Fire-fighters litigate against President. Mayor of Santa Cruz returns to his holiday at the height of fires. Zon problems.

The National Association of Professional Fire-fighters announced today that it will bring legal proceedings against the President of the regional government of Madeira after his statements about the "strange coincidence" of the fires that have occurred after his comments about fire-fighters.

"We will today or tomorrow at the latest [Wednesday] to move to a criminal case against the president of the regional government," the agency Lusa said the association’s president, , who regretted AJJ’s statements that "directly and indirectly blame the fire-fighters".

The president of the regional government of Madeira said today that the fires that ravaged the island led to a "Dante" scenario  and considered it a "strange coincidence" that fires have occurred after his statements about the fire-fighters.

Asked if this scenario could have been avoided if there were more fire-fighters, Alberto João Jardim responded negatively. "About the fire-fighters out there, stick to what I said a few days ago. Indeed, it is a strange coincidence after what he said, this happens," said the minister. He also commented on there being so many outbreaks at the same time.

According to Fernando Curto, many of the fire-fighters involved in fighting the flames in Madeira have "three months of salary arrears" and "the majority of municipal fire-fighters have a different legislative treatment of the fire-fighters on the mainland."

"As such, it is regrettable that the president of the Regional Government gave the impression that an event that took place and leaves the impression that the fire department took part in these actions," he told Lusa.

Fernando Curto also told Lusa that the government of Madeira "does not support the fire-fighters," reiterating that the coordination should evaluate "to find out the reasons for the fires have taken those proportions" and conclude the need for air assets in the region.

Meanwhile it has emerged that the “Mayor” of Santa Cruz returned on holiday to Porto Santo on Friday,

The President de Câmara de Santa Cruz, José Alberto Gonçalves, José Alberto Gonçalves, unfortunately pictured in “holiday mode” above admitted this morning, that had been absent from Madeira at the weekend. The mayor admitted that the holidays were interrupted last Thursday to be on the ground, but he had returned on Friday to Porto Santo, because the "situation calmed down."

The absence of the mayor, and president of the Municipal Civil Protection, caused some criticism areas of the county affected.




The television broadcast of Zon Madeira has apparently been experiencing problems. I can’t comment on this first hand having switched to Meo – perhaps somebody can enlighten me?

The only channel that could be observed was RTP-Madeira.

Contacted an official of the Zon Madeira, said it’s just be aware that the problem is nationwide, and which originated in the continent. For now, however, could not advance further explanation.

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  1. Made contact with Jon and Debs via a mutual friend.
    Business evacuated for 5 hours
    Gutters melted and general scorching
    No landline
    3 neighbours burnt down in the adjacent valley.
    Otherwise well
    Watch out for interesting story later

  2. Thankfully nobody lost their lives in the recent conflagration but many homes lost. Fortunately the forest will recover fairly quickly. In fact many forests around the world rely on natural fires to clear vegetation between the trees to allow saplings clear space in which to grow, the ashes act as fertiliser too.

    Still, that’s no excuse for arson.

    Is our Bertie losing the plot?


  3. Have I read this correct, Bertie starts off blaming householders for not cutting down scrub then goes on to blame the firefighters for starting the fires ?
    These same firefighters who are owed three months wages would be very unlikely to start something they were not getting paid for as a way of protesting.
    Or is that somebody is getting upset because they DID put out the fires ??? and were expected not too.
    The following was released on the 21/07/12 by the European Commission and I add it because of recent events.

    The European Commission approved funding of 202 new projects under the LIFE + programme, the European Union’s Fund for the environment. The projects cover actions in the fields of nature conservation, environmental policy, climate change and information and communication on environmental issues. Represent a total investment of about 516.5 million euros, of which the EU will provide 268.4 million euros. Among the approved projects now is this Funchal project that will have EU funding of 1.2 million euros.

    This is the LIFE Massif (Regional Direction of Forests – Regional Secretariat for the environment and natural resources).

    The goal of this project is to facilitate the regeneration and conservation of the fragile natural ecosystem site Natura 2000 – Eastern mountain massif, including the recovery of plant communities, snails and birds in selected areas of habitats. These include several endemic species of wood, 13 of which are listed in the birds and Habitats Directives

    Perhaps somebody can enlighten me as to who this is “Regional Direction of Forests – Regional Secretariat for the environment and natural resources.”

  4. Colin, the EU announcement stated, as you correctly duplicate above: “Portugal will be awarded 1.2 million euros from European Union (EU) for the project ‘LIFE Mountain Massif’, Madeira in the Mountain Massif East.

    The Regional Direction of Forests is part of the Regional Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources of the Regional Government of Madeira:

  5. Admin, I am slightly confused as headline on that article is,

    European Commission approves 1.2 million project to recover natural ecosystem in Madeira.

    Maurice, I have just been looking at Berties decorations which include the following,

    Portuguese Firemen League Gratitude Medal Portugal
    Portuguese Firemen League Meritorious Service Medal Portugal
    Portuguese Firemen League 20 Years of Good Service Medal
    Madeiran Volunteer Firemen 50 Years Commemorative Medal (Portugal)

    Do you think he will give them back now ??

  6. Silly. I am the last to defend Bertie and his nonsense, but as he did not directly accuse firemen or their organisations of starting fires, suing him is going to go nowhere. In fact what he said is only saying what a lot of people are saying privately, and he is guilty of being stupid, provocative and insensitive … and that is nothing new.


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