Bulletin Board to run alongside blog? Comments please…..

In view of how well the “chatter” and advice has been developing over recent threads, I am inclined to think that sometimes subscribers posting comments are best left with control over the content, rather than an “Editor” interfering by making a fresh post on a different subject, which effectively wipes out the thread of a discussion that is developing beneath a previous post. A particular example is the current one, where really very important information on the situation with the Consulate (yes – thank you Jon!) will effectively be lost by me making a fresh post (nobody goes back to add to comments against previous posts). This same information could at some point in the future save somebody so much time and effort if it remained available

I am therefore investigating a Bulletin Board/Forum to run alongside the blog, which will preserve useful threads (there was another developed recently on gardening for instance) – which can be developed and remain available as a reference library for those seeking advice and up-to-date information.

Does anybody have any strong thoughts – I am leaving this post short to keep the conversation in the previous post accessible on the first page. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thanks to everybody on the passport issue. I look forward to hearing that all goes well for everyone. No doubt the rules will have changed again by the time I need to renew my passport. A friend of mine living permanently in Madeira made an appointment in the UK to have her passport renewed on her last trip if that’s a thought for anyone.

    As far as bulletin board goes – I don’t mind one way or the other because no matter what crops up there is always someone on here to support you no matter how weird your question may be.


  2. Posted earlier on “consulate” subject matter threads:

    Good Morning Tom and all – thanks to everyone for their informative replies to my “the man with(out) the dragon tattoo, the man who played with fire and the man who kicked the hornets’ nest” blog postings……good to know that there are many of you folk who where interested = all worthwhile “subjects” methinks!

    Don’t think that I really missed the point Tom, as my web sites/pages provided showed the official “point of contact” sites for information and resources available – I was mainly bemoaning the lack of local services but AND as Richard kindly said:

    “Full details of the Consulate contact numbers can be found on the Holy Trinity Chuch Funchal website under links.
    The role of Consulate was honoury, unpaid!
    Joy Menenzies is still acting as the unpaid Honoury Consul”

    Good supplementary information for a local subsidiary……

    We will indeed also let you know how our Passport renewal goes Betty and all, although I for one, am not happy to be without my passport for any length of time, especially here on this magical Island of Madeira……

    Looks like rain today, Deb says that it will do the garden good, very true indeed!

  3. I think the idea of a bulletin board is an excellent one – especially as those that are new to the site probably do not necessarily look at the comments section. There is another forum on the web but it appears to have quite a lot of computer glitches and the posts are not current.

    • huge one Martin, with the GNR heading the team. Been nothing else on the news all week, but Jardim says he is relaxed. One Portugal newspaper has reported another ‘hole’ of 2€ billion here, but no proof yet and Jardim says he is going to sue the newspaper!!!

  4. Hi everyone,
    Just a word of warning.I have been phoned twice recently by a guy posing as a Microsoft technician claiming that my machine has a dreadful virus which can only be fixed by effectively handng over control via a website.This was a scam that first came to light a couple of years ago.You are directed to a site & the upshot is that you end up being charged significant money for the “fix”.Microsoft will never telephone you.It is likely that these people have bought a phone list.Thought you might like to know.

  5. I think a forum where MADEIRAHOLICS can meet in the open is a good idea.
    If you say yes to two or more of:
    1. visit Madeira regularly
    2. visit this site frequently and/or post comments here
    3. check the StrawberryWorld web cams frequently
    4. check the netmadeira.com web cams frequently
    5. check the noticias
    6. visit any other madeira related websites
    Then you are a MADEIRAHOLIC.

  6. Hello,
    Maurice, I am pleased to say that I tick all of the boxes on your MADEIRAHOLICS qualifications chart !!.

    Having visited for the Flower Festival two weeks ago can anyone direct me to a site to purchase a DVD of The Flower Parade.

    Regards to all in our beloved Island.


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