President chokes on food – and praises the prompt intervention of the commander of the Santana Fire Department

Photo: Orlando Drummond

The President of the Regional Government choked on food during a lunch held yesterday afternoon at a restaurant in Santana. The Diario reports that after the unexpected accident, “Alberto João Jardim praised the presence of the commander of the Fire Department of Santana who acted quickly. In two consecutive actions, José Manuel Freitas managed to get the President of the Government to breathe again without too much difficulty. Despite the rapidity of the reaction the occurrence was a shock to the president and his company”.

Later, in a good mood during the visit, the president admitted that the prompt intervention of the fire chief was important and could have avoided serious problems.

“No one knows for sure exactly what happened. There was just a minor accident during lunch. Nothing more than that”. Later the president himself commented to Jorge Romeira, physician and mayor of San Vicente, that he “had a rib which still ached but the rest was good”.

Thanks to Peter for alerting me to the above story.

In other news a local man died after falling from Cliffs in Calheta on 14th July

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  9. from dnoticias Funchal and Porto Santo with “extreme level” of UV radiation

    Four regions of Portugal will now record an “extreme value” of ultraviolet radiation, so people should avoid exposure to the sun, reports the Institute of Meteorology (IM).

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  10. Is there another fire out above Santa Cruz tonight? The Diario is reporting that the one there that was extinguished yesterday reignited, and fine ash is falling in Funchal – with a distinct smell of burning – but apparently from the opposite direction?

  11. We did have a fire, two valleys away and approx 8 km from us, yesterday p.m.
    Only some smoke visible from here, in Gaula.
    It seemed well contained and appeared to be put out quickly – twice.
    Very hot again today but hopefully with less wind……..

  12. Martin, Bertie’s details as follows:

    Sua Ex.a
    Sr. Presidente do Governo
    Regional da RAM
    Quinta Vigia
    Avenida do Infante

    …just up from St Catarina park, nice big quinta, just before Casino.
    Gardens open to the public and you can hand deliver your letter to his (resident) secretary……although he did ignore our petition some years ago, we won in court!

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  14. James Mortimer – is it worthwhile talking about a good night out and best bars whilst people’s lives are at risk. The above comment proves you are not just a lout, but an incredibly idiotic one.


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