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Madeira News from Paul Abbiati:

This short film ‘Madeira Aquática HD’ won an award in its category at Portugal’s Fourth Video Subaquático International Festival ‘VideoDigisub’ in 2010. This film like the second one below includes footage of endangered Monk seals ‘lobo marinhos’.

This short film “Desertas Aquática” of Madeira region’s underwater biodiversity.. in this case the biodiversity around the uninhabited Desertas Islands including the endangered Monk seals won a First Prize in its category at The 2011 International Funchal Cinema Festival.

The Desertas Islands- Ilhas Desertas

The film shows the underwater natural beauty of the biodiversity of The Desertas Islands- Ilhas Desertas — a small Portuguese archipelago, located about 25 km to the southeast of Ponta de São Lourenço, the eastern tip of the island of Madeira.

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  1. From the…..Discusses ANF associated with enforcement of the suspension of reimbursement..Meeting will be held Sunday at 17 hours, at the Casino…The National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) and pharmacies responsible for the Region meet Sunday at 17 hours, at the Pestana Casino Park Hotel to discuss the effectiveness or not the announced suspension of the reimbursement price of medicines.

    In a statement issued yesterday, the end of the day, the NPA announced the suspension of reimbursement from Monday.

    “From this day, the beneficiaries must apply directly to the Regional Government to share in the price of drugs, which until now was immediately discounted by pharmacies in the act of purchase,” reads the statement said. “The pharmacies are the first to regret this situation and expect the Government to take over the Regional Plan agreed payments, enabling them to comply with the financial system and, in this way, put an end to this situation that affect the population of Madeira and the pharmacies, “he continues.

  2. I have been invited to a Madeiran catholic christening. Having never been to any sort of christening before can anyone advise what sort of gift is expected for the baby.

  3. Sue, having “hosted” 3 christenings for my sons it doesn`t seem to be the case that gifts are given. The godparents however have some expensive responsibilities! I would suggest that you do what is common from your culture. If you take photos at the event and have them done in an album as a gift perhaps?

  4. Just out of interest, when we go shopping to Pingo Doce/Continente/Sa, I don’t tend to notice prices too much of the essential items on my shopping list. However, the other day we nipped into Sa to buy cat food for our spoilt cat and it had gone up from 56 cents a tin to 70 cents! In Continente today I checked and it was still the same price as before Christmas, ie 56 cents. I shall certainly check prices for other items next time we are in Sa. Is Sa in trouble???

    • Sâ just can’t compete with the others Debs, but it’s not in trouble and is still slowly expanding. Pingo on the other hand has some financial problems, and is currently under the eye of the tax authorities for unpaid taxes. Suprising really, as the holding group, Jeronimo Martins, has lower operating costs than Sâ and Continente, but even so has increased it´s prices generally and significantly this year despite the bulls**t slogan ‘Sabe bem pagar tão pouco’.

  5. But then again Deb is buying good cheap Pork joints/cuts and various t’other bits from Continente and SA, and making our own Bacon, Gammon and Sausages! Yahoo, really Yummy….and a BARGAIN also!

  6. From the of sale of drugs on credit from 00.00 tomorrow.
    eeting with members of the ANF region has just ended….Just ended meeting of the board of the National Association of Pharmacies with members of the Region. For about two hours, the direction of ANF represented by Maria da Luz Sequeira, one of the vice presidents, and owners of pharmacies were gathered at the Casino Park Hotel to discuss the problem of suspension of the sale on credit of medicines.

    Despite some claims of members, ANF has upheld the decision taken in last Friday, claiming the situation is unsustainable by the pharmacy and that this is a problem that must be resolved by the Regional Government.

    Thus, from 00.00 tomorrow (Monday), the beneficiaries of the Regional Health Service (regime) who go to pharmacies to fill a prescription, the drugs will have to pay in full.

  7. Thanks for that Admin – very interesting. Sa in Santa Cruz is relatively quiet, Sa in Machico is dead and yet if you go to Pingo Doce in Machico it is heaving, but Sa in Funchal is very, very busy most of the time. We all need more time to do bits of shopping in each of these shops!

  8. Re Buses
    The Tourist office used to sell a comprehensive book of interurban buses which we have used successfully for a few years and we still use the now defunct little booklets for urban services. It might be worth checking if either or both are still available or have been reprinted.

    We shall be arriving on Tuesday for our 3 weeks in heaven so please keep the weather going well for us

  9. From the… Order of Doctors in Madeira admits public health problem…The president of the regional section of the Madeira from the Medical Association admitted today that the suspension in the reimbursement of medicines, implemented from 00.00 at pharmacies in the archipelago, can become a public health problem.

    “This will become a public health problem, we have decompensated chronic illnesses, especially diabetes, hypertension, and people with lack of medicines for the treatment of neoplastic diseases,” said Henrietta Reynolds.

    The National Association of Pharmacies (ANF) left today to ensure dispensing medications to credit due to failure of the Regional Government’s plan debt payments to pharmacies, worth 77 million euros.

    “Our reaction is of great concern to patients in the Autonomous Region of Madeira,” said Henrietta Reynolds, considering “regrettable” situation and believing that is before “the effective insolvency of the Region.”

    For the president of the regional section of the Medical Association of Madeira, “the central government must take action.”

    “This is inconceivable in a region that is part of a whole nation. What we can do is ask for government intervention, that someone is trying to get ahead,” he said, expressing displeasure over the issue and hope that will soon be exceeded.

    At the beginning of last week, the NPA said in a statement that it would no longer guarantee the credit dispensing medications from today.

    “Pharmacies waited until the limit of its possibilities. They held that they were made today [Friday] that would allow a payment plan to resume the settlement of the debt in eight years,” referring to the statement, stressing that “this payment was not made nor was any explanation given. ”

    ANF, which regrets the situation and hopes that the executive Madeira resume the payment plan, also said that from today the beneficiaries must apply directly to the Regional Government “to share in the price of drugs so far was soon discounted by pharmacies at the time of purchase. ”

    In December, the NPA also took place after the executive led by Alberto Joao Jardim has ceased to fulfill the plan, but retreated after the security of their implementation.

    The Government made a commitment to stabilize the two million euro for November and, while continuing to ensure the minimum monthly payment of four million euros, has not occurred, prompting the decision, which does not affect people who have other health subsystems.


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