Sunfish found at Praia Formosa

According to the Diario an ocean sunfish was found this morning at Praia Formosa. The newspaper claims that this unusual but others disagree – pointing out that they are common in the temperate waters around Madeira and in particular the North Atlantic Gulf Stream.

The sunfish is the largest bony fish in the world, reaching more than 3 meters in length, and a weight of over two tons. Obviously this one is a “tiddler”!

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  1. same as Dawn ,i’ve a couple of from “microsoft” offering to solve “problems ” on my PC.

    also been getting a lot of “cold calls” on our UK mob from PPI firms offering to clear up my accident claims-they even claim to know how much i will receive !

  2. Did anyone manage to get a bargain at the Pingo sale yesterday? I have never seen anything like it! I couldn’t even enter the store – what was going on? Was it really all half price?

    • for who had 50€ to spend, it was all half price with a minimum spend of 100€. Booze and everything included, bedlam throughout Portugal, traffic jams, squabbles over trolleys, fights, injuries, and now challenges to the legality of the promotion, that Pingo says it plans to repeat.

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  4. From the Diario:
    In a joint statement, the NAV (air controllers) partial strikes will be held on 11, 17, 18, 24 and May 25, in three periods of two hours per shift (from 07:00 to 09: 00, from 14:00 to 16:00 and from 21:00 to 23:00 hours of the continent and Madeira).

    The new pre-strike notices are following a period of five days of partial strikes, in April, which caused flight delays and cancellations.

  5. The Pingo stunt must have had a big impact on the likes of the Sa supermarket. I have visions of frozen food thawing as the customers wait to check out! Ice cream leaving a slippery trail! Whilst the bargain hunters fight it out.

  6. I have to say that is brilliant advice Martin – thank you. I have investigated this personally on a number of occasions – particularly since ARMAS ceased the ferry service – and never come up with anything as good as this.


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