a fresh austerity package designed to keep international creditors at bay.

The spending cuts, which will see pay for many workers slashed, are needed to keep Portugal on track to comply with the economic restructuring requirements attached to its massive bailout programme.

The Mail reports that “the unexpected scale and force of the reponse to the measures suggests the patience with which Portuguese voters have hitherto accepted austerity is being stretched. ‘The prime minister failed to understand that [his announcement] could represent the beginning of a collapse in public support,’ Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, a leading commentator from Mr Passos Coelho’s own centre-right Social Democrats, was quoted by the Financial Times as saying.

Amigos... A screen grab of the Facebook post by Mr Passos Coelho, in which he spoke of the difficulty of announcing stringent austerity measures

In his Facebook post, Mr Passos Coelho described how announcing the strict measures had been ‘one of the most thankless speeches a prime minister can make.’
Speaking as a ‘citizen and a father’, and addressing voters as ‘friends’, he wrote of his ‘frustration in not being able to spare you from these sacrifices’.

Unemployment is a ‘personal and family drama’, he said, adding that the reforms ‘represent a necessary and unavoidable step towards a real and lasting solution’.’We won’t give up until the job is done and we will never forget that our children are watching what we do,’ he said.

A lot of the response to Mr Passos Coelho’s message were insulting, with many calling for his resignation or worse. One of the more measured comments judged the reforms thus: ‘This is the opposite of Robin Hood, this robs the poor to give to the rich.’

Brilliant story – pretty much replicated from the Mail Online – thank you: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2201418/Portugals-PM-uses-Facebook-pain-announcing-austerity–savaged-voters-comments.html#ixzz269wrVTpq

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  1. more austerity measures expected after 3pm today, as the results of the latest Troika evaluation are announced by Gaspar. The report is expected to say that we did OK, except with the (state) structural reforms (spot on in my opinion), and that the future bailout instalments will be reevaluated until something more tangible improves.

  2. Inbred “closed shop” trading to/from and within Madeira Island won’t be disolved.
    The Troika will be unaware such quaint practices still exist.
    It is grossly unfair to invite Portugal into the EU, insist she spends on infrastructure, civil improvements generally and all those necessities of modern life deemed wanted, only to have the financial carpet pulled out from under its feet.
    Those countries in the EU who encouraged such spending should pay for it.

  3. from dnoticias Government increases taxes on properties of high value and capital income in 2012
    The State will only have to reduce the deficit to below 3% in 2014

    The Minister of Finance announced a tax on high-value properties and an increase in the tax on capital income, and the application of cost-cutting measures to meet the deficit target.

    “By the end of the year we will undertake additional measures, such as increased property taxation high value on income and capital. This additional effort is required to meet the limit now revised to 5% of GDP [budget deficit] in 2012, “said Vitor Gaspar at the conference presenting the results of the fifth review of the program of the ‘troika’.

    To meet the deficit ceiling, reinforced the minister, despite having been revised from 4.5 to 5% of gross domestic product this year, additional measures are needed, they will also have their share of the expenditure side.

    “In addition to the measures already foreseen in the program was necessary to consider additional measures to adapt the process of consolidating the recent events,” he said, recalling savings achieved debt interest payments (410 million euros) and cativações with personnel expenses, which in this height still have about 235 million euros.

    However, the state will only have to reduce the deficit to below three percent in 2014, after waking up with the ‘troika’ a postponement of the stipulated goals, but this change “does not imply any change in the financial package of the program.”

    “It was agreed with the mission to review the quantitative limits for the deficit and public debt, quantitative limits for the deficit started to 5 percent in 2012, 4.5 percent in 2013 and 2.5 percent in 2014” , announced Finance Minister Vítor Gaspar.

    The minister assured however that this change “does not imply any change in the financial package of the program.”

    The minister also said that “the delay for a year the deficit limit of three percent to the deficit” was already “under European procedure that aims to avoid excessive deficits.

    The previous targets agreed with the ‘troika’ forecast that the budget deficit this year could not be higher than 4.5 per cent of GDP, but accounts slipped, and he even postponed to next year, when Portugal had to have a deficit limit of 3 percent.

  4. from dnoticias Green receipts also will pay more

    The self-employed, workers commonly known as the green receipts, will see the contribution to the Social Security increase by 1.1 percentage points, from 29.6 to 30.7 per cent, the Government announced today.

    According to the Secretary of State for Public Administration, Hélder Rosalino, these workers also “will be asked to contribute” in consolidation and as such will have an increase in their contribution, following the rise of the global contributions of 34.75 (11 percent paid by the employee and 23.75 paid by the employer) to 36 percent (18 percent to pay for each one).

    In this sense, the contribution rate for the self-employed is 29.6 percent to 30.7 percent.

  5. from dnoticias Around least 70 to 80 per day in false emergencies ER
    After the entry into force of user fees

    The Director of the Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonca said this morning that the introduction of user fees had “influence on the judicious use of emergency services.”

    Pedro Ramos recalled that, unlike the national space in which there are fees for all colors of the screening, the Region were only taxed the colors blue and green, corresponding to situations relating to false emergencies. “And that, in fact, has decreased the number of people who come to the emergency department and who is assigned these colors.”

    The Director of ER stressed that every day, there is a reduction of about 70 to 80 users. “We had an average attendance of between 350 and 450 people and now between 300 to 350 people.”

    A situation that, according to Pedro Ramos, “improves the work of professionals,” noting that, along with the entry into operation of user fees, there are also now more alternatives to users, with increasing external consultations. “Since last year so far have increased by about 10,000 the number of queries.”

    Pedro Ramos spoke on the sidelines of the opening of the Iberian Conference Services Ugências Hospitals, in the room of the Municipal Assembly of the Chamber of Funchal, which devotes the afternoon to the problem of sepsis, since today marks the World Day. In this context, by 19 hours, there will be an initiative of the Municipality in Largo, entitled ‘Sepsis, a light a life – Stop the Sépis save lives’. Participants are invited to light a candle, which takes 3 to 4 hours to extinguish. The duration of action in patients with sepsis. A global problem that kills one person every 4 seconds.

  6. Not connected to the news, just a quick question:

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere in Madeira where I can get a helium tank for balloons, and also do you need special balloons for it or will the regular ones work?

    Looking for a tank I can use myself to be able to fill balloons as needed, not go somewhere and get a load filled and then try to get them back home.

  7. That’s a shame about “CASA”.
    We were rather hoping to get some more stuff from them.
    Seems the Sá owner is in a catastrophic state financially.
    I do like the owner’s Quinta but would not be able to afford even if it has to be sold.
    These terrible financial situations must be new to the Islander whereas it’s very common to us from the mainland.
    Snr Barros has mentioned the “F” word and is proposing the Eurozone euro members of the EU hurry towards total integration and amalgamation into a federal European state.


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