Rain (at last!) in Funchal causes local flooding. Cristiano Ronaldo to sue media for invasion of privacy. Machico cuts food festival budget.

What a difference a week makes! After the spectacular and devastating fires that started last Wednesday we now have much needed rain! I was in the Santa Lucia area this afternoon and I must say it bounced!

Water ingress caused minor flooding in at least two homes and constraints on the roads due ............  ...read more

Madeira fires update – Saturday

I had hoped to be more positive today – bad news has to end sometime and we all move on. For the sake of the island it is important that Madeira’s image is not tarnished by the potential holidaymaker perceiving that the island is not safe to visit. Equally it is important that the news is related ............  ...read more

Madeira fires–update Friday


Wednesday night’s blog posting and the very first photos of the fires has so far attracted over 11,000 visitors whilst yesterdays had 10,000 “hits”. I can’t take the credit for this alone – it would be impossible without people sending me links, photos etc. Not least of these is Peter ............  ...read more

Funchal fire–update Thursday


As our photo from last night shows, and the headline on the Diario web site reads "Hell descended into Funchal," with dozens of people running, fleeing the flames in the parish of São Gonçalo.

The situation on the ground became so chaotic that the CDS-PP Madeira urged the regional ............  ...read more

Fires in Ponto do Pargo, Santa Cruz and now Funchal


Ponto do Pargo

From the Diario:

Men and equipment of four brigades will spend this morning engaged in fighting on multiple fronts of fire that burn in several places in Ponta do Pargo, Calheta, where empty houses, barns and crops have been destroyed.

According to the commander of the Volunteer Firemen of Calheta, ............  ...read more

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