Sterling continues to strengthen against Euro. Orderly break up for the Eurozone?

Euro break-up - let Germany lead the northern bloc and France the rest

I tend to put off exchanging GBP into Euros, thinking that I will probably get a better exchange rate “tomorrow”. This is not entirely down to being tight, as recent exchange rates show. This is the official exchange rate over the last three months – touching 1.27 briefly yesterday:

UK Pound Sterling vs Euro Intraday Forex Chart












whilst this is the same over the last twelve months:

UK Pound Sterling vs Euro Intraday Forex Chart

UK Pound Sterling vs Euro Intraday Forex Chart

You actually have to go back five years to see the collapse of Sterling against the Euro from 1.5 to near parity in a very short time indeed during the very start of the “financial crisis”.



The point of this exercise, inevitably, is guessing what will happen to the Euro in the future, and that is where everybody is uncertain leading to the lack of confidence that is dragging the world economy and Europe in particular down.

Last September, as Europe grappled with the sovereign debt crisis in Greece, Lord Wolfson (Chief Executive of Next) launched a £250,000 economics prize with contributors being challenged to chart the course Europe should take in the event the euro fell apart. The challenge specifically was “If member states leave the Economic and Monetary Union, what is the best way for the economic process to be managed to provide the soundest foundation for the future growth and prosperity of the current membership?”

Roger Bootle, MD of Capital Economics, who also writes for the Telegraph, won the prize for devising the "smoothest" plan for a break-up of the eurozone. His idea was for a northern monetary union centred on Germany, and including Austria, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, and perhaps Finland and Belgium, with a French-led bloc of former eurozone nations. The full article is here:

Finally, ending on a less serious note, but for those following the weather in the UK the recent Matt cartoons from the Telegraph are brilliant!


9 thoughts on “Sterling continues to strengthen against Euro. Orderly break up for the Eurozone?”

  1. Thanks for that Admin = 1.5 was indeed a good time to buy here. Apparently Austrian house prices are forever upwards….less so in the “country” though. Strong economy? A strong future monetary base indeed.

  2. According to an article in thursday’s Times, countries that host the Olmpics always suffer a rise in the value of their currency prior and during the games.
    The day after the games finish their currency reverts to its previously held value.
    Indeed one invester had been investing most of his life in this fashion, buying the Olympic host nation’s currency then immmediately buying the next one, in this case Brazilian Reals.
    Proportionally 100 US dollars over 6 games was turned into 1100 dollars.
    So if this man is correct buy you Euros with Sterling within the next 2/3 weeks.
    The value could drop after the Games.
    I suppose its because so many foreign visitors to England are buying Sterling all at once it drives up Sterling’s value.
    We shall soon see.

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