Madeira fires–update Friday

imageWednesday night’s blog posting and the very first photos of the fires has so far attracted over 11,000 visitors whilst yesterdays had 10,000 “hits”. I can’t take the credit for this alone – it would be impossible without people sending me links, photos etc. Not least of these is Peter who has sent me the following satellite photo. Co-incidentally I met a German couple who flew into Funchal late yesterday afternoon and were telling me about the amazing views as the Condor pilot skirted the clouds of smoke on the descent. Reassuringly they were more concerned about the island, it’s occupants and the environment than any negative impact on their holiday.

Madeira fires–update Friday 1


The situations currently most worrying to Civil Protection Madeira are reported to be several places in Santa Cruz and Encumeada (Ribeira Brava). On the situation in the municipality of Santa Cruz, one of the counties most devastated by the flames in the last two days, Luis Neri (the President of CPD) believes that it "is perfectly controlled," stressing that "will be maintained throughout the municipal corporation of that locality because of possible re-ocurrences”. At the site of Morena, according to councilor chamber Santa Cruz, Alexandra Gaspar "two more houses were burned in the morning."He added that in this county "burned several homes and is still difficult to kno”. the number of people affected because there are people who have not returned to homes in order to evaluate the situation.

A new fire that appeared in Fonte do Bispo in Calheta being attended by four vehicles and 15 firefighters.

In the north of the island, in the municipality of Porto Moniz, firefighters are also involved in fighting the flames that have burned since yesterday in Achadas da Cruz It is a bush fire that also was not checked this morning.

A similar situation (fire bush) live in the Fajã da Ovelha in the municipality of Calheta, confirmed Comandante de Bombeiros, João Alegria.

Passos Coelho says it is too early to assess emergency aid to Madeira

Madeira fires–update Friday 3PHOTO ASPRESS

According to the Diario yesterday, Portuguese Prime Minister, Passos Coelho, considered it to be too early for a review of the need for emergency aid to Madeira, ravaged by fire which he described as "a new tragedy of Funchal. It is too early to be doing this. It will be done by the regional authorities," he said when asked about whether there is an emergency plan or financial aid for Madeira. "I plan to talk this evening (last night) with Alberto João Jardim," he added, saying that "everything was possible in this emergency situation is to be done."

He added that "there is also a time to make accounts and see which are the most appropriate actions to help recover the whole region, to cope with losses that have occurred and, above all, the plight of people left homeless and that this time must an answer. "


Madeira fires–update Friday 5The flames continue to evolve in the valley of the Serra de Agua, in Ribeira Brava. This image this morning shows the area consumed by fire on the slope side of Sao Paulo. The site is inaccessible.






Madeira fires–update Friday 7Achada, Porto Moniz earlier today

Madeira fires–update Friday 9Also, according to information gathered by Diario, 9 houses and four cars burned in the fire that took place yesterday in the parish of Gaula. The areas of the Centro Histórico, Salão, Fonte e Lombadinha were harassed by the flames that swept from the mountain village to the sea.Right now people still having difficulties in communicating with the outside world, either by phone or internet.

20.00 Police arrest suspect

A news flash has just been posted on the Diario web site saying that the Judicial Police arrested a man in his fifties on suspicion of setting fire in the north of Madeira. “There will be more information soon”.

As pointed out in the “Comments” section the Daily Telegraph finally caught up with the story, using the following photo (Picture: Joana Sousa/AP):

Forest fires rage near houses on the hills above the city of Funchal, Madeira

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  1. I have planned vacation on Madeira in a week from now. I’ll be landing on Funchal airport and then stay in Ponta Do Sol.
    Based on this news I’m not sure in it is safe to come to Madeira. Is ther any official contact for tourists planned trip to Madeira which could confirm if it is safe to come or not?
    I’ll be checking the updates on this blog and hope situation will come better soon.

  2. Have not heard of any problems in Ponta do Sol. I think your best source of information will be from people on here who live in the area.

  3. There should be no problem Kris – all tourist facilities are functioning 100% Unless you are planning to stay “off the beaten track” I would suggest that everything will be fine. I know we have contributors in the Ponto do Sol area and I’m sure they will advise you over the next few days.

  4. from dnoticias Nine homes destroyed by fire in Gaula

    According to information gathered by DAILY, 9 houses and four cars burned the resulting fire that took place yesterday in the parish of Gaula. The areas of the Historic Center, Lounge, Power and the localities more Lombadinha were harassed by the flames that swept the mountain village to the sea. Right now, people still have difficulties in communicating with the outside, either by phone or internet.

    There currently is plowing a fire station near the Solid Waste Treatment Meia Serra.

  5. from dnoticias 52 locals attended overnight in the Hospital
    Three patients with burns. 1 and 2. Degree and a firefighter had to go to the hyperbaric chamber

    The Emergency Hospital Dr. Nelio Mendonca recorded during this night, 52 care of victims of fires in recent days.

    With care this evening rises to 94 the total number of visits from the 22 hours of the day July 18, when it was driven the level of a disaster.

    The figures have been advanced recently by the Director of Emergency Hospital Dr. Nelio Menonça, Pedro Ramos in the briefing to publicize the third. No newsletter emergency department.

    Tonight were treated three patients with burns. 1 and 2. Degree (the least serious and not requiring hospitalization). Burns involving firefighters and there was another situation with a firefighter who was hospitalized (a fall with fracture of the apophysis-lumbar region).

    Also a ‘soldier of peace’ had to be assisted and the Hospital appealed to the hyperbaric chamber view of the smoke inhalation (carbon dioxide poisoning).

    The first day the plan was operated 22 patients were treated in a second wave (between 9 am yesterday and 18 hours) were treated over 20 patients and 52 calls from 18 pm until 9 yesterday morning today.

    Of all patients treated since the beginning of the plan, 14 were firefighters.

    According to Pedro Ramos said the morning was busy with patients to complain of respiratory problems and eye. The long exposure aofumo is the cause of these symptoms.

    After the first day, the geographical origin of patients is within the area Ois Madeira (especially Ponta do Pargo), this source during this night turned to Gaul and Santa Cruz.

    On the profile of patients, there are all age groups, from seniors to children (only five).

    For the director of emergency, the more complicated in disaster situations, “is managing the humanization of urgency.” Moreover, thanked all the hospital staff that at this point is in “constant alert redodrada and attention.”

  6. My mom is currently on holiday in Madeira and their holiday has not been affected in any way by the fires. My inlaws all live their too and life has carried on normally as far as i know.

  7. Kris, I live in Ponta do Sol and we have not been affected by the fires. The fires behind us on Paul de Serra look to be out now as I don’t see any smoke this morning. Anyone worried about coming on their holiday to Madeira should not be as Admin says tourist facilities are functioning at 100%.

  8. Can anyone please report on the situation for Encumeada and also Santana/Achada do Teixeira?
    We have some friends there that we cannot reach by phone so would really appreciate some feedback on the situations there!

  9. The Mrs. poke to her mum in Santana last night. All is well there. Something that the stories have missed so far is the unfortunate death of many animals both livestock, and tethered dogs etc. Some excellent photos on the Daily Telegraph website in the “pictures of the day” from round the island.

  10. BBC News website has stated about the fires: ‘Television footage from Porto Santo showed houses catching fire and firefighters urging residents of the village of Camacha to leave their homes, the Reuters news agency reported.’

  11. Thanks Peter, our house in Arco da Calheta is safe and sound, we have guests in the house at the moment. It was a little scary in the early hours of Wednesday morning when the hill west of us whent up in flames. No damage to the house and gardens, just a lot of ash. Our guests have returned to the USA somewhat shaken.
    All of our friends are safe, including those in Palheiro, it is a miracle that whilst a lot of the vegetation and trees are distroyed, non of there properties are damaged

  12. Daily Mail has now a series of pictures on it’s web site, hope it does not frighten away visitors. We need to make it clear that the main tourist area on the south coast are safe. The UK Foriegn Office site is also mentioning the Madeira and Algarve fires. We all need to make sure our visitors are fully kept up to date.

  13. We are praying that the Lord will help and bless you with competent brave firefighters and rain. We are sorry that this is happening to your beautiful home. I have a daughter living there now and she too is so sad about these fires and the damage. Good Luck to you Madeira and may the Lord bless you and all your efforts to take back control of your precious island.
    Susan Wilde
    Arizonia, USA

  14. Jasper. Palheiro Golf up and running. No buildings damaged but trees down the side of the 4th, 15th and 16th fairways destroyed. Some damage to the 15th fairway which ground staff are speedily repairing.

  15. Myself and the kids will be landing at 10.00am tomorrow and we cannot wait to get back

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