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A few people have commented on the spectacular moon over the last few nights. As usual the resident David Bailley at Casa Parsons has come up trumps! The one above shows the Porto Santo Ferry inbound under the nearly full moon a couple of nights ago, whilst the one below is fantastic – literally – thank you Jon.

Speaking of the Porto Santo ferry I heard that journey times have been up recently as it is operating on just one engine – don’t know if that is still the case? I also noticed it heading west close to the coast in the direction of Camera de Lobos the other morning – unusual – there must be an explanation? I’m sure somebody will enlighten me.


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  1. Pictures
    Also anybody with a washing machine or dishwasher for disposal— could be interested along with any household items Sorry Admin should have asked first.

  2. Thank you ALL, for your kind comments……appreciated.

    Martin, THANK YOU, please e-mail me and I will gladly send you a high resolution version, please specify which one Matey! I can also send you some more “thumbnails” of my other photos for your perusal……

    Thanks Admin and Becky.

  3. from dnoticias .. Porto Santo and Funchal levels “very high” UV…Porto Santo and Funchal stand out among the 24 regions of Portugal, which now have a very high value of ultraviolet (UV), according to the Institute of Meteorology (IM).

    These two regions, with an index of 10, stand out among the 24, from 27 regions by the IM, which have a very high value of ultraviolet radiation, whose values ​​vary between the index 8:10.

    With the very high level, MI recommends the use of sunglasses with UV filter, cap, t-shirt, umbrella, sunscreen, noting also that one should avoid children’s exposure to the sun.

    Ultraviolet radiation can cause serious damage to health, if the level of UV exceeds safe limits, according to information available at the IM.

    The index has five levels of this radiation, between low and extreme, depending on the index, which reaches 11.

    The IM provides for today in mainland Portugal or little cloudy sky cleared, presenting with cloudy periods in the regions north of the mountain system Montejunto-Star until the early afternoon and with the occurrence of weak and infrequent showers.

    Faro is expected a maximum temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, 22 degrees in Lisbon and Oporto of 19.

  4. From dnoticias…Health lives “the worst time since the April 25…..Health Region live in “the worst time, since April 25.” The statement is Mário Pereira, who spoke on behalf of CDS. The deputy was aware of the findings of a party meeting held this morning, just to analyze the sector.

    Mario Pereira, who is also a physician, says that the resources are insufficient, which is leading to unsustainability.

    The CDS, it says, has tried to find proposals that take “the cure” regional health system, some of them even listed in the Adjustment Programme Economic and Financial Committee, but are not being implemented by the Regional Government: implementation of electronic prescription; autonomy of health centers, Project of National Interest for the new hospital, maintenance of benefits to users in the convention for tests and consultations, and attack on the waiting lists, which have been growing – currently 14,550 people.

  5. Hi Ellen, Probadly between 13:00hrs and 15:00hrs with the “British Summer Time” shift applied here……indeed, here in Gaula, t’was a truly hot, brilliant and burning sun between the (sparse) clouds this afternoon, – be aware, that often the (high) cloud can reflect and intensify the sun’s rays, particulary when the sun is just on “the edge” of the cloud -Sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a good book and a nice hot mug of sweet tea should do the trick (and loads of water) – enjoy! No alcoholic drinks until at least 5 o’clock (as the song goes)! Rehydrate with water first……and maybe after. “Redrate” from the local Farmacia is a good “salt” based infusion, taken with water, to ward of dehydration, headaches etc……it’s really wet and windy in the U.K. – sorry!

  6. The most accurate way to find the peak U.V. hours, is to sub divide the time between local sunrise and sunset:
    Tomorrow, Madeira:
    Sunrise @ 07:00 hrs – give or take a few seconds.
    Sunset @ 21:15 hrs
    That shows some 14 hrs and 15 minutes of sun “available” here…..
    So, divide by 2 to get the sun at it’s highest/hottest point= 7 hrs 7 mins…..ish
    Add that to sunrise: 07:00 hrs + 7 hrs (& 7 mins) and it =
    14:07 hrs is the peak for high U.V. in Madeira, tomorrow.

  7. Thanks Jon. I’ll choose staying out of the sun rather than slathering on the sunscreen though. Besides the beach is less crowded during “off hours”. Whole generation of Aussies raised on copious amounts of sunscreen are now having problems from the sunscreen I hear. Don’t think our skin is geared to it any more than it is to high UV. Now the book and libations………

  8. Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!!

    Atlantic Festival starts this evening – every Saturday throughout June!

    Let’s hope Portugal have a good match against Germany this evening!

  9. OOooops….1 nil to Germany then = but I did think that Portugal played well, tried hard and did their very best and were a little unlucky……
    I’m not a football fan but I do follow this “euro” cup and support Portugal.
    Well, I would have said that Germany (of course) would beat THEM!
    Ho Hum …. we’ll see, early days yet.
    Of course if you are the U.K. euromillions lottery winner = 63 million, you won’t really care, will you?
    Donations accepted…..

  10. ‘morning Tobi! Glad to have you “back”! Hope getting better and better…..

    Tis another Hot & Sunny one then……but with low cloud streaming from the North East across the “point” = Ponto da Sao Laurenco and Machico ….

    How’s your local weather Martin?!?!

    Public Swimming pools open in Santa Cruz and the Old Lido looked nearly ready on Saturday: freshly painted, new pool liners and “machine” levelled beach (pebbles) with the floats set out in the sea…….looks good.
    Lido? No action seen yet…..

    Sunscreen, Sunhat, Sunbook and no booze ’till 5pm – unless you are intending to watch England play some “hot humid unacclimatised to” football, you may wish to inbibe earlier!

  11. We are presently back in Blighty after having bought our old, awaiting to be refurbished, apartment.
    Annual hospital checkups call
    Also we are saving money like billy o for a new kitchen arrangement and appliances.
    Hoped to be able to use MG with hood down as its SUMMER.
    I have never known it rain so much everyday during a hosepipe ban.
    It has rained for weeks on and off
    and cold
    very cold
    I suppose the sun will come out for a heatwave Olympics where coca cola will be charging upwards of $5.oo a bottle for water.
    I bet when we get back Funchal will be raining like mad.

  12. from

    Funchal extreme levels of UV radiation

    The regions of Funchal and Sagres will register today an extreme value of ultraviolet radiation, so the population should avoid sun exposure, said the Institute of Meteorology (IM).

    According the same source, 24 other regions of the 27 reviewed by IM, will present a very high value of ultraviolet (UV), whose values ​​vary between rates eight and ten.

    With the very high level, MI recommends the use of sunglasses with UV filter, cap, t-shirts, umbrellas and sunscreen, noting also that one should avoid children’s exposure to the sun.

    Ultraviolet radiation can cause serious damage to health, if the level exceeds the safety limits, according to information available at the IM.

    The index has five levels of this radiation, between low and extreme, the maximum being 11.

  13. from dnoticias

    There are already proposed for the Chapel of Babosas

    The presentation of the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, better known as ‘Chapel of Babosas’, suggests that the temple could not resist the bad weather and floods of February 20, 2010 will finally be rebuilt.

    The pastor of the Mount, Giselo Andrade, ensures that the project will be presented next Thursday, June 14, at 16h, in the exhibition of the ‘Pilgrim’s House’ near the Church of Mt.

    The project is the author of ‘MSB Architects’.

  14. No problems with server this end. However, I think Admin has had to return to UK urgently with family ill health (I hope, Admin, that it is okay for saying this. If not, I apologise most profusely).

    Fantastic weather although the Island could be heading for a drought as we have not had rain for so many months. Went up to Santana today and it is so green and lush compared to Gaula/Santa Cruz etc.

    Festa in Sao Joao, Santa Cruz, this Saturday/Sunday and Sao Pedro, Santa Cruz, the following weekend.

    If Portugal win on Thursday evening it will be a huge celebration.

  15. Please see new posting above. Thanks for your thoughts Debs. Richard – by default WordPress stops comments to a posting after 7 days – I increased this when a kind reader e-mailed me to say that it was impossible to post.


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