Madeira’s Financial Adjustment Programme: Press Conference; Events this weekend Madeira; Churches of Madeira: Igreja de São Pedro, Funchal;

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Again, thankyou for the contributions from Peter and other blog readers in the comments section on the termination of the Madeira-Portimão Sea Transport

Events this weekend some with free admission in Madeira include:

The GCEA dance group Kaleidoscope will present a show at 20h30, in The Centro Cultural John dos Passos at Ponta do Sol
The Ensemble XXI of The Orquestra Clássica da Madeira present a concert at 9pm in The Salão Nobre da autarquia do Funchal

Art exhibition at The Centro Cívico da Ponta do Pargo in Calheta region titled ‘Art West 3 -Islands and Men’ paintings by Ruben Freitas (Madeira) e Carlos Mota (Açores)
The Madeira Mandolin Orchestra presents at 9 p.m. in the English Church, Funchal “Light Classics” by Vivaldi – Ketélbey – V Monti – Waldteufel and Franz Liszt.

-Boot Sale in Funchal?

Madeira’s Financial Adjustment Programme

From Bloomberg BusinessWeek:

At a Press Conference broadcast by SIC Noticias TV station from Madeira on Friday evening Portugal Madeira’s Leader Alberto Joao Jardim said that the Portuguese Government will grant about 1.5 billion euros ($2 billion) in emergency aid to Madeira to help the semi-autonomous island region repay debt, Madeira

Jardim said “The sustainability of the region’s debt is guaranteed” and that the region will pay the same interest rate Portugal is paying for its international aid plan.

Under the so-called adjustment program, Jardim said that Madeira’s government will:
-increase VAT,
-cut public workers’ summer and Christmas salary payments,
-reduce the public workforce and
-sell state-owned companies to raise money, Jardim said.

Those steps mirror actions the national government is taking to meet the terms of its 78 billion-euro bailout from the European Union and International Monetary Fund.

From CNN:

“The archipelago will have 15 years to pay off the loan starting in 2016, Jardim said Friday.”

“The local government hopes to collect about $140 million in extra revenue this year, which means the bulk of the effort to pay back the aid will come from taxpayers…”

“The Lisbon-based government will transfer the 1.5 billion euros to Madeira until 2031..”


Churches of Madeira: Igreja de São Pedro, Saint Peter’s Church Funchal 1590-

“The construction of the Church began in 1590 and it was completed in 1743. The interior of the church is decorated with seventeenth century tiles which cover all nave walls, the main chapel and the sacristy. The other notable main decoration of this church are the paintings, gold and silver works and furniture from the seventeenth, eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”

images from the official Facebook pages of Madeira Tourism

All images from Diario Newspaper unless otherwise stated

7 thoughts on “Madeira’s Financial Adjustment Programme: Press Conference; Events this weekend Madeira; Churches of Madeira: Igreja de São Pedro, Funchal;”

  1. Nice weather here at Faro. Decided on a Cataplana before heading north to the Santander ferry.
    The departure from Funchal, being delayed a bit by the difficult loading of many Circus Dallas trucks, was witnessed by a hundred or so protesters.
    Camera crews were in attendance.
    They interviewed some grey haired chaps who no doubt were the responsible persons for the the ferry´s demise.
    As the ship sailed past the new Bport building about 50 motorbykes and riders flashed the lights honked their horns and revved their engines in support.
    The crossing was a bit bumpy and the other half retired to the loo for some of the journey.
    Food was unusually poor.
    The Circus staff made up for their troubles by drowning much Johnny Walker.
    Sunny and calm on arrival and only a few vehicles were lined up for the sailing to somewhere.
    The truth is that perhaps the traffic on this ferry was so poor Naviera Armas could not make a profit even before Madeira imposed ridiculously high berthing fees.
    One days sense will prevail
    Whether we shall return to Madeira is unlikely at the moment as we have had so much bad luck on every trip.
    Perhaps discretion is the better part of valour.
    We shall miss all our Madeiran friends and also English, Scottish,Welsh and from the whole world.
    I hope President t Jardim has a rotten birthday on the 4th of Feb (we are exactly the same age).
    I blame him for not being on the ball on this one.

  2. Martin Please do not let events coming to Madeira put you off. I know the feeling, I come here just before the floods. I wondered what I let myself into, then the fires and bad health. Think of the good time when you was here, and weather been good for you this year. You met some good friends and fine food. A friend reminded me once, you have more good time then bad. He was right. I am sure Madeira will welcome you back with a smile next time 🙂

  3. Dear Martin,
    I have enjoyed reading about your exploits on the Floating Paradise Island; hope that you can find a way to return soon to enjoy the island and the people.
    You will find it bloody cold when you get to Ford Anglia so wrap up warm.

    We are off to Funchal next month to help the Portuguese economy by drinking much Macieira and snacking on pasteis da nata.
    Come back soon.

  4. Come the revolution indeed……but why did not more people vote (him out) when they had the chance?

    Hope the Bilhete de Identidade dosen’t lead to any late night visits from Berties Boys?!?

    Despite and indeed, Inspite of the all the above, we are very glad that we moved here some seven & a half years ago from the U.K. – lock, stock and barrel, no N.H.S. ties, no tax ties etc…..yes, it’s different, yes it takes a while but our quality of life far surpasses the level that it would now have been had we remained in (the now not so) Great Britain…..

    It’s our personal opinion but we would still encourage folk, circumstances permitting, to move here permanently and become a part of the Islands community – Research your chosen/desired living area of Madeira afore you decide (villages, areas, communities and coasts vary immensely) and maybe rent a while first but do it! Learn a little of the lingo, be prepared to adopt to a slower pace of life (but more healthy and largely outdoors), adapt to the customs and join in, make friends, talk and walk – loving it!


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