Madeira wine paired with food? Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection. Wedding holidays.

A well known restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, thinks fortified wines are underappreciated with food, being usually limited to Sherry for cooking and Port for after-dinner drinking. However Madeira, “the darling of wine drinkers in the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries, is beginning to see resurgence”. The Rare Wine Co., and its Historic Series, a joint venture with Vinhos Barbeito, has put Madeira back on the map, especially as a pairing for savoury foods.

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Messi is like Kryponite to Cristiano Ronaldo’s Superman: The story behind soccer’s greatest modern rivalry

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is publishing exclusive extracts from Luca Caioli’s new book, “Ronaldo: The Obsession for Perfection” which charts the Portuguese forward’s spectacular rise from a poor childhood in Madeira to superstardom with Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid This fifth excerpt looks at his rivalry with Barca’s Argentine star:

Sunvil Holidays has acquired wedding and luxury specialists Planet Holidays.

In the deal, Planet will continue to trade under its current name and has seen Sunvil tap into the growing market for weddings overseas with specialist knowledge. In addition, Planet will be able to increase its destinations and expertise into Sunvil’s specialist areas including the Azores and Madeira. "Planet was the first tour operator to recognise the potential of this (wedding) market and still remains one of the true specialists in this field. The two companies are, I believe, a perfect match" said Noel Josephides, managing director of Sunvil

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  1. Latest update for “cheap” Coffee and Pastel:=
    Continente Loja Cafe (Global) in Cancela costs just 2.25 euro for a LARGE Pastel de nata, a Garoto & Chinesa Coffee….
    Offer is for 1 Pastel & Coffee @ 1.40 plus Chinesa at 0.85, not bad and very yummy!

  2. I am suffering the awful weather in the UK for 4 weeks returning to Madeira on the 3 May.
    I have brightened a very wet day watching videos from Relagular66 of yesterday’s Flower Festival on UTube. A must view, well done!

  3. Today we attempted to visit the Honourable British Consulate in Funchal ….

    And after much searching we found it to be tucked down the side street “Rua da Atladega”, which is behind “Pizza Hut” on the corner of “Avenida Zarco” – to the rear of Blandy Travel, opposite the “Palacio de Sao Lourenco”. None too grandly situated or advertised we thought but hey, we were there. Just a small sign on the wall indicating that it was situated in an office on the third floor – no Union Jack, no brass door knobs or security folk etc. but we headed upwards, happy that we had found our British point of contact in this far flung land….but in fact no “nobs” at all upstairs ……..the offices were CLOSED. Lunch time for our hard pressed representatives perhaps? NO…..

    Merely another sign indicating that there is NO LONGER a British Consulate office in Madeira.
    There is no longer an actual “live” presence that you can walk into from the street and converse with – if you could find it – the French consulate is rather grandly situated nearby along with a tricolour fluttering in the balmy breeze above their colonial open terrace, jolly nice if you are French I suppose……but hey, didn’t the British have the most influence here?

    It would appear in days long gone by……UNLESS you wish to access a Public Notary, courtesy of the Consulate, then they will arrange a (paid for?) meeting with one for you at the “Old Blandy Wine Lodge” (on the “Avenda Arriaga” next to the “Posto de Turismo”). Ah I see, Blandys DO still have “the” British influence here then…..not the Consulate….

    HMmmmm, so, I hear you ask, all well and good but just how do I contact the Consulate in an emergency? What do you do if you wish to also contact the Consulate for such mundane stuff such as renewing your (British) Passport or such similar matter? No problem, you can contact them via e-mail and their web site (no “live” presence just a “virtual” one) ….However please do be advised of a couple of minor points:

    The British Consulate DO NOT Handle your British Passport (or visa) renewal even though you are a British subject and they are your consulate.

    I would like to offer you advice on how to go about your passport renewal but unfortunately the last time I e-mailed the consulate AND left a question on their “submit a query” section of their web site, I did not receive ANY reply. I did also ‘phone last year and leave a message but still haven’t heard anything – still, I was only trying to be helpful and give them our address details etc….

    I WILL post the consulate contact details in due course, when I can confirm that they (the details, not the staff, silly) work…….

  4. Portugal, Funchal (Madeira), Honorary Consul information….

    Hi Again, we were not actually intending to visit the British Consulate for Passport renewal but rather for something else entirely, that in “the old days” they handled, for free but no more….I figure that the following information could however be useful….

    Web site for British National Passport renewal from the British Embassy in Lisbon. (http/www removed for blog):

    “We no longer issue standard (5 and 10 year) British passports at this Embassy. You now need to apply for your passport at our Regional Passport Processing Centre in Madrid.

    The Regional Passport Processing Centre website will tell you everything you need to know about applying for a new or replacement British passport from Portugal”.

    MADRID? SPAIN? EEeerr? Again “just” virtual reality assistance….

    Also the below for “generic” (only) help:

    MADEIRA? The following is from “their” virtual/cyber space office:

    If calling from Portugal: 808 20 35 37
    If calling from outside Portugal:
    +351 21 395 4082

    +351 21 392 4153


    Office hours:
    Please note we do not have an office in Funchal

    = brilliant, thanks, told you so!

    This following information is still available on the web but I fear may be outdated given the above…..sorry, I don’t know if the e-mail etc. would work.

    Honorary Consulate of the United Kingdom in Funchal / Madeira


    Rua da Alfandega 10, 3C
    9000-059 Funchal


    local: (0291) 212.860
    international: +351.291.212.860

    local: (0291) 212.869
    international: +351.291.212.869

    [email protected]

    Ah, the good old empire….. has fallen back (retreated) to Madrid. Tsk Tsk …..
    Allow for some 160 euro for your passport renewal, via Spain, from the U.K.

    Time for a large beer from Madeira!

  5. After living here for four years without the assistance of the Consulate. The only time we asked for help was with passport renewal which we ended up doing ourselves on-line, and it was very easy to do. Maybe, given people are self sufficient the Consulate did not not have the work to justify staying open. Maybe, this will save the UK tax payer so not all bad.

  6. Full details of the Consulate contact numbers can be found on the Holy Trinity Chuch Funchal website under links.
    The role of Consulate was honoury, unpaid!
    Joy Menenzies is still acting as the unpaid Honoury Consul.

  7. All well and good Peter but their still appears to be an Honorary Consul here still being paid a salary, at the tax payers expense and for what?

    I just find it amazing that our nearest “port of call” for a consul is in Spain.

    So called Self sufficientcy is perhaps only so good as long as the computer works…..

    AND after living here for some 7 plus years we have also had no need to approach the Consul BUT others may have ….. and when we needed them, as part of an advertised (and paid for by my taxes) service, this from the U.K. Veterans Agency, they were not there/here for our help …. we were advised to resort to the alternative, stand alone and paid for service from a public notary. However, our local bank (B.E.S.) did provide us with the relevant services free of charge….thanks to them indeed.

    So, no I don’t believe that the self sufficientcy and tax savings argument hold.

  8. My apology is due for the unpaid services of Joy Menenzies, thank you.
    Just wish that this had all been made clear on the relevant web sites etc.
    Sadly, not everyone would think that the point of contact would be made through the English Church….

  9. Hi Peter,

    I’m intrigued as to how you renewed your passport on-line when you have to submit new photographs. Could you let me know how this works, please.

    The thing is I’m not very happy to be sending my passport off to Spain for renewal when the time comes – you don’t know where it might end up. Maybe I’m a wimp but I find that pretty scarey!!

    Thank you.

  10. I will let you know Betty as my passport expires in May 2013! Having had a quick glimpse at the website, I understand that although you can fill in the application form online, you have to print it out to sign and, as you quite rightly say, you need to send it, together with two photographs and the fee, to the relevant offices, ie Madrid in our case, together with your old passport. You can apply up to nine months before the expiry date of your old passport. It is recommended that you send the documents by registered post. Fiingers crossed!

  11. Jon, I think you may be missing the point in that the English Church is providing a link and information regarding Consular details but it is not the point of contact. Other websites also provide similar information. Google would have provided the links to the uk in portugal website. As you have since found out Joy Menezes is Honorary Consul, meaning she is not paid. The pro consul was paid, but now the powers that be in the UK have decided that Madeira no longer needs a consulate office. There are still consulates in Portugal as well as the Embassy in Lisbon.

    The following information might also be useful, this came as an email the other day as I used the consulate late last year.


    We have changed the way we provide our services in Funchal and we will now have appointments
    once a month. If you wish to book an appointment you will need to click on the next available
    appointment which will take you to the next available slot on the Funchal Clickbook page.

    The venue for the appointments has also changed and will now take place at:
    The VIP Room (1st floor above the shop)
    Old Blandy Wine Lodge,
    Avenida Arriaga 28
    9000-064 Funchal

    Please note that we no longer accept cash. However, you can pay by Multibanco on the day of your
    appointment or by credit card prior to your appointment.

    If you have translated a document from Portuguese into English and are booking an appointment
    with us so that we can administer your oath/affirmation and unite all the documentation, please
    remember to bring your own oath/affirmation. If you need help drafting this document, you should
    contact a solicitor or public notary. Please note that we are not legally qualified and cannot provide
    you with the text for this document. For further information on taking oaths/affirmations, you may
    wish to consult the following site:

    It is also your responsibility to find out if the translated document to be united to the translator´s oath/affirmation can be:
    i) a simple photocopy
    ii) a certified photocopy
    iii) the original document
    Whichever is appropriate will be united to the oath/affirmation.

    Please note that if you are not able to wait for the next available appointment you can always
    contact a public notary who might be able to provide the service to you. For your nearest public
    notary please check their website


    New passports have been issued from Madrid for a number of years now, even if you filled the application in here. Those who have sent for new passports have not had any problems, or at least those that I have heard of.

    The consulate here used to have the Union flag flying outside, don’t remember the stars and stripes as the US consulate was in the same building. But if you think it was hard to find, then you want to try and find the one in Barcelona, no flag flying there.

    Betty, would it surprise you to know that the Royal Mail do not send out passports but they are sent by private courier and you have to phone them up and book the time to receive them in the UK? Good old trustworthy post office.

  12. Good Morning Tom and all – thanks to everyone for their informative replies to my “the man with(out) the dragon tattoo, the man who played with fire and the man who kicked the hornets’ nest” blog postings……good to know that there are many of you folk where interested = worthwhile “subjects” methinks!

    Don’t think that I really missed the point Tom, as my web sites/pages provided showed the official “point of contact” sites for information and resources available – I was mainly bemoaning the lack of local services but AND as Richard kindly said:

    “Full details of the Consulate contact numbers can be found on the Holy Trinity Chuch Funchal website under links.
    The role of Consulate was honoury, unpaid!
    Joy Menenzies is still acting as the unpaid Honoury Consul”

    Good supplementary information for a local subsidiary……

    We will indeed also let you know how our Passport renewal goes Betty and all, although I for one, am not happy to be without my passport for any length of time, especially here on this magical Island of Madeira……

    Looks like rain today, Deb says that it will do the garden good, very true indeed!

  13. May I have the exclusive use, if nobody minds, now it is not required, of the indicated British Consul parking space just up from The PIZZA HUT.
    This would be most convenient for me when attending The Golden Gate Cafe, my bank, the barber and the Eco Cafe.
    By the way, it seems the French Consulate is the only one flying its national flag (at an extreme height over Macdonald’s) ( is this a sign meaning something?).
    None of the others do fly a flag I think and I found an Austrian Consulate on Rua Princesa Dona Amelia.
    Perhaps there will be an EEC consulate instead of the individual ones as is now.
    Of course this would save taxpayers a fortune.
    There would be only the need for one office suite with only a few staff, one modest apartment block, one private jet and only the one chauffeur driven car.

  14. Don’t even think about it Martin. Not so long ago we picked up a parking ticket for using what was (very poorly) signposted as a space reserved from the Austrian Consulate in Imperatriz . Makes you wonder why the Austrian’s bother to maintain this presence yet the Brit’s don’t?


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