More great entertainment in Madeira in March, April; 3 ways to increase economic productivity of Portugal’s ports: The Economist; Portugal produced best government bond returns in developed world so far this year!; Hugo Camara FILM;

International, National Portuguese and Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Hugo Camara FILM

Another impressive film from Madeiran photographer/artist Hugo Camara. Thanks Hugo.

Dishwalla – Angels or Devils ( … Read more

Scuba-diving in Madeira;

Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Scuba-diving in Madeira

Scuba-diving centres in Madeira include:

Anthia Diving Center. Their latest film:

All images from the Diario or Facebook official pages unless … Read more

General Strike: flights re-scheduled to Madeira; Lisbon Airport: TERMINAL changes at Lisbon Airport include Easyjet; Madeira: Common Buzzard Census this weekend: 24 & 24th March; Azores: “Milhafre”, “Queimado” Buteo buteo rothschildi Madeira: “Manta” Buteo buteo harterti; Become a citizen scientist for a day in Madeira!;

International, National Portuguese News and Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

General Strike, Thursday 22nd March

thanks Peter/Admin for the post on the General Strike on Thursday 22nd March. Peter has … Read more

Portugal reaching middle of bridge

Poetry and coffee Funchal 19-24 March; Zurich to Madeira: more flights; RUSSIAN BALLET returns to Madeira FESTA DA FLOR week:19-20 April; 30th Anniversary of Photography Museum ‘Vicentes’Funchal: March 22nd;

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Michelin Guide chefs kick off gastronomic festival in Madeira 16th March; Madeira’s 2012 budget; First ministerial resignation in Government; ‘Saca’ surfing in Paul do Mar; Literature Festival of Madeira 15-17 March; Paul do Mar surf forecast; Portugal prays for rain; Portugal’s driest Winter in 80 years; Drought measures;

Portugal and Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

Madeira’s 2012 budget

From Portugal Daily

Público Newspaper reports on Wednesday 14 March:

The mainland Portugal newspaper says that a 50% cut … Read more

Madere: le corps et l’esprit unis; Nobel Prize Economist in line with Portuguese Govt on austerity; Awesome Snow Film! Pico Ruivo; Madeira: natural beauty and adrenaline; Madeira receiving more French & Spanish tourists; ‘Sons do Mar’ TMN music concerts Funchal return July 2012; European Windsurfing Championships RS:X Madeira 2012 results;

International, National Portuguese News and Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

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Awesome Snow Film! Pico Ruivo

Nobel Read more

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