Exercise “LivEx” to test Municipal Emergency Plan- “abnormal movement of ambulances tomorrow”. ABTA warn of more Portuguese Air Traffic Control strikes end June/start July

The Diario reports that tomorrow (Thursday) will see LivEx , “the exercise to test the functionality and responsiveness of the Municipal Emergency Plan of Funchal, which must be approved by the end of this year”.

Nelson Bettencourt, commander of the Fire Department of Funchal, explained that ............  ...read more

Apologies, Fire-fighters to charge for non-emergency work, Portugal reach Quarter Finals of Euro 2012

Apologies for the recent lack of postings – due to a family bereavement and consequent return to the UK for a short period. Possibly nobody noticed the “silence” but I really appreciate people like Peter who have kept me in touch with developing news items in my absence. Anyway – normal service ............  ...read more

Recent reader-supplied sky-at-night photos


A few people have commented on the spectacular moon over the last few nights. As usual the resident David Bailley at Casa Parsons has come up trumps! The one above shows the Porto Santo Ferry inbound under the nearly full moon a couple of nights ago, whilst the one below is fantastic – literally ............  ...read more

New car-boot sale details. FT–“Export growth boosts Portugal’s prospects”. Bread Fair.


New charity car boot sale details above – self explanatory

The FT has reported an unexpected upturn for Portugal’s export Prospects

The main picture shows Carole Middleton arriving at Buckingham Palace after her daughter’s wedding, in shoes made in Portugal. Just had a get a Royal connection in this weekend! Unfortunately, just to lower the tone completely, ............  ...read more

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