IVA price hikes!

Sorry to draw the line under the previous set of comments, which has had over 1500 visits. Great to know that interest in the blog remains so high!

To much more important matters, and I’m afraid more bad news. This morning we were amazed to find that our usual Chinesa plus Garoto at a modest cafe in the Lido area had moved overnight from 90 + 60 cents to 1.20 plus 1.00. Upon quizzing the owner we were told that this was due to the increase in “IVA” at the start of the month. I might not be the worlds greatest mathematician but this is nearly a 50% price hike, of which perhaps 6% might be attributable to the VAT rise! Or maybe we had just been moved from local prices to tourist prices? I remember Der highlighting this discrepancy on the blog two or three years ago – I have come across it again a few times again recently.

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  1. There is a cafe in Canico de Baixo that operated a completely different drinks pricing for tourists and locals two years ago – can’t remember the name – part shop/part cafe on the bottom road beneath some apartments. Buy your own beer, one price, get a local to order, half the price!

  2. Certainly our numerous Cafes/Bars in Gaula operate on a “one price only” basis, mostly serving only the local population – certainly we’ve all got our favourites for meeting friends etc. However, if one gets “cheeky” and starts to charge more than the others then folk take their custom elsewhere…..village economics!

    Santa Cruz is pretty much the same, although one of the “eating” Cafes near the Church tried “it on” last year – it is still quieter than the rest, word gets around.

    Not so easy for tourists, I grant. Suggest that the Portuguese menu is requested to price check – it’s up to us residents to query any dodgey do’s and remonstrate.

    But in any event, far far better than U.K. prices, service and quality – NO Starbucks, Yippee!


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