Advice to Walkers in Madeira Region; Missing elderly tourists found dead; Government approves 8 new investment contracts worth €221m; Piano Concert ‘Baltazar Dias’ Theatre, Funchal, Friday night, 9pm

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Missing elderly tourists found dead

From Portugal Daily View:

“The two elderly Danish tourists who had been missing in Madeira Island’s mountainous interior since Monday were found dead, reports the Portuguese news agency Lusa.

According to a source from the Portuguese criminal investigation police (PJ), quoted by Lusa, the bodies of the missing tourists were found in levada dos Piornais, in the south of the island, this Thursday.

Two bodies were found which belong to the missing women”, the police told Lusa, saying that the next step would be to recover the victim’s bodies and have them inspected “to determine the cause of death.”

The two women, aged 73 and 76, were last seen leaving their Funchal hotel on Sunday, dressed and equipped as if they were going hiking.

The hotel on Portugal’s semi-tropical resort island reported the two missing Monday, when maids found they had not returned to their room…”


Thanks for the comments on this sad event from Elaine and Jon. As Jon has written:

Everyone should..

“ALWAYS tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return.

Indeed, ALL Hotel/Lodging staff have their part to play and should “gently” warn people of the dangers inherent with Levada walking – be it vertigo, uneven, fragile or slippery surfaces and the need for suitable footwear/clothing and torch/whistle etc. with a weather forecast also – and they should recommend an official guide if in any doubt about the ability/experience of the people for their chosen route……”

Also, a link from Jon in the comments section:

Advice to Walkers in Madeira Region

From Official Tourism Website:

“Walking on Madeira and Porto Santo

First and foremost, walking on Madeira and the adjacent island of Porto Santo is invigorating, exciting and hugely rewarding. Any regular walker will find the Madeira Islands both a challenge and a delight, and, we hope, a pleasant surprise.

Madeira is a volcanic island rising from the very significant depths of the Atlantic Ocean, and the result is a wonderfully convoluted landscape that will enchant any walker. It is breathtaking in every sense of the word. But it is so rewarding, too.

At one extreme there are walks that follow the course of the levadas, ancient water courses that ingeniously serpent their way across the island, always gently descending, and often in the most spectacular setting. At the other extreme, the summits that gather round Pico Ruivo are craggy and rugged, networked with rocky footpaths.

WALKS – It is vital that you choose only those walks that are most suited to your own standard of fitness and experience. Most walks involve varying amounts of ‘up and down’; some are circular, some linear. All are outstanding, but walkers who do not have a good head for heights or are unaccustomed to occasionally steep ascents and descents, should avoid the more difficult walks.

PROTECTIVE CLOTHING – In January, it can rain and it can scorch. You need to be prepared for both, although the average temperature in Madeira rarely falls below 15˚C.

All walkers must carry a day sack containing waterproofs, a hat, gloves, spare clothing, whistle, food and drink, the relevant map and a compass. On some walks you will also find a torch useful, as some of the levada walks pass through tunnels. You may also need to carry sun cream.

It is essential that walking boots are worn for all walks. Walk leaders have the right to decline to accept on any walk persons whose footwear may, in their opinion, be potentially hazardous.

Please also bear in mind that some paths may be overgrown and/or are flanked by bushes and brambles.

CHILDREN – Children should be accompanied by an adult on all walks…”

Government approves 8 new investment contracts worth €221m

From Portugal Daily View:

“The Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs Paulo Portas said this Thursday the cabinet had approved eight new investment contracts worth about €221m.

Speaking after the cabinet meeting, Portas told reporters the investments covered areas such as glass production, mining, tourism, optics, electricity and plastics.”


Piano Concert at ‘Baltazar Dias’ Theatre, Funchal, Friday night, 9pm

Madeira’s music academy ‘The Conservatório’ are presenting a Free Piano Concert at ‘Baltazar Dias’ Theatre, Funchal this evening by: Daniela Daraban, Laura Mendes and Rafael Kyrychenko at 9pm.

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