Portuguese referee for Euro final – “different body language” of players of Latin origin

Pedro Proenca, who heads the Euro’2012 football final between Spain and Italy, yesterday stressed the desire to "prove on the field the quality of refereeing Portuguese."

"We represent the quality of refereeing Portuguese and I hope to prove it Sunday (today) in the field. Shows the work we have done in the country during these years. I am satisfied and I know that this feeling is shared by all the arbitrators Portuguese. I will represent Portugal, "welcomed.

In an interview to the site of UEFA, Pedro Proenca admits that, after he was also named to the final of the Champions League, arrived "at the top as a referee."

"Several factors led to my arrival to the age of 41. I am really pleased and privileged. Sunday (today), I will try to honour my work, do your best and share the joy with my teammates," he added .

"It’s a sign of recognition for the work done in this tournament, which provokes a happiness that has to be shared with the two finalists," creased.

Pedro Proenca shared the credit with his team, also composed of Bertino Miranda, Ricardo Santos, Jorge Sousa Gomes and Duarte. "The referee is only the face of a team. Without these great men could do nothing. Are those who, at the end of each day, I support and give confidence to decide what is best. Sunday will be a prize to be shared by many people, but most of all, the people who will be with me on the pitch. "

He believes the fact that he has already addressed several of the players makes it easier for the Portuguese referee, who highlights the "slightly different behaviour of the people of Latin origin, with a body language that makes us understand each other."

"I understand the behaviour of players and they referee. From this point of view, it is easier for me," he said, recalling the advantage of the "universal language of football."

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  1. Someone mentioned a garden center recently on a road coming off Estr. da Universidade. Can someone give more detailed directions? And does anyone know if this is the relocation of the Jardim de Flores that used to be next to Continente in R.Brava or a different one? Thanks

  2. I dont know about that particular one Ellen but I can tell you that the owners of Jardim de Flores also has a huge garden centre named Jardim da Tabua which is situated in Corujeira, Ribeira Brava.

  3. ellen Yes I can help you on garden center you asked for. Go along the road by the universidade keep going on, go under the bridge ( fly over) and again , you straight
    find it there. The swimming pool be on the right and the garden center in the middle. The road called R.Maximiano Sausa. Look on google maps.

  4. Ellen – Peter has asked me to amend the above directions slightly as follows (Thanks again as usual Peter):

    “Go along the road by the universidade keep going on, go under the bridge ( fly over) and straight again , you will find it there. The swimming pool be on the right and the garden center in the middle. The road called R.Maximiano Sausa.”

  5. I have had to change computers and have pretty well survived the shock 🙂 but cannot get the RSS feed that I was so fond of before. When I try, I get to lot of code, with the messages buried in it somewhere. What am I doing wrong?

  6. To get to Corujeira (for Jardim da Tabua garden centre) turn right in Rib Brava opposite the newly reconstructed bridge on to Estrada Regional 222 – there is a very small sign – as if heading for Tabua. Follow this road as it meanders all over the place and you will come to the garden centre on your left. It is on a corner where a road goes steeply downhill and there is a signpost for Vilas Castello. If you reach the diversion for the washed away bridge you have gone too far. Happy shopping!

  7. Thanks for the info on the nursery, any chance of google co ordinates to pinpoint. Can see the road and possibly the pool, but can’t spot a possible garden centre.
    Jardim da Tabua is where you are thinking, longer to get there because of the bridge still being out. Other nurseries/garden centres: Grandiflora by the main hospital and their nursery up at Faial. Tulipa up above Monte and Estufa at Assomada.

  8. Tom The garden center will not show on the google maps. The garden center new to the time google printed the map. The directions is good. Av Da Madalena will be on the left. The garden center looks like a white tent and they will be a bridge behind it.

  9. Full Moon Tonight – get those cameras ready team!
    Whilst I enjoyed (?) my recent trip tp the U.K. (and only had two days of rain) I was somewhat shocked by the prices….

    £2.75 for a “filter” Coffee – the best alternative that I could find to the carboard beaker tasteless variety seemingly mostly available now – COSTA & S’BUCKS – the clue is in the title! Coffee in Madeira is the REAL thing!

    £11.75 for Haddock n’chips – in a “gastro pub” (?) that used to be a nice quiet local place on Anglesey, NO welsh heard or seen, just “English” being ripped orft…..£££

    And why couldn’t I get “just” a steak pie? Why has that got to have beer added? Come to that, why does do Fish & Chips in Sheffield have to have beer batter!?!

    And I won’t even comment on the price of English (flat warm) beer or what you have to pay for a “decent” (new world?!?) wine in Sainsburys/Tescos/oddbins etc. suffice to say that I left with an arm and a leg missing…….

    My first sip of cold CORAL and mouthful of Espetada steak, on my return, followed by a real coffee and Maciera brandy was heaven – and flipping cheap!

  10. I did Peter, thank you very much. It is the one that used to be next to Continente in Ribeira Brava and has their nursery in Tabua (Corujeira?) with the same knowledgeable (mostly) and pleasant young man who was at the old location. Only much better laid out and stocked. A pleasure to find.

  11. Ellen Pleased you found the garden center. The prices are more sensible. Madeira needs to get its prices down on plants and be more garden minded. The night scented stocks I have in the garden smells lovely tonight.

  12. Jon
    Your comment about ‘speaking Welsh’ gave me a chuckle as on our last visit to Madeira in January we were astonished to hear at different times in the Lido area 3 separate families including children conversing in Welsh

  13. Hello everybody. I am a tropical gardener out in Cyprus. I am travelling to Funchal for a conference and would like to bring lots of tropical plants and small trees. I have visited the stands in the market in Funchal but was wondering if there is another local garden centre where I can find plants and small trees.


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